The Father’s Day Gift Dilemma

So, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, but what I am doing?  Trying to order my husband a Father’s Day gift.
I’ve always had the hardest time buying gifts for my husband and you’re about to figure out why.  I usually end up making (or buying) a card, have the kids make him cards and just making him one of his favorite meals for dinner.  But this year I wanted to get him an actual gift… specially, a personalized gift.

Sure, if the father of your child/ren falls into the typical man category, any of these personalized gifs would be lovely and appropriate.
dad gifts inappropriate.jpg

But my husband is not typical.

He doesn’t watch sports, doesn’t drink wine or beer (so cork holders, bottle openers and beer mugs are out), doesn’t drink coffee or tea (so mugs are useless), won’t fit the t-shirt sizes available, doesn’t fish, doesn’t have a favorite sports team, doesn’t play golf, doesn’t cook much, isn’t the money clip or fancy wallet kind of guy or have any use for daddy-related picture frames. He grills, but I wouldn’t call grilling his “thing” or want to associate some corny pun to it on an apron or spatula.  He is handy, but isn’t a “mechanic” and doesn’t need another hammer and our garage is crowded enough.  He’s a tech guy and all those choices are either over my head or cost too much.

99.9% of these personalized gifts just don’t work!

What does that leave me to get for my hubby?
father's day nut jar
This is literally the ONLY appropriate personalized gift for MY kind of husband for Father’s Day (at least available from, of which all you see pictured is available there).

On the plus side, nuts are a part of his diet, so that works.
Only the empty jar is available, so I’ll fill it up with his favorite… cashews.

If my hubby had a nut allergy, I’d be completely screwed.


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