Holding Steady

I know I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself for the week, but after my reenergization, feeling hopeful again (and having an explanation as to what may be going on), the scale didn’t bother me as much.
But I realized something yesterday…
I’ve basically been the same weight for 12 days.
This never happens to me… whether I’m on a diet or not.
Literally I’ve been trying to lose weight or gaining weight since before I was an adult or even full-grown.  There is no in-between.
This means my weight was always constantly fluctuating.  I can’t remember a time I was always a particular weight.  Even at “300” (which I felt stuck at for several of my journey starts) I’d be 302, 305, 308, 306, 301, etc… a span of 5 lbs or more in a given week.

I first saw 270.0 on 5/6/2017.  Yes, I went up to 271.6 at most, but since 5/12 I’ve been 270 with no more than .6 up or back down.  Four days I’ve been 270 on the nose (including this morning which makes 13 days… though it blinked on 269.8 a couple times, yet landed on 270.0 right at the last second – grr, though it made me snicker as I’m finding it rather comical, mostly because I knew I was going to write this post).

That’s a solid week of a variance of only .6 of a pound.

At first it felt frustrating, but now it feels like a healthy achievement… like this is how it is for “normal” people who haven’t struggled with their weight.

It’s really a mystery though.  I’ve been sticking with the keto diet and maintaining the same level of exercise in a given week and yet my losses keep going down.
Here’s my total calorie/weight loss breakdown (if you’re looking closely, note that this only lists total carbs, not net.  Other than Fridays, all my net carbs have been 25 or less):
keto first 3 weeks

Notice how I ate almost 2,000 more calories that first week (and I ate like crap the Monday before starting) and lost more?  Is that just a coincidence?  Or was it more the “shock” to my system to suddenly go without any simple carbs?  By week 2 it wasn’t a big deal to my body anymore that I wasn’t eating them.
My blood sugars were totally awesome that first week too.  On my own without meds my fasting glucose was in the mid-90’s.  This week and last?  103-115 ON MEDS.  Other than getting a cold and dealing with that, not sure why this changed as I did not up my carb amount.

I thought “maybe I just made better food choices that first week?” but I went back and checked and no, it’s basically what I’m eating now.
I’m not sure how I should interpret this.  As you can see, I did attempt increasing my calories a little bit for week 3, but really it wasn’t much of a difference now that I’ve done the math in comparison.
But the “problem” with that is that I’M NOT HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t want to eat just to eat!  What an issue, right?  If I’m full and satisfied, I hate the idea of eating just to up my calories.

But this weight maintenance, thought impressive on some levels, is really a head-scratcher for me.
Do you know how many times if I wasn’t losing the weight I thought I should and felt frustrated, I’d “quit” and ate crap again, only to have to WORK to get back down to where I was frustrated in the first place?  TONS.  More than I can count.  Not doing that this time.  I don’t want to have to re-lose any more damned pounds.

When will I finally see the 260’s???  Stay tuned.

Holding steady on the scale, but holding steady with my diet.


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One Response to Holding Steady

  1. By the way, how I felt on a day I only at 1291 calories was no different than when I’d eat 2055 calories. In that way, this “diet” (I’m really seeing this as a life change now since it’s relatively “easy” to keep going) is simply amazing. Any other diet? I’d be STARVING if I only ate 1291 calories!!!

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