Going Backwards on the Dieting Evolution

Seriously, I’m about to try something that totally feels like a dieting regression… something people try when they have no clue where to start that I have considered a “newbie” method of trying to lose weight.  It’s actually a step I totally skipped even in my actual newbie days.  I’ve been treading the same water for MONTHS now and something needs to change.meme - diet tips number 1 hold helium balloons while weighing in

Odd as it seems, I’m completely disinterested in food these days.  The enjoyment level is just not there anymore, even with the “naughty” choices you’d think I would be enjoying.  Literally the only thing I look forward to in a day is the start to my day… my fried egg whites (just the whites is not even a diet thing, it’s a taste/texture preference… I know, I know… all the good stuff is in the yolk… I don’t care).

Luckily, I’m so practiced at making a balanced meal for dinner, that’s a non-issue.

Everything else?  Meh.  I don’t want for anything and I don’t want to prepare anything.  If I’m honest, I haven’t wanted any sort of vegetable since before I was pregnant… 17 months ago.
So what I end up eating is easy stuff or stuff I just got stuck in the habit of making (like my version of nachos… tortilla chips splattered with salsa, then shredded cheese and repeated for 3 layers and then microwaved), turkey jerky and Smartfood, leftovers or quesadillas (or some other use of a flour tortilla).  In fact, other than what I just listed, I’m having trouble thinking of what it is I’ve been eating for lunch on a daily basis!

I can’t even think of what I have been eating, let alone think of ideas of healthier things to eat instead.  And since I apparently have ZERO interest in making a healthier choice, those are not coming to mind either.  My brain is just checked out of the whole process so much so I can’t even force it or fake it at this point.  The closest I’ve gotten to healthy recently was canned chicken mixed with a little mayo, chopped celery and seasonings, eaten with celery sticks.  That’s it.

When I get like this, I honestly wish I could just not have to eat at all.  But starvation is a horrible idea, so I wish on days I feel like this I could just be hooked to an IV of only the stuff to keep me alive… take the work out of having to eat or even think about it.

Second best (actually doable) option?  This is where I reveal what I’m about to do that I consider a reversion in the dieting evolution.
Meal replacement shakes.
Yep, I’m ordering some SlimFast on my next Wal-Mart pick-up order.  I saw a commercial about how they have a more nutritional formula, more protein, blah, blah, blah, and it stuck with me.
Since I don’t want to cook, don’t have a want for any particular food and have been sucking with the choices I have been making, why not just drink a shake and be done with it?
Maybe I just finally reached a stage where I could benefit from such a shake.
I would have NEVER considered this before.  I’m pretty sure during one of my more successful times when people sought me out for advice, I would *discourage* someone from using those and tell them to eat REAL food.

But now I get it.  Sometimes you want change, but are just not in a mental place to get it done.  Trust me, I’ve been actively trying to get somewhere since November.

Maybe I won’t feel like this every day.  Maybe I’ll have days I do think of something healthy and want to prepare it.  Great.  I’ll go with real food anytime that strikes.  But on a day I’m unenthused and about to nuke some tortilla chips again, make a shake instead.
I’ve got to get past these blah days.  Maybe a meal replacement shake is the answer.
Here goes nothing.


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2 Responses to Going Backwards on the Dieting Evolution

  1. Best of luck! Those plateaus are hard. So very hard on the motivation. I hope these meal replacement shakes will be a good solution for you. Keep at it, don’t give up. You’ll find something that clicks!

  2. tlf says:

    it’s not so different from when I quit smoking. I knew I had to do it for years, but I had to be in the right frame of mind to actually DO IT. But I hear your frustration. I seem to fuck up a perfectly good week every weekend with wine and bread and butter and cookies. Then it’s back on the train Monday morning.

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