The Keto Life

This should be Day 4 of our Keto (high fat, low carb, moderate protein) lifestyle, but really it’s Day 3 for me because Monday was a fail.  Now that I’ve done it a couple days, I wish I’d read up on it and got properly enthused and informed on what to do on Sunday so Monday could have been a successful day!
I was even more educated today when I came to the understanding that we should be counting *net* carbs, not total carbs (net = carb grams minus fiber grams).
I’d been sticking to 25 g of TOTAL carbs which means I was even more LOW carb than I needed to be!  Doh!
The positive with that is that I was able to do that without feeling deprived or hungry.  Win.
So I thought I was at 25 g carbs (the limit), but really it was 18 when I subtract out the fiber.

This discovery means that the pie chart I was utilizing in Sparkpeople to figure out my percentages is now not an option seeming it’s based only on total carbs.
Since I don’t do “apps” (I don’t have a smartphone and do all my computering on a pc laptop), I went ahead and made an Excel spreadsheet with all the math figured out and a pie chart so all I have to do is input my protein, carb & fat grams and it’ll tell me where I’m at for the day.
Goal = 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs
Here’s today:
pie chart 27APr2017

My biggest complaint is that my days seemed filled with logging food, prepping food, cooking food, checking percentages and doing even more dishes.
I seriously haven’t gotten much else done in the last few days!
My son has a performance at school tonight so dinner must be cooked and eaten by 5:30pm so we aren’t late.  This involved me chopping up veggies and prepping other stuff ahead of time to make that happen.
The only reason I found time to blog was because my husband came home early from work (after being told OT was no longer allowed this week… grr), otherwise this blog wouldn’t exist.
After this, I’m off to slave away in the kitchen.
Tonight on the menu (in cursive so it forces my 5th grader to learn to read it because he asks almost daily “what’s for dinner?” so now I just direct him to this board so at least he’ll learn to *read* cursive, though I wish they taught him how to write it in school):
menu board

We’ve never tried bok choy on its own.  After chopping it, I tried a little piece of both the white part and the leaf raw, and I didn’t mind that, so after it’s sautéed in butter and maybe a little olive oil with some Adobo & black pepper, I’m hoping it’s fabulous and our new favorite veggie that the WHOLE family could like (I’m so sick of there being veggies only I eat like asparagus & avocado).

Overall I’m enjoying the Keto plan.  I meant to remember to check my fasting blood sugar this am, but I bet it’s better than it used to be!  Hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow.
I love how full I am.  I can’t believe I’m filling up on mostly meat & veggies.  Cauliflower is our new best friend.  That with cheese is extremely filling!

Downsides?  When I want a quick snack, I miss being able to just grab an apple and enjoy it.  That is not on plan as it’s way too many carbs/sugar… natural or not.  My grapefruits are just going to waste on the countertop (cause I’m the only one who will eat those).
Funny how I’m missing out on healthy fruits, not potatoes, pasta, bread or rice.
It’s true, the healthier you eat, the more you want to eat healthy.

Hubby is struggling a bit with the changes.  On just day 2 he was asking for other breakfast ideas because he was already getting sick of his eggs/onion/green pepper/cheese mix.  Geez man.
He’s also decided he prefers the vanilla flavored protein shake over the strawberry.
I haven’t needed to do my chocolate protein shake this whole time.  My calories have been on the low side, even with eating SO MUCH FAT.  No need to skip real food for a shake to cut them.
I guess I’ll save mine for when I have a chocolate craving.  So far I’ve haven’t had one.
About the only thing I’m missing is popcorn.  That’s it.  That’s pretty awesome.

I’m motivated to hit all the right percentages every day and the scale keeps going down.  I’m truly excited for tomorrow’s weigh-in because I could FINALLY be into “new” territory that I haven’t seen since mid-Oct before my 365/50 Project even began!!!


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2 Responses to The Keto Life

  1. You’ve got lovely handwriting! Changes in diet are always difficult, keep on pushing through- you’ll all get through it! I love bok choy with sesame oil and soy sauce. I know how you feel about the logging! I’ve done food logging in the past and it has always only been for a week at a time because it took up so much time!

  2. imready says:

    I’m so glad I read this. You should visit our blog I just posted some of my favorite go-to keto snacks. We also have a keto board on Pinterest with tons of ideas. Just search Hang in there! Once you get use to eating low carb you won’t need to log as much. It becomes second nature.

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