Mood, spirits, scale, you name it… improved.  I had a rough time for the last week between my “whoosh” and this week’s official weigh-in.

I finally decided to see the big picture, realize that although my husband lost 21 lbs in the first 4 weeks of keto, that me losing 10.6 lbs is no small potatoes.  It’s pretty damn good and just about what I’d hope to lose on any diet in a month.
I also got a loss of 2.6 lbs for this week’s weigh-in!  How can I be mad at that?  Sure, I felt shorted for 2 weeks prior to that, so part of me feels like I’m “owed” some more pounds down, but this is when I had to step back, look at the big picture and realize I’m not doing badly and that I must move forward from here… stop thinking about those odd weeks when the scale barely moved.  I had to drop the bad attitude and get a happier point of view, and that I did.
I have felt happier, optimistic, excited and encouraged ever since.  I think vlogging out my feelings also helped me get through this and see the other side of it.

I also decided to start doing fasted exercise in the mornings again (at least 30 mins).  I’m on Day 3 of completing this.  I don’t think it’s any coincidence I’ve been in a better mood ever since I started it.
I LOVE being able to log exercise in Sparkpeople before I’ve even logged food.

I was going to stay off the scale this week (because it’s not good for my mood to see I went down in weight on Friday, but then gained Saturday, Sunday and Monday only to almost get down to Friday’s weight by Tuesday’s weigh-in… I don’t need to SEE that roller coaster).  Buuuuuuuuuuuut…

I forgot about my *planned* exception to my keto diet… Ben & Jerry’s.  Every Friday my hubby & I have a pint of our favorite ice cream.  Everything else is on plan but this.  I felt like my hubby’s head would have exploded if I made him give up his coffee ice cream along with all the other carbs he was used to eating on what is essentially his first real diet attempt, so I planned it in as I know I’ve successfully lost weight while still just having ice cream once a week.  So, then it became an experiment of sorts… what DOES having ice cream on the keto diet do to the scale?
I’ve been keeping a log of how having that ice cream on Fridays has been affecting my weight:
Week 1:  +1 pound
Week 2:  -1.4 pounds
Week 3:  no change
Week 4:  +.4 of a pound

So I’m too curious not to keep this experiment going to see if the pattern holds true and this next time I go down in weight.  So that means I HAVE to weigh myself Friday and Saturday.
I am attempting to not weigh-in Thursday, Sunday and Monday.
That’s the goal.

I’m just so happy to feel good about things again… hopeful is the is best word to describe how I’m feeling.  I tell ya, it makes getting through each day a lot more enjoyable.  I have more energy, am less “mean mommy” and just a happier person.

I got so hopeful that I did something you aren’t supposed to… I projected weight loss.
This is when you take how much you lost in a week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks, etc. and count out weeks in the future to see what you COULD weigh on some future date *IF* you kept losing weight at the same rate.

This gets tricky as we all know, no one really loses *that* consistently, even if they are consistent on their diet.
My “average” is losing 2.6 lbs per week, but I didn’t project that amount… more like varying 1-2 lbs, so I always feel like I do it “realistically”.
But really, ANY TIME I’ve EVER done this in the past, I’ve never make whatever weight by whatever date. I always have all the best intentions, but something always happens and my success slows or halts or reverses.
They’ve actually done studies that show that doing this is NOT a good idea in the weight loss world.  It had a horrible failure rate.  Doh.

Lord knows I’m truly hopeful that WON’T be the case as I haven’t given up or had any “bad” days on this plan (food-wise) even though I had bad weigh-ins and bad moods.  That speaks VOLUMES to me and is a prime example of how things are different this time.

So anyway… by projecting just a little bit into the future (I picked August because that’s the month the bariatric clinic thinks my husband will have his surgery and I was curious what we could achieve on our own by then).  That’s when I realized I could be close to 250 lbs!!!

Holy crap.  I haven’t been 250 or under since 2003/4 and before that, not since college in 1997!!!  That would be SUCH A HUGE deal for me!

Then I had the epiphany which still makes me laugh at myself… it suddenly occurred to me that 250 was only 17 lbs away.  In my head (because I’m so used to being bigger) I was still thinking it was like 30 lbs away, so when I realized it was only 17, I huge smile came across my face!
That’s it.
Not 30, not 50, not 68 like where I began my journey at my highest weight.

It’s been awhile since it was so close.  17 pounds feels like NOTHING compared to where I’ve struggled from.
I think this realization was also part of the reason for my mood improvement.  It’s very exciting to me.

After figuring that out, I then realized that after August 1st, I’d still have 15 weeks to lose 22 more pounds to reach my goal for the 365/50 Project which ends on November 15th of this year (228).
It’s not completely unreasonable and if I happen to achieve more and am less than 250 by August, that’s even less to get down by then.
I would be beyond proud to finally succeed at one of my year-long “projects”.  And I will promptly NEVER do another one again…  I’ve learned they just don’t work for me and like the weight projections, setting a goal of I will weight X number of pounds by X date is a set up for failure based on studies out there and after several attempts, I can firmly agree… even if I do end up succeeding at this one.


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