Enthusiasm Recharged

Earlier today, this was going to be an entirely different post.  One full of “I only lost 1.2 lbs this week.  What the F#@K????????????” because I was full of frustration why the weight just wasn’t falling off me for all my efforts and sticking to the keto diet.  I was also ROBBED of not YET seeing the 260’s (which is killing me… I *was* just .2 away!)

Well, as it turns out, my keto coach in the private facebook group I’m a part of happened to ask “how is everything going?” this morning and I responded with honesty.
She actually had an answer for me and this was it:
The Fat Woosh - Keto plateau explained

That sucks, but it (sort of) makes sense.
So, I have to wait for my “whoosh”.  That would explain why I feel the cells still there, taking up the same space, but they are full of water instead of fat, so yes, it feels different from the outside and I was wondering about that.
I was going to keep at it anyway (because I LOVE the Keto plan so much – EASIEST DIET TO STICK TO EVER IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I thought about upping my protein – just having as much protein all day long as I wanted (going over the 20%) and have a higher calorie day since my calories have been on the lower end.
Knowing what I know now, I’m not sure if I’m going to do that or not.
I tell you, just KNOWING there was some sort of explanation has LIFTED MY SPIRITS.  I’m definitely a “knowledge is power” kind of person.

Also, to attempt to boost my mood prior to learning this, I decided to take my measurements.
The last time I’d taken my weight & measurements was 3/21/2017, so less than 2 months ago.
The difference?
11.2 pounds down
22.5 inches lost all over

Woot woot!  That was 2.75 inches from my waist and 2 inches off my hips.  No wonder my shirts and pants are fitting better.  The surprising number was how many inches I’ve lost in my calf… 5 inches!  What?  I even verified past other measurements of my calves… all fit in line with my original number, so it wasn’t a bad measurement… just weird!  Ah well, inches off are inches off.
So, I started the day angry, disappointed, frustrated.  And now?
I’m hopeful and I feel like my enthusiasm for my weight loss journey has been recharged!  I feel lighter in my step and just happier overall.  It feels good to feel this way again.  I missed this feeling.


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