When Will I Ever Learn? (re: importance of sleep)

I got back some serious control on Tuesday Feb 7th.  I just started logging my food that day which had me considering my food choices more thoughtfully so that I could stay within my calorie range (currently 1744 – 2170).  I couldn’t tell you why I started.  It was not some big “I need to do something” speech with myself the night before or me waking up saying “today’s the day”.  Nope, I just started.
I didn’t necessarily feel motivated (though I think that was the same day a friend of mine shared the ‘motivation is garbage’ video of this lady… she made some good points – see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ88PaL8ls0 if you’re curious).
I just did it.
The next day when the scale went down, THEN I felt that spark and motivation and excitement to continue on.
The next few days were awesome.  Every morning I weighed less.  Every day I was getting closer to my short-term goal for my milestone birthday.  (I know it’s not healthy to weigh-in so much, but it’s very encouraging and enthuses me to keep going.)
Even on a day I had higher than normal sodium, the next morning I still had a weight loss (though I was mentally prepared for a temporary gain).  I had gone down 6.8 lbs in 4 days!

But then on Sunday the 12th, it all changed.  My weight went up even though I stayed in my calorie range the day before, had drank enough water, got in my exercise, and didn’t necessarily have too much sodium.

I was confused.  Delayed reaction to the sodium a day before?  Well, that’d be new.  I’m not lifting weights at the moment (still dealing with a hand injury since my baby was a month old), so it wasn’t water retention from muscle gain.  And I realize I can’t lose weight EVERY SINGLE DAY like I had, and I’d be ok with maintenance, but this was a GAIN.  A 1.4 lb gain.
A gain that felt undeserved.  Very undeserved.
It put me in a mood, but I persisted.
I kept going because my “official” weigh-in days are Tuesday.  Yes, the scale recovered, but I was discouraged because although I stayed strong and made all the efforts, my weight didn’t even return to where it was before that mysterious gain. (Mind you it was ONLY a .4 difference… 276 vs. 275.6… but seeing that “5” was important to me because once under that, I’ll finally be hitting NEW territory on this journey)
So since it was only .4 of a pound, it really shouldn’t have bothered me THAT much, but dammit I’d seen less 3 days before that, so it was very frustrating and disappointing.
But even though it was Valentine’s Day that day, I stayed strong and stayed in my calorie range (and didn’t have ANY chocolate!).

On the 15th, I had a “fuck it” day.  I logged some of the stuff I ate, but not all and I definitely went way over my range.  I think I probably got up to 3200 calories.  This day was 4 days coming and I’m honestly surprised I lasted that long (go me?).
So of course, scale went up again the next morning, but totally justified.
The next day I logged my calories, but was above range again, just not by as much.
That night (last night), I got decent sleep.
So when I weighed in this morning, the scale went DOWN!   I went over my calories, but drank my water and got in my walk and MOST IMPORTANTLY, got SLEEP and voila! The scale loves me again.


I’ve posted countless times that I won’t ever underestimate the importance of decent sleep in my weight loss journey.
Well I just did… AGAIN.

Those days I was going up I had crappy sleep thanks to the combo of my 6-month-old and 4-year-old.  I was taking Advil PM and not being given 8 hours of sleep to have it wear off and was a serious mombie (mom + zombie) for the first 5 hours of the day.
Last night, in fear that once again I wouldn’t get to sleep until 12:30am (or later), have my baby get me up in the night, then my 4-year-old wake me and join me in bed at 7am and fall asleep on Daddy’s side of the bed only to have the baby wake up for the day at 7:40am while the 4-year-old gets to keep sleeping (we’d done this several mornings in a row), I didn’t take the Advil PM.  I felt seriously tired, so I hoped I’d finally be able to fall asleep quickly on my own (I was having troubles with this, hence taking Advil PM in the first place).
I did.
I think I might have gotten to sleep just after midnight (which is early for me these days) and baby got me up at 2am and 6am, but I was able to fall back asleep decently after each feeding.  The 4-year-old did NOT join me at 7am (probably because my son, who has the day off from school, kept her distracted) and miracle of miracle, baby decided to sleep all the way until 9:40am!!!!!!!!!!  I’d woke on my own at 9:30am.  JOYOUS.

Even then, I thought as I weighed myself that I’d understand if it was the same or higher because I was not in my calorie range the day before, but then it was like the scale hit me upside my head… it was lower.
Oh duh… I got sleep.
Sleep was the factor I’d TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT earlier in the week.
Dang it… when will I EVER learn?
Can this be the LAST time I have this epiphany?

So back on track today.  Time to re-lose these few pounds and get back into “new” territory.
I’m currently 9.2 lbs off from my birthday goal in 9 days, so I know that’s beyond a stretch to attain, so I’ll just be happy to be in new territory by then and then continue on.

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3 Responses to When Will I Ever Learn? (re: importance of sleep)

  1. Keep it up! A weight loss journey is so very hard, especially when you’re running on a sleep deficit.

    Maybe you should stick a post-it to your scale with the words “sleep is your friend”? HAHAHA!

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