Keto & I, we’re Over

It saddens me to make this announcement.  I really liked Keto and for a while, found it easy to stick to and had never been so full and satiated while on any “diet” in my life.  I wanted it to work, I really did.  But other than my blood sugar, my body did NOT like Keto.
Sure, I lost some weight at first… 5 lbs in the first week, then 2-3 lbs per week, then 1 lb per week, then barely a 1 lb and then NOTHING… for the last TWELVE weeks.

Yes, I go down up to 4 lbs during the week, but I also found myself going up in weight for no good reason, but then back down again just in time for the week to end.  I thought maybe I was psyching myself out by watching the scale, so I’d stay off it all week and it would still happen.  Sure, sometimes it was a #2 backing up issue, but that wasn’t always to blame or an excuse.
By every Tuesday weigh-in, I’d be right back to where I was a week prior… zero progress.

If I were on ANY OTHER DIET and stuck to it like I did with Keto, hitting my macros like a boss and staying in or under my calorie range, I would have dropped DOUBLE the weight I have by now.
I’ve never been so good at following a diet and have such little (or no) results.

Even though I was enjoying the foods on Keto which made me able to stick to it even without results, it wears on a person to put in that sort of effort and get no results.

I was hoping that after my hormones got messed up (a diet high in fat interferes with the production of necessary thyroid hormones, which brought on every symptom of hypothyroidism for me… also to blame, a gut needing probiotics that wasn’t absorbing nutrients as it should & no longer eating those nutrients in the first place which also contributes to hormone production issues) and my doctor basically told me I was malnourished so I started taking a BUNCH of supplements (I take 13 pills a day), that all would be well and I could lose weight again.  Instead, my symptoms improved or went away, but the “increased difficulty losing weight” has seemed to linger.

I was also no longer finding my Keto diet as satisfying as it once was.  A breakfast of eggs, sausage and bacon left me feeling hungry (crazy, right?).   In the last week or so, every afternoon as I stubbornly continued being Keto, I found myself SO HUNGRY and it was a struggle.
Was this my body’s way of saying “I’m still nutritionally deficient”?

After being on point all day Sunday just to see my weight go UP this morning, I kind of got a “fuck it” attitude and had bowtie pasta (it was leftovers from my kid’s dinner a couple nights ago and I love fried bowties until browned with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top) with some fried egg whites for breakfast.  I also ditched having bulletproof coffee and went back to just using only heavy cream.
I *thought* this would have left me unsatisfied and wanting something else to eat within an hour.
Instead, I was satisfied for HOURS.  That’s how eggs, sausage & bacon USED to make me feel.  My body is speaking to me.

I followed it up with a big salad at lunch… I had carrots, cabbage and other veggies I’d been avoiding because of Keto (it’s HARD to stay under 20 net carbs if you have too many veggies).
Dinner was salmon and a large cucumber salad (sliced and tossed in oil, onions, balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, salt & black pepper) with tomato and fresh basil.  It was satisfying, but afterwards I felt a void.  We were watching a Netflix movie and my son asked for popcorn, so he had Smartfood and that sounded good to me, so I had a serving (it was also still early. -before 6:30pm- which is usually the time I stop eating for the night for intermittent fasting).
After logging in my calories, now I understand the void… even *with* the Smartfood, I was 200 calories under my minimum.
My body is speaking to me.

I’m going to start listening like I did today.

Keto is over, but I am going to remain low carb.  The bowties (farfalle pasta, but who actually calls it that?) were an exception today, but I plan to not have pasta on a regular basis (or anything else made from white flour).  I’ve done this before previously, so it’s no biggie. I will also still avoid processed foods and white sugar.
However, I will happily bring back more veggies (I missed you carrots!), have apples, bananas and other fruit and have beans and legumes again (mmm… hello hardy soups in the fall).
I don’t think I’ll go back to potatoes and oats yet… I’ll play it by ear for those.

Why do I want to stay low carb?  Because I can thank Keto for showing me the improvement I can make by lowering my carbs/sugar.  My A1C went from 6.1 (at risk of type II diabetes and I’ve been in the “at risk” range since 2005, after the first time I got gestational diabetes) down to 5.3 (within normal range) – my lowest yet!
I really don’t want it to go back up and too many simple carbs/sugar will do that.

After months of frustration, I hope my body will appreciate this change and that my weight starts moving again… in the right direction.  Stay tuned.

Farewell Keto… you work great for so many, but unfortunately I am not one of them.


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