Reporting In

I feel like so much time is getting away from me… haven’t been doing official weigh-ins or keeping up here with checking in at least once a week.  So before too much time goes by, I thought I’d just do bullet style of filling in the blanks.

– 1/18/17 At my son’s last yearly health check, we discovered he’ll need glasses.  Since I have the same issue (nearsighted), I took out and older pair of my glasses gavin-with-glasses-18jan2017and had them try them on.  He said he could definitely see better, but the shocking part was how normal/usual he looked in glasses!  Like he’d been wearing them his whole life!

– 1/19/17 My sister stopped by and dropped over probably over $50 worth of food… cage-free eggs, cheese, organic olive oil, luncheon meat, mayo, several canned goods (soups, chicken, evaporated milk), frozen meatballs and more…  why?  Because she’s starting her whole family on a no meat, no dairy, no oil, no gluten diet (she informed me later it’s called the ‘Dr. McDougall Starch Solution’).  She’s been freaking out over her money woes due to our insurance getting crappier, so this was a budget & health decision.  However, what a COLOSSAL WASTE of money to get rid of all that food!  Why not just finish what you have and then not replace it?  And after dropping off all that food, she said she was going to go stock up on veggies at Publix (around here, Publix is one of the most expensive grocery stores).  Why not go to Wal-Mart first, then whatever they don’t have or don’t have a good selection of, THEN go to Publix?   This is classic for my sister… good intentions, goes about it the wrong way (and personally, I think this diet sounds like a horrible plan for a house with 2 diabetics!  You need protein, protein, protein and you just cut out 2 big sources!!!).  I’ve debated just holding onto some of the longer shelf-life products to give them back about 3 weeks from now when she can’t take her new diet anymore or decides it’s not working well enough for her.  As of today, it hasn’t even been 10 days.  Four days in, she shared this meme:

– 1/20/2017 Perhaps a distraction from the wall I should have been painting (redoing kitchen/eat-in kitchen/family room), I painted an accent wall in my eat-in kitchen eat-in-kitchen-accent-wall-20jan2017(in my defense, it too needed repainting, it just wasn’t supposed to be this color).  It’s the same color I used for my catty-corner pantry door wall over a year ago (you can’t really see both at the same time).


– 1/22/17 – A day for the books.  First, my 4-year-old FINALLY decided to give up nighttime diapers and she’d had 100% success since then.  Yay!  No more diapers… well, except for the actual baby, but I’m just relieved to be down to just 1 kid in diapers.

The other thing was not so happy.  I had my first negative face-to-face experience with a neighborhood mom.  Her kids were making fun of mine, mine crossed the line and said/did some inappropriate things and it was a bunch of he said/he said, he said/she said and blame to go around.  She showed up at my door with her momma bear claws out (because I’d talked firmly to her child when he was up near my house and ended up crumbling and crying and then complained to his mommy afterwards) and my defensive claws came out as well because I don’t appreciate 3 kids ganging up on mine making fun of him.  Both parties crossed the line and I retracted my claws quickly when she busts my kid for saying the “F” word.  I didn’t know at the time that hers had said the “B” word, “F” word and oddly (because all kids in question were white), the “N” word towards my kid long before he told them to “fuck off”.
Learning this later, it was KILLING ME not to contact the mom and tell her.  I thought about it… A LOT.  I was losing sleep over it because I feel like my kid was labeled the bully of the situation and that her kids got off scot-free and I wasn’t cool with that.  So, I did write her a message (she’s a member of our neighborhood Facebook page and I knew her first name, so finding her fb page was easy and I PM’d her).  Beforehand I had gone through about 4 drafts, sent it to my long distance best friend (who is my buffer for stuff like this) and after changing it up about 4 more times, I finally sent it.   I was VERY lucky that the mom’s response was BEST CASE SCENARIO!  It could have escalated things (which I was avoiding keeping my tone informative, not bitchy or judgmental) but she responded like I would have… thoughtful and saying that she hopes we can all move past this and agreed this is a really good neighborhood and we hope everyone can get along.  Awesome.  I am very relieved.  We have no bad relations with ANYONE in our neighborhood and I didn’t want this family to be an awkward enemy in the future.  I just hope our kids can get over this and both sides make better decisions in the future.

– 1/23/17  The very first school sick day for my son.  He’s 11 and in 5th grade.  I think this achievement is amazing.  I feel like I totally jinxed myself with a fb status about a month and a half ago saying how my kids rarely get sick (or even our family as a whole) and now we’ve proceeded to have probably the sickest winter we’ve EVER encountered.  Late 2016/early 2017 has been brutal it seems like it has been for A LOT of families.  Crazy sickness everywhere!  I guess we are not immune (literally and figuratively).

– 1/25/17  Finally got the link to the proofs from the professional photo shoot we had at my in-laws on 12/29/16.  OMG I could kill my son! The silly faces!  The non-smiles!  gavin-the-many-faces-dec2016
What a waste of all of our time and my MIL’s money.  See, THIS IS WHY I’ve never bothered with a professional… I’ll stick to using a tripod and the 10 second delay so I can verify what each picture looks like AS WE TAKE THEM so I can correct any silliness from my son.  He’s the oldest – he’s the ONE KID I shouldn’t have to worry about getting to smile for a picture!  Ugh… so irritated.
However, no shame in my game! I looked decent in all of them (lower half hidden in all of them)… happy to have them framed for eternity. 🙂  gwen-29dec2016-prof-photo
– My 5-month-old finally seems to be letting up on the horrible sleep patterns she developed just before turning 4 months.  Right now, she’ll go to bed anywhere between 10:30pm-midnight, wake for feeding around 2-3am, and then either sleep until 8am and get up for the day, or wake between 5:30-6:30am, eat and go back to sleep until 10am or later.   So somewhere in there (and dealing with my 4-year-old waking up anywhere from 7:30-8:30am), I’m getting slightly better sleep than I had been.

– Speaking of that 4-year-old… oh the naughtiness.  One morning (while I was still sleeping and didn’t know she’d woken up), she was able to unlock and get by the child protection device on the back door and let herself outside.  I woke up to find the back door wide open and not know where my child was (panic! 10 more grey hairs!)  Luckily, we live in a safe neighborhood and found her on the neighbor’s patio playing with her toys. Later I discovered an unfamiliar wagon in our yard and knew she’s taken it from a neighbor, so I sent her to return it and low and behold, she traveled up at least 6 backyards (most of us don’t have a fence) to return it… so she’d gone ALL THE WAY up there herself earlier while I was still asleep… oy.
Another morning, she found a permanent black marker and decided to mark up the walls, doors, cabinets, and countertops in my kitchen/eat-in kitchen/family room and the baby’s diaper trash can.  Thank goodness for Magic Eraser!   kolby-naughty-20jan2017Here she is attempting to clean the trash can… (rather humorous I caught that look on her face… oh, and she’s gotten a haircut to match how short she’d cut it herself over the holiday vacation)

Yet another morning, she unlocked her brother’s bedroom door (also had one of those plastic child protection devices… apparently useless now!), went into his closet, got his desk chair and stood on it to open the top drawer of one of his dressers to get to his markers.  She drew all over her face as well as the dressers in her room.
My 4-year-old is a handful, what can I say?  She keeps me on my toes, and the companies who make cleaning products in business.

– Giving up our first home Deed in Lieu is still up in the air.  My contact at the first mortgage was on vacation, so I waited to email him in the new year (and when I did, it’d been 3 weeks since our last communication) and I was just asking how it was going and if more things have been finalized and I haven’t heard a word back or received any official paperwork.  This process was only supposed to take about 2 months… we’ve been dealing with it since last July!  Ridiculous!!!

– Two of my credit scores went down (probably because of my increased use/higher debt amount over the holidays) however one of my credit cards increased my limit, so that helps the overall percentage. Waiting on our tax return and hubby to start getting OT and/or on-call money so I can start paying down the extra and heading back in the right direction.  We also need to get a fence (one way to keep my 4-year-old safer) and that’ll be a big financial hit.

And me…

Bad news:
– After my ‘wtf?’ post, I did manage to take back some control, but it didn’t stick… well, at least not all factors.  I’ll have days of great productivity and better eating, but not get in enough water.  Or get in plenty of water, but not-so-great food choices and skip exercise.  Or I’ll start off badly, then rebound with lots of water and go for a walk. Or I’ll start off awesome, then after dinner, get the overwhelming desire to make cookies and eat a bunch of them while they are still warm, or somewhere around 3pm I lose my mind and have a bowl of cereal and then have Popeye’s Chicken for dinner.   Clearly, I’m going about this with the wrong mindset… making changes because I ‘have to’, not because I’m actually ‘feeling it’ and making true changes.  I can feel the difference between those two feelings, but don’t know how to get to the right frame of mind without ‘faking’ it first.  If I have that diet mentality, that’s why I crumble half way through the day.  Always a work in progress.
Weighing myself daily was disillusioning (I’d be up, go down, go down, go back up again, and again, down again, up again, ugh).  So I’ve stopped… haven’t weighed in for at least 3 days now.
All I know is I’m way behind (or weigh behind… puntastic) in my goals, the year is zooming by (seriously, we’re at the END of January already???) and my milestone birthday is right around the corner and I didn’t plan on being even near the weight I am now.  Something has to change.
Good news:
– I have been making my 16 hour minimum for intermittent fasting (now I’ve got my mom trying it too!)
– I have seemed to outgrow my dairy intolerance!  I’ve now gone back to heavy cream in my coffee instead of rice milk (real cream has 0 carbs, 0 sugars… can’t say that for rice milk which was 23/10 for 1 cup).  So far I haven’t noticed any terrible side effects that I used to get a few years back.  Woo hoo!  It costs me less calories too because I used to use a whole cup (if not more) of rice milk (120 calories+), but with cream I am more than happy with 2 tbsps (100 calories).  It’s a win-win-win for me to get this back!

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