Greetings from a Stereotype

Some way, somehow I ended up a stereotypical stay at home mom.  I’m overweight, I’m usually not in make-up, my hair is pulled back all the time, my t-shirts have spit-up on them and I’m usually wearing yoga pants I have zero intentions to do actual yoga in.
On top of that, I just really shocked myself.  I just watched a Christmas movie before Halloween.  Worse yet, it was a Hallmark movie.  Even worse?  I’d seen it before last year and forgot and yet I watched it again.

Last year I FULLY EMBRACED the wonder of Hallmark holiday movies.  I went deep.
For years I’d make fun of or avoid such movies… back in my younger years, mostly before kids.  Now?  I GET them.  You know what it is?  I LIKE A HAPPY ENDING.  The older you get, the more you are aware of the really scary stuff in the world and you get so jaded and you forget to believe in miracles and there are so many times there just isn’t a solution.
I want the end of my movies to have that shit wrapped up in a pretty little bow… no strings left untied and all is well and the bad guy gets his.  Yes, please.
I hate movies that don’t have resolutions (‘Rachel Getting Married’? I want that 1 hour and 53 minutes of my life back please).
If I wanted realism, I’d just watch the news (or my newsfeed).  Fuck reality… we get enough of that.  I want a damn happy ending.
So anyway, last fall I went Hallmark movie crazy. Just about every day I’d watch a new one (they play a lot of repeats, but they were all new to me).  I couldn’t believe I’d become one of those women.  Clearly I found myself their exact demographic. They got me.

But a Christmas movie before Halloween? That’s a first for sure.  I also have almost all the gifts bought for my kids, our new personalized stockings (to include the new member of my family) and this year’s ornament.
I felt so ahead of the game, but really Christmas is less than 2 months away.  Crap, time is FLYING these days.

Today felt like a Saturday.  But yesterday felt like a Sunday.  So weird.  I’m happy to report the birthday cake it all gone, however now there are 3 huge bags of Halloween candy my husband brought home from the store today.  He did me a favor though… the majority are all the really sugary stuff I find easy to avoid… none of the yummy chocolate/peanut butter/nut ones.  The one chocolate type he got is nothing I’m interested in.  Even after we give the majority away tomorrow night, my kiddos will replace it with whatever they haul in, but I have them pick out their favorites and thankfully the rest end up in a big bowl at my hubby’s job so they can eat it up instead of us.

I have lots to do tomorrow… a couple pumpkins to carve and pumpkin seeds to bake and I need to take leftovers and make them into a new dish because my husband just spent all the money that was supposed to last until his next paycheck, so now I have to make this one grocery haul last 2 weeks instead of 1. Fun, fun. This is what happens when my husband only gets paid his minimum and no overtime a few checks in a row.  Things get tight.
He goes almost the entire spring and summer getting overtime here and there and I totally get used to the bigger paychecks.  We live comfortably with that extra… car repairs & gifts aren’t a problem, I make progress paying down debt and we can actually increase our savings.  But straight paychecks?  We just make it by and extras are hard.
He totally deserves what he earns when his paychecks have overtime to be what he gets regularly, but that’s a whole other subject.

Tomorrow I have to make sure I have dinner ready to go early so we can get dressed and


Halloween 2005

ready for trick or treating.  Gavin will be a pirate (again… same costume as a couple years ago), Kolby will be a lion (a free costume my sister gave me last year) and baby Mavis will be a cute little cow… the same costume her brother wore on his trip home from the hospital 11 years ago after his birth (fitting that Halloween fell on a Monday then too).
I’ll definitely be getting in a long walk tomorrow (and a muscle workout carrying a bag where my kiddos dump their candy because their buckets get “too heavy”). Should be fun.


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