Doctor Woes

I can’t believe I’m saying this (because I’ve always been a ‘let food be thy medicine’ type person), but I think my new doctor may be a little bit too holistic for me.
I went in thinking the high fat in my diet is messing with my thyroid hormone production… wanting the result to be me taking something to fix my hormones so I can continue on with Keto (because that’s how much I like it).

She thinks I’m malnourished and should take a probiotic, D3, up my grains & veggies, lower the amount of protein from meat (because if the chickens or cows are eating grains, then you aren’t as Keto as you think – really? that’s deep) and to GIVE UP ALL DAIRY.
Wha??????????????????  No dairy???
You might as well tell me to cut my arm off… dairy is my LIFE, especially now.

She says Keto isn’t sustainable, but you think me giving up dairy will last forever? Um no. (And it KILLED ME not to mention the zero carb lady who hasn’t had a vegetable in 7 years and her bloodwork is perfect and she feels great… and her beef is not grass-fed – she sometimes eats fast food burgers!)

Honestly, (and again, can’t believe I’m saying this) I’d just rather take a pill to undo or fix what she is saying is an inflammatory response to dairy than to stop eating dairy. (by the way, I don’t *feel* inflamed)

Ugh… I’m just trying to simplify my life (Keto feels simple to me… easiest “diet” to stick to I’ve ever tried) and she’s complicating things on me all over again.  Complicated = feeling like I’m on a diet… like the four-letter word kind that every day you dread and you can’t wait to be “done” with it.
I DON’T like feeling that way and Keto was a breath of fresh air.  It feels down right effortless compared to any other program I’ve tried to lose weight.


And she mentioned lowering my fat… I told her the minute I tried that, the cravings came back and part of why I love Keto is that those bad food cravings/thoughts are silenced when you follow the program 100%.  But the minute I’m not 100% Keto, they come back and I have a MUCH harder time controlling those cravings.

This is when she asks if I’ve ever considered therapy.
Oh Christ, really?  I’d love therapy, I just can’t afford it.  But what I’m trying to explain to you is a physiological response and you think it’s all psychological.  I didn’t say that to her of course.

So now she has me second guessing what is physical and what is mental because of that comment.
I’m not a newbie when it comes to battling mental stuff when it comes to weight loss, yet she totally made me feel like one.
Oh, and I need to meditate, pray, read, do yoga, get a massage, etc. so I have “me time”.  Lady, I have 3 kids and even before that, have never done ANY of those things and considered them enjoyment.  I watch TV, write… maybe once a year I take a long bubble bath.  Are you really saying that because I don’t have regular downtime/me time is the reason I’m still fat?

I don’t know what I’m going to do as far as the eating part (I’m sad just thinking about not having my bulletproof coffee anymore since that’s 50% dairy), but at the very least I will continue on with all my supplements and start taking a probiotic and D3… I can manage that.
I just hate that I left there feeling MORE frustrated. I’m also curious what my labs will say.  I don’t think I went off my supplements long enough to make my labs as bad as I could feel they would have been a few weeks ago before I started taking them.  My symptoms haven’t come back yet, so clearly they are still in my system.

Here’s what I’m hoping… since the supplements I started taking have helped me, I assume the D3 and probiotic will also help, then maybe I CAN continue with Keto *as is* and start getting results again.
If not… ugh… I can’t handle no dairy.
I have a follow-up in 4 weeks.


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