Keto Week 1 Results

Today marks 1 full week of following the Keto diet (high fat, low carb, moderate protein).  This is also the first Tuesday in like… forever… that I’m actually going to post about my weigh-in.  I guess it was fitting that I didn’t start last Monday so that Tuesday could be my week marker which happened to already be my “official” weigh-in day.

I’ve eaten more cauliflower in the past week than I’ve had in my ENTIRE LIFE.  Seriously.  I feel like I’ve never done so much food prep and cooking either.  I mean if you want something like “bread” or “crust” or “pasta”, you HAVE to make it yourself (it’s usually made from cauliflower or zucchini) and those can involve a lot of prep work!
I feel badly for anyone who isn’t a good cook or unfamiliar with it who’s trying to stick to the Keto diet!  I’m not even the biggest fan of cooking, so this has been a trying element for me.
I put in a LOT of effort just have my kids put their noses up in the air and complain about the food or my husband doing his slightly nicer version of the same point (at least he’s really TRYING the foods, not just barely licking a tiny bite and saying “ew!” like my 4-year-old).  I was getting a little grumpy feeling unappreciated for my efforts come mid-week, but then realized how big of a change this all has been for everybody and in the grand scheme of it all, they are taking it well.
We tried cauliflower pizza crust, cauliflower fries, cauliflower bread, and cauliflower mac & cheese.  I could seriously write an entire blog just about this and call it “Cauliflower”.  Some were fails, others I’ll tweak and hopefully get more successful.
So what are the results of my first week on the plan?
I was 278.4 lbs last Tuesday.  This morning I am 273.4 lbs.  So that’s a happy 5 lb loss!
What’s better is that it’s 5 NEW pounds that I haven’t seen in over 8 Scale - new, happymonths!!!
I’ve NEVER weighed in under 274 lbs on a Tuesday since I started my 365/50 Project in November!!!

And if you go by Hubby’s and my “start weight” (for his pre-surgery weigh-in at the bariatric clinic which was last Friday the 28th) I was 280.2 lbs, but clearly was already enthused to eat right and exercise prior to starting the Keto diet, so that’s 6.8 lbs down from that start weight (this difference is important for me to note because we took pictures together at those starting weights… my hubby’s very first intentional “before” photo).  I can’t wait until we can take that picture again for an in-progress shot.

Less than a week in and hubby weighed in and had an 11 lb loss.  He wasn’t very excited about it though because he fluctuates about that much a lot and as he put it “I can lose that much taking a shit”.  Phooey. Darn.  I wish I could get him more excited about this.  I told him to hold tight and we’ll see what another week brings.
But the thing is, he’s not sticking to the carb amount or percentages.  Instead of 20 net carbs or less, he’s averaging around 30-40 net carbs.  Granted, it’s all from good stuff… no bread, pasta, white flour, white sugar or potatoes.  I think the majority comes from cashews and peanuts.
Given that, I’m proud he’s doing as well as he is.  From what he came from, he’s doing rather awesome.  He hasn’t had a soda or Gatorade.  He’s tried every new recipe I’ve guinea pigged us on (usually cauliflower related as listed above) and he even ate fish!!!!  This is HUGE.  The man hasn’t had fish in over 22 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not even tuna or even lobster… he’s just not a fan)
He munched on some grapes the other day not realizing that wasn’t a good choice, but at least it wasn’t actual candy (which technically does still exist in the house because of the kiddo’s leftover Easter candy).

So, although he’s not really sticking to the Keto numbers, his diet is MUCH IMPROVED and calories have been less, so it’s got to result in some real weight loss.  I’m looking forward to his weigh-in this weekend to see.  Hopefully if it’s even less than last week and in “new” territory, he’ll finally believe and maybe get a bit more excited about the experience.

My excitement level was on high for most of the week, but then I did my Ben & Jerry’s experiment.  Most of the time while trying to lose weight, on a week I’m not feeling or seeing results, I have a pint and the next day, POOF, 2 lbs come off.
However, I was steadily losing already on the Keto diet, then had the pint and dang… up 1 lb the next morning.
I just knew this was going to happen.  I had a feeling about it and it stays true to my former experiments.
But something else happened.
I got my period… 3 days early.  The ONLY time this happens is when I’m eating healthy, exercising and my blood sugars on ON POINT.  Since starting this plan I’ve actually been rather forgetful to take my metformin every day (which I was taking to help regulate my blood sugars which helps my insulin not get too high which would otherwise prevent me from having a regular period).  Since I’m not actually a diabetic, I do not have to test my blood sugar daily, but I do have lots of leftover test strips from having gestational diabetes.
This means that my blood sugars have been good ON THEIR OWN!  So out of curiosity I started checking my fasting blood sugar (usually my worst number).  Yesterday it was 96 and today it was 95!!!
I’m SO HAPPY about this because I haven’t managed a fasting blood sugar under 100 since before 2012!!!  Prior to this diet, my fasting blood sugars were about 110 – 115 and that was with me ON medication.

This has been the awesomest “side effect” of being on the Keto diet.  It makes sense… I’m not eating any sugar or carbs that convert to sugar quickly.  I know when I went off pasta and sugar for almost 2 months previously, it lowered my A1C considerably, so I’m imagining how awesome my A1C could be if I stay on this for the 3-4 months leading up to hubby’s surgery.
It sure has me thinking about afterwards too… clearly my body appreciates this way of eating and it’s good for me, so I’m considering just not going back to pasta ever.  I’ve given it up before with no issues.  Bread and rice was already down to just occasional.   But I never planned on going without popcorn, ice cream, some cereal, root veggies or fruit for the rest of my life.  I want to be able to have those back in moderation after his surgery.  We’ll see how it goes.  All I know is that my body is truly appreciating the changes I’ve made in this last week.

Going back to getting my period… that could also account to why the scale went up on Saturday, higher on Sunday and only a slight rebound for Monday (other than the ice cream experiment Friday evening, I was right back to being on track Sat-Mon).  But on a positive note, for the first time since I can remember, I did NOT crave chocolate the day before or during my period like I always have! (yes, I had that ice cream, but I did not crave it or necessarily even want it)
I was also exhausted on Monday (my almost 9-month-old was a meany overnight, only going to sleep for 2.5 hour segments) which put me in a mood and for the FIRST time on the Keto diet, I really thought about having off plan foods and thought I felt cravings for carbs.  I realized it was probably because I wanted to feed myself calories for energy since I wasn’t getting it via sleep (and I’d already had a tea and 2 coffees to try to help me get through).
But I trucked on, determined to have a good weigh-in for today and not ruin my first week.

I’m glad I did.  I was happy the scale went down this morning and in new territory and I considered how ecstatic former me from any other Tuesday weigh-in would have been to see that number.  This means I’m not trying to “recover” at the start of my week (like I have SO MANY TIMES)… I can move forward and get to even lower new territory!
What an amazing feeling it is not be just trying to recover a former lower weight (well, at least not for this Project).
Could I possibly achieve the 260’s this week??? I’m getting excited just thinking about it.
I’m in such a better mood today.  Period bloat has past and I’m feeling my thinner self again (a feeling I was having Wed-Fri… I love that I can physicially FEEL when I’m losing weight).  I have a pep to my step and it makes every healthy choice easier to make.

On that note, I’m off to prepare some tuna salad and egg salad for my lunch and dinner (going to make “cups” out of pieces of cucumber and put egg salad in them with sprinkles of real bacon bits on top, in addition to the lemon pepper chicken wings we’re having… yum).


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