The Day After

Today is the day after my son’s birthday… that means leftover pizza and cake.  I’m good with it.  I only had eggs for breakfast (was going to have something else with it like Ezekiel bread or oatmeal, but got distracted and then it was lunch time).  I ate my leftover pizza, so that’s all gone now.  I even had a piece of cake.  Only a quarter of the cake remains now.
Four hours later and I’m having a snack of Greek yogurt.  Dinner will be ham, salad and pasta for my family, quinoa & rice for me.
I’ve been drinking down my water in hopes to help flush everything through my system.

I started taking metformin again to help with my blood sugar/insulin resistance.  I had to stop taking it during pregnancy and never went back to it as I wasn’t sure I could while breastfeeding.  Well I did some research and apparently it’s ok.
I’ve been testing my fasting blood sugar lately.  I mean to do it daily, but forget about every other day.  I’d like to see if I can get those numbers a bit lower.

My hubby, son and his friend went off to the fun park in continued celebration.  My daughters and I stayed behind.  During the baby’s nap I managed to clean up the kitchen, wash pots and pans and do the dishes.  I also replanted my large indoor plant into a larger container as it was getting pot-bound.  Messy job!
By the end of all that, my feet (read: plantar fasciitis acting up in right foot) were killing me, so I wanted to sit and chill, hence the snack of yogurt. I’d considered pulling all the meat off the chicken thighs from dinner a couple nights back and making a salad, but my feet said no.  I’ll get to that later.

It’s so nice to have such a good baby to allow me this much “free time” for tasks like these


She’s really discovered her tongue lately… always out!

when she’s only 11 weeks old.  For the second night in a row she slept 9 hours.  WHAT A GOOD FREAKING BABY!  My life was NOT like this for my first daughter.  This really helps limit the excuses not to get things done, drink water and eat right.  And because she allows me time to get decent sleep, my brain is actually functioning correctly this time around.  Bless her.

Back to my feet… I was hoping to up my tolerance of how long I can be on my feet a little more by now.  I’ve been on my feet a lot more during the day, we’ve taken a lot of family walks and when I walked alone I realized that it was basically “training” for my foot to be able to walk the neighborhood for Halloween trick or treating.  I’m going to have to take it easy that day and save my feet for that.  I bet I’ll be hurting by the end of the night!  Must remember to take Advil before I go.  I really hope it starts getting better so my feet can take all the tasks and exercise my mind and rest of my body are willing to do.  Get with the program foot!

I’m up to reading what was the last 3 months of my Project in 2011 when my son started school for the first time ever and I was all alone all day at home with zero excuses to get stuff done.  Man am I far from that these days!  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… I’ve truly enjoyed rereading my journey.  It has really pointed out some repetitive behaviors and some cause/effect issues seem more obvious 5-6 years later for me to finally understand or realize.  It’s been an enjoyable learning experience.

Still feeling beyond remorse/guilt/feeling badly over what I’ve been eating because I know each is a new day.  I even weighed myself out of curiosity and was actually relieved it went up! What??? Seriously?  Yeah.  Because it MADE SENSE!   I noticed in my former journey how many times the scale would barely move for “good” behavior, then after “bad” behavior, it would drop 2-3 lbs.  I HATED how negative behavior seem to be rewarded on the scale.  So yes, I was relieved it went up because of my pizza indulgence last night.  I like when the scale makes sense… whether going up or down.


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