It All Makes Sense Now – Keto & Hypothyroidism

I have been following the Ketogenic diet for over 10 weeks now.  It has been the easiest “diet” to stick to that I’ve ever tried.  I don’t miss pasta, bread and rice and have had the least number of cravings and zero binge tendencies while following this plan compared to any other method of weight loss that I’ve tried.  What do I miss?  Fruit (mostly apples) and popcorn… that’s it, and mildly.  My blood sugars have never been so fabulous, so much so that I no longer require my medication.  I got a better fasting blood sugar without medication than I have since before 2012 (when I got pregnant & developed gestational diabeties).

I was losing weight, though not as much as everyone else seems to on this plan, so I was frustrated yet pleased to be making *some* progress since I was having trouble getting started since my 365/50 Project began back in November of last year.

So I was having an “easy” time sticking to it, some weight was coming off, inches were coming off and I looked better in my clothes… yet, something just felt off.

I haven’t been happy.  I wouldn’t have called it depressed, but yes, perhaps a mild case of depression.
After sleep training my baby, I was getting more sleep than I had in months, yet I always feel tired and just had no energy.  This, even after taking nighttime meds to sleep better and B vitamins for energy during the day.
Where was the pep in my step I usually get when losing weight?

My hormones have gone crazy.  My menstrual cycle became irregular in the sense that I used to be like clockwork… if I got my period on the 1st, I would get it on the 1st of EVERY month.  Not anymore.  It’s constantly early, and that’s a first for me.
I’m not usually a big sufferer of PMS, but the last 2 have been doozies.  Raging bitch are two words that come to mind.  And breakouts?  OMG, I’m 16 all over again.

I’ve had so many days I can only describe as irritable.  I have never been so irritable so often in all of my adult life!!!  Even I irritated myself.
Even when the scale went down and I *should* have been having a good day, I just didn’t and I couldn’t figure out why.  Until…

Today, due to a friend announcing her condition in a closed Facebook group, I looked up the symptoms of hypothyroidism:

Increased difficulty losing weight
Hair loss
Dry/coarse hair
Cold intolerance
Memory loss
Abnormal menstrual cycles
Decreased libido

Check, check, check… for ALL of these symptoms.  ***All of which came on after starting Keto.***
Just yesterday I left the pool and couldn’t believe the gobs of hair that were coming out… more than usual or at least more than I’d expect.  That, and my hair seems drier and tangles more easily.
My house is at least 2 degrees warmer than any other summer as I found myself too cold, especially at night.
I’ve been a “regular” girl all of my adult life, even when pregnant, so this occasional constipation is driving me nuts as I’m totally not used to it.
As for my memory… I can’t even tell you what I had for lunch just one day ago.
Low libido?  How about no libido… I go through the motions, but haven’t truly been in the mood… at all.

So why have all of these symptoms popped up since starting Keto?
Because a diet high in fat can interfere with the production of needed hormones.  Plus, sometimes the lack of bread (which has iodine, a needed dietary supplement), can create an iodine deficiency, which contributes to symptoms of hypothyroidism.  Since my consumption of bread has been low to none for years, it seems to me it was the increase in fats that aggravated what was probably a very mild case of hypothyroidism.

[To be clear, I’m not saying if you start Keto you will develop hypothyroidism because of the extra fat.  No, I genetically have a risk for developing thyroid issues (my sister had Hashimoto’s disease and even had to have her thyroid removed) and that it happened to bring symptoms to the surface for me, which I could thank this experience for]

I also haven’t been eating nuts like I used to (just a carb hit that wasn’t worth taking for me) and that means less selenium, another needed dietary supplement.
I already know I don’t have enough magnesium.  And then there’s zinc too… not eating enough zinc-rich foods to help me.

So…………  after Dr. Googling myself, I am making the following changes:
– Less certain fats (butter, cream & mayo) and instead, having more coconut oil & avocados (both are considered “power foods” for hypothyroidism)
– Less spinach & broccoli (these were my 2 main veggies since starting Keto, but both can interfere with production of thyroid hormone) and more asparagus (another “power food”)
– Taking supplements of magnesium, selenium & zinc (all via Amazon and will be here in 2 days)
– Having dark chocolate more often (it has needed copper among other things… the other day I had the most dark chocolate than I’ve had the whole time on Keto and for the FIRST TIME in that same time, I had a flirty impulse to grab my husband and kiss him… it feels like it’s been forever since I had that desire as I usually just “fake” those feelings, wondering what was wrong with me)

After reading all of the symptoms, the foods that can cause issues and the lack of foods that can help me, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.

One, two or a few symptoms, I could dismiss or blame other contributors, but basically having ALL the symptoms?  I can’t deny that.  And other factors just all make sense now.

So am I right about my diagnosis?  I will change my diet up a little, start taking those supplements when they arrive and I’ll let you know.


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