I Had Every Reason to go Off Plan Today

But I didn’t.  Seriously, I’m surprising myself.  Any other day of any other year and I would have ordered delivery for dinner.
First off, my weight loss has slowed… stopped… gained… came back down ever so slowly and still hasn’t returned to the all-time low I achieved.
This is frustrating because I’ve been achieving ketosis (according to my ketone strips), following the keto diet and having nothing off plan.
The ONE exception was 1 pint of ice cream I allow myself and my husband once a week on Friday night.  Even with having this, I was still back to ketosis no problem.  In 2 weeks, I was down 6.8 lbs even with the ice cream.
The problems have been after my last serving.
The morning after the ice cream: 270.6 lbs (all-time low and a loss of 1.4 lbs from my weigh-in 2 days earlier),
2 days later:  271.2 (felt totally unjustified),
the day after that: 271.6 (say wha???),
next day: 271 (oh thank goodness) and
today I was exactly 271 again.
Meanwhile, I’ve been 100% on the keto diet every single one of those days.  This has been the easiest “diet” to stick to in my entire life.  Even when I have off thoughts, I never follow through and I WANT to stick to the plan.
I think my husband being on the diet is making the difference here.  If I decide I’m going off plan, I’m taking him with me.  His eating choices for dinner are completely in my control.  If I went off plan, he would too, no question.  I don’t want to be the reason he has a bad day.  This is a new motivation and difference compared to any other time in my life I’ve been on a diet.

My calorie range is 1700-2100 (I’m a big girl… height as well as weight – believe it or not, this is a 600-1000 calorie deficit amount) and since May 6th, my calories have been just under 1700 except yesterday when I got a little over 2000.  I’ve been getting some sort of intentional exercise EVERY day (as is my goal of my 40th year).
You’d think the weight would be FALLING off me!  I’m in ketosis, my calories are lower, I’m getting exercise and I’m drinking water.  What the heck???

Oh wait… sleep.  Shit… nope, sleep has been a mean mistress this past week.  Between the baby or myself, it’s been pretty sucky.
Can I tell you I HATE that sleep can play such a major role in my weight loss???  HATE IT.

My other thought (especially since my calories today are only 1503) is that my body thinks I’m not eating enough… that I need a higher calorie surge day.  The problem (if you want to call it that) is that I’m FULL and SATISFIED on the keto diet.
***I don’t want to eat if I’m not hungry.***
That’d be a habit I don’t want to start.
If I don’t FEEL hungry, how can my body think I’m starving?
I’ve always wondered about that.

My keto coach mentioned that if you aren’t losing weight, up your fats to get going again.  Well, my fat % has been 73.9, 72.8, 77.5, 72.4, 71.8, 66.8 (the worst today because of my highest carb amount yet: 7%). The day I had that rocking amount of fat % (77.5)?  My weight went up the next day by .4 of a pound.  Grr.  That didn’t work.

Another factor… I’m sick.  My kids gave me their cold.  The whole family is sick (which sucks worse because usually it works out that we take “turns” so one is still healthy to help the others) and that includes hubby and his “man cold” is of course way worse than mine.  (((MAJOR EYE ROLL)))
I noticed my fasting blood sugars off meds weren’t as good… I was getting 96, 95, 97 and then after my daughter got sick (and I was living in denial that I wasn’t getting sick) my fasting blood sugars were 103, 105.
For those unaware, when you are sick, your blood sugars go up… doesn’t matter what you eat.
So I’ve started taking my metformin again and will until I’m healthy again.
Higher blood sugars (and therefore insulin) also slow weight loss.

I can only imagine the pounds that would be falling off me if I were getting adequate sleep and wasn’t sick!!!

So anyway, all these factors… slow/no weight loss, tired, sick… these are all reasons I’ve turned to delivery and going off plan before.
I did seriously think about ordering in today… at least not out of craving, but out of the desire NOT to have to cook.
But not only did I cook, I tried a new recipe!  WHO AM I???
I tried the Fathead Pizza recipe my keto coach provided (lower carb crust).  It was actually great!  It was hubby-approved!  I think he was just relieved it didn’t involve any cauliflower!
I ate that almost 4 hours ago… I’m still full.

It did make my carb amount the highest it’s been in over 2 weeks, so my percentages were the worse they’ve ever been while on keto.  I usually will have 1-2 cups of tea with cream to help up my fat % and lower the others and increase my calories when lower, but I was just too full to do so!
My net carbs were 26… not too shabby, especially when I see people posting in Sparkpeople all proud because their carbs were “only” 100 grams and they claim they are on keto!  Yeesh.

So, I’m sticking to it.  I feel like having my ice cream this week will end in a weight loss like last week only because I haven’t been losing much all week (that’s usually how my Ben & Jerry experiments work).
Not sure whether to make it a much higher calorie day for that, or just in my high range (I managed to fit it just over my high range last week).  But at this point I suppose going to 2200 from 1500-1600 calorie would be a “surge” even though 2200 is a 500-calorie deficit if I get in light activity.
Huh.  We’ll see.
Trucking on.
I hope I can manage better sleep and get healthy again so it stops messing with my results!


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