Efforts for Exercise (when motherhood gets in the way)

There were too many options for the title of this post… “What I Had To Do To Exercise Today”, “Whatever Works for a Workout”, “When Mommyhood Messes up your Exercise”, “Gotta Do Whatcha Gotta Do”, “What Must Be Done”… and I could go on.

I know it’s strange to most, but my exercise of choice (especially these days with the blistering sun and 90+ degree heat outside) is walking inside my house.  I am grateful that I have the *ability* to walk circles in my own home (I love the temperature control, water & bathroom accessibility and that the weather doesn’t matter).
I have a Family Room, Living Room/Dining Room (no table) and Kitchen island I walk around… circles and figure 8 possibilities galore.
Unfortunately, most days I have to pick one side of the house so I can have privacy and stay “hidden” from my kids in the other room.
Here are some of my common routes:Walking Routes inside

I am very much a solitary exercise person… don’t like being around others, having anyone watch me (even my kids) or doing it with a buddy.
Also, when I walk, I have conversations with myself… may seem a little crazy, but it’s free therapy.  The more I talk (usually about the current weight loss journey I’m on… sometimes about issues with parenting), the faster the time FLIES BY.  I LOVE when 30 minutes feels like 10!   But if I have a nagging 4-year-old chasing after me or purposely getting in my way, my train of thought derails and I get very aggravated and the minutes go by like hours.

For this reason, I love when my kids are distracted or better yet, upstairs and totally unaware I’m doing my walk.
I used to grab whatever time during the day this actually happens, but since last week, I’ve made it a goal to get in FASTED exercise.  This limits my window of time and sometimes I just have to deal with whoever is awake or at home at the time.

Somedays are easy… son at school, baby sleeping, 4-year old busy playing… no one in the way of me getting in my fasted workout and I can manage it uninterrupted (win!).

Other days it’s a mix… 4-year-old starts following me (or more annoyingly, putting toys in my path) and making a game out of it when I just want to be LEFT ALONE.
Sometimes I take advantage of my baby’s feeding time and walk while she’s confined and distracted, walking by every few minutes to replenish her food or drink.

Then there are days like today.  The 4-year-old I can handle… I can reason with her and do eventually get her to leave me alone.  But the 9-month-old?  Nope, that obviously doesn’t work with her.

This morning I had a half hour left until my 16-hour fast was over and I was getting hungry, so it was the optimal time for my fasted walk.
My son (now that school is out) was busy in the upstairs playroom playing Xbox with a friend (never to be heard from again) and my 4-year-old daughter was busy playing upstairs too.

Just me and a very awake, no nap in sight 9-month-old who’d already eaten her breakfast, so having her be in her highchair for the majority of my walk was not an option.

First, I tried distracting her with tv in the family room where most of her toys are.  I looped the kitchen island and into the living room.
This lasted maybe 4 minutes.
She starts crawling after me and starts crying if I walk by and don’t pick her up.
So, I have her follow me into the living room.
The first loop around I turn on an interactive toy that plays music and has lights.  This attracts and distracts her.
The second loop she was losing interest in that already, so I turn on the tv for her and proceed to only loop in the kitchen and family room so she can’t see me as easily.
I get maybe 5 minutes from this.
Then she crawls over to find me.
My next option?
Putting her the stroller and pushing her around while I walk.  The advantage to this is I get to loop ALL rooms and zig zag around, making it interesting for her as well.

I did this for maybe 5 minutes and then the programming changed on tv and a theme song started (my baby LOVES music and the intro to almost any cartoon show), so I give her a bottle to nurse and leave her in the stroller in front of the family room tv and I start looping in the living room and occasionally out to the kitchen island and around back to the living room.
I get maybe 3 minutes stroller-free.  Theme song over, actual show not holding her interest.
So back to pushing the stroller I go for the remainder of my time.

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do when you’re a mommy of babies or young children and want to stick to your exercise goal.  You gotta make it work, and that I did today.
At least at 9 months old, she’s not judging me for talking to myself and doesn’t interrupt with questions. 🙂
Mavis riding for my workout 02Jun2017

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Weighing In

Today marks 5 weeks completed on the Keto diet.  Well, as it turns out, really 1 week *actually* meeting my macros.  What do I mean?  Well, I made a big discovery a little late in the game and it therefore messes up what I thought were my macros all along.

A couple of nights ago my hubby called me from the grocery store because he wanted to make a keto-friendly cheese cake.  He was calling about sweeteners.  Packets wouldn’t work as the recipe needed ½ cup and that would take forever, so he was looking for a kind that came as loose powder.  I didn’t want to use the liquid kinds as those tend to have even more aftertaste.
He was reading me the carbs and sugars and almost EVERYTHING had carbs.  So, it prompted me to check my Stevia packets I’d been using all along and not even logging because I thought they were calorie free, carb free and sugar free.

Yes, each packet states “Less than 1g” of carbs, Stevia nutritional infobut knowing how MANY packets I have (really, it’s way too many), that would add up if you assume at least 1 full g of carb per 2 packets… and it did.
I figured out that at a *minimum* I was having 8 g of carbs every day (but possibly more like 12 g or more on days I have more than one tea or coffee, which was common).
Adding that many carbs in with no fiber means I definitely did NOT hit the 5% or less mark for carbs for the day… for WEEKS.

The only exception might have been the first week because I didn’t know to count *net* carbs, so I was keeping TOTAL carbs below 20 g, so I had wiggle room for the carbs from the Stevia I was having.  And this might also explain why my biggest loss so far was that week as well (5 lbs).

This would also explain WHY I haven’t had the results that everyone else I know on Keto has been having!!!

Haven’t I been wondering multiple times why the fat isn’t melting off me???  Well, I wasn’t hitting my macros like I thought!!!  I think I finally figured it out!

So as soon as I realized this, the next day I cut my number of packets for tea by half and down to ¼ of my former use for coffee (both I’m having less of so I don’t notice the difference as much).  I also traded in my HUGE oversized mug for a more typical size and tried bulletproof coffee for the first time.
I’m using my Keto coach’s recipe:  1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp heavy cream
It is tasty!  I can learn to love that (though the extra prep is kind of a pain… 3 more dishes for me to wash).

But even with 4 out of 5 weeks not completely meeting my macros, I’ve still managed a 12.6 lb loss!
I lost 2 lbs this past week (I think adding back in fasted exercise helped).
Knowing what I know now, I’m definitely pleased with those results!

Not only back in the 260’s, almost halfway through them… 265.8 lbs (265.4 after I went back to sleep when the baby napped prior to me having breakfast).  265 lbs is definitely one of those significant weights for me… it has been a RARE occasion for me to actually make it down to here during most of my weight loss journeys of the past.  I’ve only gone under it about 3 times… hoping that this will be time number 4 and the last time I need to go past it.

Any version of me in the past 11 years would be BEYOND PSYCHED that I’ve achieved Scale - new, happythis weight.  The over 300 me, dying to see the 200’s, let alone the 260’s… or the 280’s me feeling stuck there, just dreaming of weighing 20 pounds less.

I’m here.  I’m FINALLY HERE!

It *is* really exciting and I’m so happy with my progress so far.  But no offense to the 260’s, but I wouldn’t mind them in the rearview mirror as I go into the 250’s… somewhere I haven’t been for any amount of time (or below it) since 2004!!!

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Mood, spirits, scale, you name it… improved.  I had a rough time for the last week between my “whoosh” and this week’s official weigh-in.

I finally decided to see the big picture, realize that although my husband lost 21 lbs in the first 4 weeks of keto, that me losing 10.6 lbs is no small potatoes.  It’s pretty damn good and just about what I’d hope to lose on any diet in a month.
I also got a loss of 2.6 lbs for this week’s weigh-in!  How can I be mad at that?  Sure, I felt shorted for 2 weeks prior to that, so part of me feels like I’m “owed” some more pounds down, but this is when I had to step back, look at the big picture and realize I’m not doing badly and that I must move forward from here… stop thinking about those odd weeks when the scale barely moved.  I had to drop the bad attitude and get a happier point of view, and that I did.
I have felt happier, optimistic, excited and encouraged ever since.  I think vlogging out my feelings also helped me get through this and see the other side of it.

I also decided to start doing fasted exercise in the mornings again (at least 30 mins).  I’m on Day 3 of completing this.  I don’t think it’s any coincidence I’ve been in a better mood ever since I started it.
I LOVE being able to log exercise in Sparkpeople before I’ve even logged food.

I was going to stay off the scale this week (because it’s not good for my mood to see I went down in weight on Friday, but then gained Saturday, Sunday and Monday only to almost get down to Friday’s weight by Tuesday’s weigh-in… I don’t need to SEE that roller coaster).  Buuuuuuuuuuuut…

I forgot about my *planned* exception to my keto diet… Ben & Jerry’s.  Every Friday my hubby & I have a pint of our favorite ice cream.  Everything else is on plan but this.  I felt like my hubby’s head would have exploded if I made him give up his coffee ice cream along with all the other carbs he was used to eating on what is essentially his first real diet attempt, so I planned it in as I know I’ve successfully lost weight while still just having ice cream once a week.  So, then it became an experiment of sorts… what DOES having ice cream on the keto diet do to the scale?
I’ve been keeping a log of how having that ice cream on Fridays has been affecting my weight:
Week 1:  +1 pound
Week 2:  -1.4 pounds
Week 3:  no change
Week 4:  +.4 of a pound

So I’m too curious not to keep this experiment going to see if the pattern holds true and this next time I go down in weight.  So that means I HAVE to weigh myself Friday and Saturday.
I am attempting to not weigh-in Thursday, Sunday and Monday.
That’s the goal.

I’m just so happy to feel good about things again… hopeful is the is best word to describe how I’m feeling.  I tell ya, it makes getting through each day a lot more enjoyable.  I have more energy, am less “mean mommy” and just a happier person.

I got so hopeful that I did something you aren’t supposed to… I projected weight loss.
This is when you take how much you lost in a week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks, etc. and count out weeks in the future to see what you COULD weigh on some future date *IF* you kept losing weight at the same rate.

This gets tricky as we all know, no one really loses *that* consistently, even if they are consistent on their diet.
My “average” is losing 2.6 lbs per week, but I didn’t project that amount… more like varying 1-2 lbs, so I always feel like I do it “realistically”.
But really, ANY TIME I’ve EVER done this in the past, I’ve never make whatever weight by whatever date. I always have all the best intentions, but something always happens and my success slows or halts or reverses.
They’ve actually done studies that show that doing this is NOT a good idea in the weight loss world.  It had a horrible failure rate.  Doh.

Lord knows I’m truly hopeful that WON’T be the case as I haven’t given up or had any “bad” days on this plan (food-wise) even though I had bad weigh-ins and bad moods.  That speaks VOLUMES to me and is a prime example of how things are different this time.

So anyway… by projecting just a little bit into the future (I picked August because that’s the month the bariatric clinic thinks my husband will have his surgery and I was curious what we could achieve on our own by then).  That’s when I realized I could be close to 250 lbs!!!

Holy crap.  I haven’t been 250 or under since 2003/4 and before that, not since college in 1997!!!  That would be SUCH A HUGE deal for me!

Then I had the epiphany which still makes me laugh at myself… it suddenly occurred to me that 250 was only 17 lbs away.  In my head (because I’m so used to being bigger) I was still thinking it was like 30 lbs away, so when I realized it was only 17, I huge smile came across my face!
That’s it.
Not 30, not 50, not 68 like where I began my journey at my highest weight.

It’s been awhile since it was so close.  17 pounds feels like NOTHING compared to where I’ve struggled from.
I think this realization was also part of the reason for my mood improvement.  It’s very exciting to me.

After figuring that out, I then realized that after August 1st, I’d still have 15 weeks to lose 22 more pounds to reach my goal for the 365/50 Project which ends on November 15th of this year (228).
It’s not completely unreasonable and if I happen to achieve more and am less than 250 by August, that’s even less to get down by then.
I would be beyond proud to finally succeed at one of my year-long “projects”.  And I will promptly NEVER do another one again…  I’ve learned they just don’t work for me and like the weight projections, setting a goal of I will weight X number of pounds by X date is a set up for failure based on studies out there and after several attempts, I can firmly agree… even if I do end up succeeding at this one.

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Camera Hog & Frustration

Not for pictures… for video (though I won’t share them publicly).  I think I was a little too inspired by watching ‘Crossing the Blue Line’ on Youtube (catching up on the last 2 episodes).  All of a sudden, I wanted to turn the camera on myself and record how I’m feeling with my weight loss journey.  Plus, things feel tough right now, so I needed to vent.
Well if I was a part of that show, I think I’d get dropped.  I’m WAY TOO long winded.  I’m sure they tell them to keep it under 10 mins a day or something.
Because of my former brain damage, I lose my train of thought SO EASILY and then even a full 5 seconds later, can’t find it again.  This is both frustrating, but also annoying to watch and a time sucker.

I seems like I’m ADD or something… middle of a thought, something catches my eye and I mention it or a kid comes and interrupts me, and I literally HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE what the hell I was JUST talking about.
I seem to be recording myself every couple of hours so far today.  Things just occur to me and I have stuff I want to document.

I don’t think it’s helped me that I started watching previously recorded videos (dating back to 2010 when I *looked* my heaviest, even though I didn’t hit that until late 2013/early 2014).
I’ve been watching 2014 videos and the annoying part is, it was just 3 years ago, I but look older and fatter NOW than I did then.  Seriously, I was just about the same weight (maybe even 2-4 lbs heavier in the video) and yet I look 10-15 lbs lighter.  My jawline is tighter and I just look… better.
I rolled my eyes like “isn’t doing intermittent fasting supposed to help SLOW the aging process???”
But that’s not what the difference was…  I think it was exercise.

Back in the Fall of 2014, I had completed my first 100 consecutive days of exercise (30 mins or more).  This was BIG for me.  I would actually get in an hour or more, EVERY SINGLE DAY.
So I was FIT 270 instead of the FAT 270 I am now (actually 268.8 this morning).

It was proof to me and a wake-up call that I’m not doing *enough* exercise-wise.  Yes, I’ve been “moving” every day and keeping track of it on my fb page (as that was a personal goal of mine for my 40th year), but as long as I do *something* (even just 20 squats), I count it.  I didn’t set any limits that it must be 10, 15 or 30 minutes.  Nope.  Just move.
Don’t get me wrong, doing something – even a little – is better than nothing.  I think that’s the point I was trying to make.
But after seeing that video, I suddenly feel like it is all way too insufficient.

Though my keto couch said exercise wasn’t even necessary for weight loss at the beginning of starting this way of eating, I think that’s for people who had usual consumption of carbs and then went cold turkey and it was more of a “shock” to their system.  Yeah, I bet those people 4 weeks in still don’t have to lift a finger.
Me?  Nope.
It was not that much of a shock to my system.  Normal people lose 10 or more pounds the first week,  I lost 5 lbs.
That’s just how it is, so it’s time I up my game and see if exercise is the missing element to my success on this plan, because lord knows I’ve never followed the eating portion of a diet SO MUCH for THIS LONG with such LITTLE MOVEMENT on the scale.

Sure, I got my “fat whoosh” and finally into the 260’s, but I’ll be honest that it wasn’t the whoosh I was hoping for.  Although happy, I was still disappointed.  And although I’ve been meeting my macros and have continued the same way I have been for 3+ weeks since that lower weight, the scale has done nothing but go UP every single day!  Grr.
First 268.0, then 268.6 and now 268.8.  Why?  WHY?????????????????????????????

Besides exercise being a factor in maybe why I’m not getting as much success as what I expect (or what others seem to be achieving) there’s also the ‘stuffed up’ factor.  I’m talking about my “pipes” getting more backed up recently than they ever have.  Clearly, I am NOT getting in enough fiber and although fats help out that zero carb life lady to keep things “moving” for her, that’s not cutting it for me apparently.
I was a pretty darn regular person until this diet.
Since my official weigh-in day is tomorrow, I’m not taking ANY chances today.  I want a loss tomorrow.  I want at the VERY LEAST to regain my lowest weight of 267.6 on this Project.
So, after inspiring myself to get moving, I took a fasted walk for a little over 30 mins, got down 40 oz of water instead of my usual 20 oz before breakfast, I’m sticking to my low carb life for foods and right now I’m working on a cup of “smooth move” tea since nothing has happened in that department yet today.

Nope, no chances.
I hate to say it, but this feels like a breaking point kind of day.  I’m going to pull out all the stops and have ZERO excuses why the scale should go up or stay the same tomorrow.  ZERO.
What am I going to do if it stays the same or goes up?  I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lose my freaking mind maybe?????????????

I’ve just NEVER been on a diet of any kind where I stuck to it this much and yet not have my results show on the scale [practically 2 weeks with barely movement?  Heck no.  ANY OTHER DIET (6 week body makeover, moderation & watching calories, etc.) and the scale would be dropping like crazy – I have PROOF in former videos!].  I’m not looking for daily improvement, but every couple of days would be nice.  But the FUCKING SCALE keeps going UP!!!  WTF???

There have been PLENTY of times in my life when the scale went up and it made sense.  This time?  Hell no.  No sense.

I hate that seeds of doubt sneak into my brain and I stop believing in the process when all evidence out there says this should work… especially for an insulin resistant person such as myself.

How is this NOT WORKING???  I barely give my body carbs, so it’s got no food to burn for energy or very little, plus I’m achieving ketosis (which is supposed to have me using stored fat for energy) AND I’m fasting, so for 4 hours or more between the 12th and 16th hour (and I commonly go 17-18 hrs), that’s also supposed to only be using stored fat… so really, I SHOULD BE FUCKING MELTING.

Can you understand my frustration?
(and by the way, it may sound like eating no carb and fasting are making me miserable, but THOSE are the easiest factors for me… not the effort it sounds like when I list it like that… both are really working for me and my schedule… neither are hard to keep going, I just hate feeling like it’s all for nothing)

Sooooooooooooooo, like I said, today feels like make or break it.  Like I BETTER like what I see on the scale in the morning.  If not?  Really I don’t know… I’ll probably just continue and put my stubbornness to good use.

I’m not even going to have any bacon today for fear the increased sodium will have me retain water.
I am not messing around today.
Shit needs to move.  Including me.
If the weather clears up a bit more (it’s raining) and the baby finally goes down for a long nap, I’m going to be lugging 25+ lb stones from my garage all the way to my backyard and up the hill to the stone wall I’m attempting to finish.  Oh, and there are 8 cinder blocks as well I hope to turn into a step for the back gate.

I’m up to 5 videos already today and I’m sure I’m not done.  I’m SO MOODY and my kids are driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!  I try to “adult” for 5 mins and get distracted and it’s just not the day for that.
I’m trying to make the videos shorter, like 4 mins or less.  But even the “quick” ones are 12 mins each!  Oy.  What can I say, I get distracted!  Surprisingly, I do get to watching these.  I mean I’m watching ones from 7 years ago, 5 years ago, and 3 years ago.  It does help me with my perspective and appreciation of where I’ve come from and what I’ve learned… and that my learning process is NEVER OVER, that’s for sure.
Here’s hoping my mood improves, I don’t kill my children and that tomorrow is a better day.

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New Territory… FINALLY!

As those of you who follow my blog know [you know, all 2 of you ;-)], I’ve been in a stall pattern on the scale.  I’ve essentially been maintaining my weight for the last 13 days (within the last solid week, only a .6 up and back down).  Then I learned about the “Fat Whoosh”…
Since then I’d been waiting.
Without doing ANYTHING differently whatsoever yesterday (just kept on keeping on), this morning I was down 2.4 lbs!Scale - new, happy
I guess I got my “Fat Whoosh”.  Thank goodness because that was getting frustrating.
I am now finally in the 260’s… 267.6 lb.  Whew!  Haven’t weighed in this range since 2012!!!

Dear Body,
I’d rather lose weight slowly in .2 increments almost every day than wait weeks for a large pound drop.

Here’s a reminder:
The Fat Woosh - Keto plateau explained

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Holding Steady

I know I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself for the week, but after my reenergization, feeling hopeful again (and having an explanation as to what may be going on), the scale didn’t bother me as much.
But I realized something yesterday…
I’ve basically been the same weight for 12 days.
This never happens to me… whether I’m on a diet or not.
Literally I’ve been trying to lose weight or gaining weight since before I was an adult or even full-grown.  There is no in-between.
This means my weight was always constantly fluctuating.  I can’t remember a time I was always a particular weight.  Even at “300” (which I felt stuck at for several of my journey starts) I’d be 302, 305, 308, 306, 301, etc… a span of 5 lbs or more in a given week.

I first saw 270.0 on 5/6/2017.  Yes, I went up to 271.6 at most, but since 5/12 I’ve been 270 with no more than .6 up or back down.  Four days I’ve been 270 on the nose (including this morning which makes 13 days… though it blinked on 269.8 a couple times, yet landed on 270.0 right at the last second – grr, though it made me snicker as I’m finding it rather comical, mostly because I knew I was going to write this post).

That’s a solid week of a variance of only .6 of a pound.

At first it felt frustrating, but now it feels like a healthy achievement… like this is how it is for “normal” people who haven’t struggled with their weight.

It’s really a mystery though.  I’ve been sticking with the keto diet and maintaining the same level of exercise in a given week and yet my losses keep going down.
Here’s my total calorie/weight loss breakdown (if you’re looking closely, note that this only lists total carbs, not net.  Other than Fridays, all my net carbs have been 25 or less):
keto first 3 weeks

Notice how I ate almost 2,000 more calories that first week (and I ate like crap the Monday before starting) and lost more?  Is that just a coincidence?  Or was it more the “shock” to my system to suddenly go without any simple carbs?  By week 2 it wasn’t a big deal to my body anymore that I wasn’t eating them.
My blood sugars were totally awesome that first week too.  On my own without meds my fasting glucose was in the mid-90’s.  This week and last?  103-115 ON MEDS.  Other than getting a cold and dealing with that, not sure why this changed as I did not up my carb amount.

I thought “maybe I just made better food choices that first week?” but I went back and checked and no, it’s basically what I’m eating now.
I’m not sure how I should interpret this.  As you can see, I did attempt increasing my calories a little bit for week 3, but really it wasn’t much of a difference now that I’ve done the math in comparison.
But the “problem” with that is that I’M NOT HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t want to eat just to eat!  What an issue, right?  If I’m full and satisfied, I hate the idea of eating just to up my calories.

But this weight maintenance, thought impressive on some levels, is really a head-scratcher for me.
Do you know how many times if I wasn’t losing the weight I thought I should and felt frustrated, I’d “quit” and ate crap again, only to have to WORK to get back down to where I was frustrated in the first place?  TONS.  More than I can count.  Not doing that this time.  I don’t want to have to re-lose any more damned pounds.

When will I finally see the 260’s???  Stay tuned.

Holding steady on the scale, but holding steady with my diet.

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Enthusiasm Recharged

Earlier today, this was going to be an entirely different post.  One full of “I only lost 1.2 lbs this week.  What the F#@K????????????” because I was full of frustration why the weight just wasn’t falling off me for all my efforts and sticking to the keto diet.  I was also ROBBED of not YET seeing the 260’s (which is killing me… I *was* just .2 away!)

Well, as it turns out, my keto coach in the private facebook group I’m a part of happened to ask “how is everything going?” this morning and I responded with honesty.
She actually had an answer for me and this was it:
The Fat Woosh - Keto plateau explained

That sucks, but it (sort of) makes sense.
So, I have to wait for my “whoosh”.  That would explain why I feel the cells still there, taking up the same space, but they are full of water instead of fat, so yes, it feels different from the outside and I was wondering about that.
I was going to keep at it anyway (because I LOVE the Keto plan so much – EASIEST DIET TO STICK TO EVER IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I thought about upping my protein – just having as much protein all day long as I wanted (going over the 20%) and have a higher calorie day since my calories have been on the lower end.
Knowing what I know now, I’m not sure if I’m going to do that or not.
I tell you, just KNOWING there was some sort of explanation has LIFTED MY SPIRITS.  I’m definitely a “knowledge is power” kind of person.

Also, to attempt to boost my mood prior to learning this, I decided to take my measurements.
The last time I’d taken my weight & measurements was 3/21/2017, so less than 2 months ago.
The difference?
11.2 pounds down
22.5 inches lost all over

Woot woot!  That was 2.75 inches from my waist and 2 inches off my hips.  No wonder my shirts and pants are fitting better.  The surprising number was how many inches I’ve lost in my calf… 5 inches!  What?  I even verified past other measurements of my calves… all fit in line with my original number, so it wasn’t a bad measurement… just weird!  Ah well, inches off are inches off.
So, I started the day angry, disappointed, frustrated.  And now?
I’m hopeful and I feel like my enthusiasm for my weight loss journey has been recharged!  I feel lighter in my step and just happier overall.  It feels good to feel this way again.  I missed this feeling.

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