Changes to Come

I think I’m freaking out FOR my husband’s sake right now (maybe even more than he is currently).  We’re fresh from the required class prior to a bariatric procedure.  I’m having the classic (immature) response when someone tells you “you can’t have _____”, and then it’s literally all you can think about having and ever since I got home (my hubby is still at the hospital doing a bunch of pre-op stuff all day) I’ve wanted to eat and just keep eating… even though all those things we learned aren’t even for me!!!!

I didn’t think there’d be any new information at the class that I didn’t already know (my MIL and sister have both had bariatric surgery) or that my hubby hadn’t already learned and passed on to me from the education he’s already gotten, and for the most part, there wasn’t.

My husband, who is getting the gastric sleeve in just a few weeks, was nodding his head and following along, but then the slide about what not to eat anymore came up.
The first couple things on it were bacon & sausage (anything high fat is a no-no).
My husband loves BOTH of those (and has been eating them frequently while on Keto the last few months).  So, he had a physical and verbal reaction to seeing those on the list… you know, like “aww darn” type of response and a frowny face while he put his head down.  It was his only negative reaction the entire class.

It was news to me how “low fat” everything needs to be afterwards.  I guess I’d be focusing on portion sizes and knowing how much protein he’d need… hadn’t thought about the fat.
This does mean changes for our entire household.  No more real bacon or sausage.  The turkey versions are acceptable and I don’t mind those, so I’m good with that, but I know it’ll take a bit for my hubby to adjust.
There will be a lot more low fat/fat free products in the house… there are currently pretty much zero as we were doing a high fat diet and I’ve stayed away from low fat versions of foods because it usually means they are higher in sodium, sugar or something else.
So in that respect, there will be a LOT of changes.

I’m not going to be an asshole partner and cook up real bacon while my hubby has to deal with the turkey version.  No, I’ll be eating the turkey one as well.
The dietician giving the class gave an example that she once saw a person bring in donuts… TO THE HOSPITAL… to their friend who’d just gone through bariatric surgery!
I didn’t think that level of thoughtlessness existed.  Holy crap.
I refuse to be *that* inconsiderate.
Sure, I’ll be sticking to real butter and he’ll have to use Butter Buds or I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, but that isn’t as major as the food on our plates in comparison to his or the smell of something freshly cooked that he can’t enjoy.
So although these are technically restrictions for just my hubby, I’m kind of taking them on too in order to make it easier on him.

I think just change in general is setting off some anxiety for me today.  I already feel better just having typed this out, so I won’t go microwave those leftover frozen homemade mint chocolate chip cookies I was thinking about prior to writing this (seriously, I should just warm those up and offer them to the kids so they no longer exist).

I’m not great with change… it freaks me out at first, but give me a moment… an hour, a couple days and I’ll think it’s the best thing ever and be totally for it.
I can already imagine the healthy impact of my hubby eating a lot less… the kids will never again witness and overflowing plate of food in front of him, the getting of seconds and will instead see their daddy prioritizing protein, eating smaller portions and eating much slowly.
Instead of ice cream for dessert, an array of sugar free Jell-O, pudding or popsicles.  Every little thing matters.   Just us doing Keto together had the effect of my 11-year-old losing weight because I rarely offer pasta with dinner anymore – he’d just go without or have more veggies.
This WILL have an impact, but it should all be positive.
But I do think my hubby should have a few “last meals” intentionally for things he won’t be able to eat ever again, or items that he probably shouldn’t attempt to eat in the first year or so.  I don’t want him to have regrets afterward.
So far, our only planned “last meal” is going to Rioz, a Brazilian Steakhouse.  It is our favorite restaurant.
It’s one price and all you can eat, so after the surgery, it’ll be a complete waste of money.  We are usually there for the meat… meat, meat and more meat.  We barely eat any sides at all.

Before my sister had her gastric bypass, she pigged out on greasy Chinese food and French crullers from Dunkin Donuts.  We all have our “thing”.
My husband really needs to consider what his thing is… other than all you can eat meat.

So, luckily I only ended up snacking on just one serving of Smartfood after I had my breakfast & coffee.  It could have been MUCH worse based on the ideas floating around in my head, but through typing therapy®, all is better now.  Now I feel like getting up, cleaning up the house and then getting in a walk.


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