Weighing In

Today marks 5 weeks completed on the Keto diet.  Well, as it turns out, really 1 week *actually* meeting my macros.  What do I mean?  Well, I made a big discovery a little late in the game and it therefore messes up what I thought were my macros all along.

A couple of nights ago my hubby called me from the grocery store because he wanted to make a keto-friendly cheese cake.  He was calling about sweeteners.  Packets wouldn’t work as the recipe needed ½ cup and that would take forever, so he was looking for a kind that came as loose powder.  I didn’t want to use the liquid kinds as those tend to have even more aftertaste.
He was reading me the carbs and sugars and almost EVERYTHING had carbs.  So, it prompted me to check my Stevia packets I’d been using all along and not even logging because I thought they were calorie free, carb free and sugar free.

Yes, each packet states “Less than 1g” of carbs, Stevia nutritional infobut knowing how MANY packets I have (really, it’s way too many), that would add up if you assume at least 1 full g of carb per 2 packets… and it did.
I figured out that at a *minimum* I was having 8 g of carbs every day (but possibly more like 12 g or more on days I have more than one tea or coffee, which was common).
Adding that many carbs in with no fiber means I definitely did NOT hit the 5% or less mark for carbs for the day… for WEEKS.

The only exception might have been the first week because I didn’t know to count *net* carbs, so I was keeping TOTAL carbs below 20 g, so I had wiggle room for the carbs from the Stevia I was having.  And this might also explain why my biggest loss so far was that week as well (5 lbs).

This would also explain WHY I haven’t had the results that everyone else I know on Keto has been having!!!

Haven’t I been wondering multiple times why the fat isn’t melting off me???  Well, I wasn’t hitting my macros like I thought!!!  I think I finally figured it out!

So as soon as I realized this, the next day I cut my number of packets for tea by half and down to ¼ of my former use for coffee (both I’m having less of so I don’t notice the difference as much).  I also traded in my HUGE oversized mug for a more typical size and tried bulletproof coffee for the first time.
I’m using my Keto coach’s recipe:  1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp heavy cream
It is tasty!  I can learn to love that (though the extra prep is kind of a pain… 3 more dishes for me to wash).

But even with 4 out of 5 weeks not completely meeting my macros, I’ve still managed a 12.6 lb loss!
I lost 2 lbs this past week (I think adding back in fasted exercise helped).
Knowing what I know now, I’m definitely pleased with those results!

Not only back in the 260’s, almost halfway through them… 265.8 lbs (265.4 after I went back to sleep when the baby napped prior to me having breakfast).  265 lbs is definitely one of those significant weights for me… it has been a RARE occasion for me to actually make it down to here during most of my weight loss journeys of the past.  I’ve only gone under it about 3 times… hoping that this will be time number 4 and the last time I need to go past it.

Any version of me in the past 11 years would be BEYOND PSYCHED that I’ve achieved Scale - new, happythis weight.  The over 300 me, dying to see the 200’s, let alone the 260’s… or the 280’s me feeling stuck there, just dreaming of weighing 20 pounds less.

I’m here.  I’m FINALLY HERE!

It *is* really exciting and I’m so happy with my progress so far.  But no offense to the 260’s, but I wouldn’t mind them in the rearview mirror as I go into the 250’s… somewhere I haven’t been for any amount of time (or below it) since 2004!!!


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