Beginnings & Breakthroughs

Yesterday marked Day 1 for my hubby’s (and my) new diet plan.  At first I didn’t have a name for it, I just knew the focus would be less carbs.  That quickly became high fat, low carb.  This is, apparently, the Keto diet (really, it’s Atkins, but with just moderate protein, not high protein).
I’ve joined a Facebook group to get recipes and helpful tips from an online weight loss buddy, but she’s a bit stricter than the info I found on the Keto diet (for example they give a week-long menu and it includes using Stevia… but I just got reprimanded for admitting I have Stevia in my tea & coffee and she told me to stop… um, hell no?  And yet said nothing to the lady who put vanilla extract in her tea.  Um hello, that’s made with alcohol which your body breaks down as sugar… then she posts how she put vanilla extract in HER coffee a couple hours later.  I’m thinking my 0 carb, 0 sugar Stevia will do less harm to the keto process than that vanilla extract!)
She also keeps saying “low protein”.  I like the Keto site that says, “moderate protein” … it makes more sense to me.  If you aren’t having carbs and low protein, what are you eating all this fat with?  I’m not going vegetarian anytime soon.  And every example picture of meals she eats has meat in it!  Wth?
Plus I picked this method because it would work for my husband.  If I tried to change him over to mostly just veggies, that would NOT go over well.

At first I was getting bummed out by my husband’s response to talking about the gastric sleeve procedure (he’s trying to be approved for… August this year) and the required 3-4 months of dieting.  I was *trying* to show my enthusiasm and say, ‘oh we can eat this, we can eat that’ – trying to stay positive and put a positive light on everything (so you don’t focus on the negatives).  He just seemed distracted, unmotivated, and apprehensive.

That all changed this past Saturday (after 3 days of me trying to get him to talk about it and then admitting to him that it didn’t seem like he was very excited about his future).  I was going to go to Wal-Mart alone to stock up, but he insisted he wanted to go too as a family.  To my happy surprise, he took it upon himself to check out the protein shakes, get a shaker bottle, look into approved drinks (giving up full sugar soda, Gatorade & 5 hr energy), and bought this device that cooks eggs in less than 2 mins in the microwave so that he can replace his cereal for breakfast routine.

He seemed happier, excited… finally catching up to how I’d been feeling days earlier.  Maybe it’s because I know all the positives ahead and I’m excited by them… he’s a little less familiar with losing weight and reaping those benefits.  Or maybe he’s just a man and it took him 3 days to process my words of enthusiasm!  LOL
He had energy all day and was in such good spirits (even though he’s still in pain from the more involved vasectomy just days ago).
And for the last 2 nights, he’s prepped diced onions & green peppers for mixing with his eggs in the morning.  He even got out all his dishes the night before to save time.


This used to be just a big bowl & a spoon.

For a guy that’s been having sugar cereal all his adult life before work in the mornings, I find this amazing.

Yesterday was the first full day.  Hubby kicked my butt.  The worse off plan thing he ate?  A cashew bar.  He even logged his food into Sparkpeople (I haven’t bothered in weeks!)
Me?  Ugh…  an English muffin, nachos, candy and Smartfood.
What can I say… a little bit of ‘oh shit, I’m limiting myself’ crept into my brain and took over.  I also made it my “duty” to finish the certain carb elements in the house we have left that I plan on not replacing… the bread, the tortilla chips, the candy (it’s leftover Easter candy I’d forgotten existed, but upon reorganizing the freezer to hide tempting food from my hubby, I found the bag).
I thought I could handle it… in moderation… as I’ve been doing for a while, but instead I sort of went nuts and had a snacky, lazy day.  The cold, dreary weather outside was not helping my choices.

This is also why I’d tell anyone who will listen to never cut anything out of your diet because then you’re setting yourself up for deprivation.
This is true, so true.
But that feeling passes and it’s all a head trip and controllable if you get over the diet mentality.
Plus, this a temporary diet. 3-4 months.  After that, my husband will have his surgery and his stomach will be 70-80% smaller and we can go back to eating what we used to (minus the cereal for him though), just in much smaller portions.  At that point, I can go back to utilizing the moderation that I have preached about so many times… *if* I want to.
But I can see myself liking this high fat, low carb lifestyle.  It does keep you satisfied.  Plus, I’ve given up pasta successfully a few times before (even when I cooked it for the family, I just had more protein or veggies instead).

Propelled by my bad choices earlier in the day, I made sure I created a Keto-friendly FEAST for my husband’s first day on his diet.
I made Salisbury steak (sans flour) for the first time in my life, BLT cups (when the cup is made from bacon) and a cheesy cauliflower casserole.  I was STUFFED.  Not a “normal” carb in site and what a fulfilling meal!  Even my picky eater son loved the Salisbury steak!
I could get used to that.
So maybe if my body agrees with this diet, I will just continue it.  It’s also supposed to help decrease insulin resistance.  This, plus intermittent fasting, could finally get me out of the pre-diabetic range!

After my carb indulgences, I actually looked up what the Keto diet was.  Reading the guidelines and recommendations and how it works, it fueled me to *want to* stick to the rules because I want all those good side effects.
So, what will become of the leftover carbs in my house?  Still on the fence. Not gonna lie… today is a new day and the excitement (and regret) from last night doesn’t always transfer to the next day.  I will tell you this, if I do have carbs, it will be in the same limited fashion I was perfectly fine with doing just a few days earlier (i.e. just the tortilla chips… not the English muffin & candy as well).  Lord knows I just CANNOT throw food away, so someone is going to eat it and I’d rather it be me and not my hubby.
I have posted before about my “nachos” obsession lately, right?  I thought I’d gotten a handle on it until yesterday.  I did NOT feel in control yesterday.

There’s another side of this… I can’t have my hubby show me up!!!  Yes, I feel like I’m in a little competition with my husband.  He definitely had a much better day than me yesterday.
How am I going to feel if he drops 20 lbs and I’ve only lost 2 lbs because I went rogue too many times?  Uh… not good.
I do keep this in mind and it’s helping my motivation.

Bottom-line, it’ll be easier when those certain foods are just gone from the house.

And my breakthrough?  I weighed in at 278.4 lbs this morning. Seeming I saw down to 276.4 earlier in the week, you’d think I’d be disappointed, but I’m not.  I’ll explain.

Just a couple weeks ago, if I’d eaten the way I did yesterday, the scale would have said 280 or more… guaranteed.  Hell, you can go back for 6 months’ worth!  I’ve been “stuck” between 280-285 lbs, dying to get into the 270’s.
So the fact that I could have a bad day and still be under 280 actually puts a smile on my face.

It wasn’t that long ago in my weight loss journey that I was “stuck” between 300-308 lbs, dying to get OUT of the 300’s.  Like the 280’s were for me recently, the low 300’s were a point I just couldn’t seem to break beyond (both in this case were around my “start” weight at the beginning of my particular journey). I would have done anything then to be in the 280’s and here I am trying to fight my way out of them.
Prospective is everything.

Back then, my default calorie ‘want’ (i.e. how I eat when on an off day when I’m putting in zero effort to lose weight) would automatically get me over 300.
A few weeks ago (oh hell, 2 weeks ago I was 285), that default kept me over 280.
If you go up to a certain amount of calories on a regular basis, your body sets that as your default… it remembers what is preceived as “normal”.  When I’m lowering my calories during a time of trying to lose weight, I can *feel* when I haven’t hit that default.  And if I ate until that feeling went away, I’d stay at/go back up to that weight because that’s what that amount of calories maintains.  It can be hard to lower this default setting.
The fact that I had one of those off days and still managed to be less than 279 means I’ve finally lowered my “default” again.   Even just a little bit… it all matters.
Apparently, this process takes years (well, takes *me* years).  Slowly but surely I’m lowering my default calorie range.  My long-term goal would have my default range below 250 lbs… maybe even below 230 lbs.  Years ago I would have said below 200 lbs… I’m more realistic these days.

So now I’m the high 270’s.  Maybe a year from now it could be a completely different, lower range.  Anything further and further from 300 makes me happy.
So that was my breakthrough.  Not sure if it’ll make sense to anyone else, but ah well.

Time to embrace my new low carb life, reduce my risk of diabetes, kick my body into fat burning mode and lose some weight.  It’s such a breath of fresh air (and a nice source of competitive motivation) to have my husband doing this along with me!

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  1. So happy that you’ve got a second breath of motivation! It’s definitely easier when both people in the couple watch what they eat. Keep it up!

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