Health Check

My son just had his yearly check-up yesterday.  It had only actually been about 6 months since his last one since I learned I no longer had to wait a year and a day to schedule it (we were so far behind because of that stupid former insurance rule), so I scheduled it as soon as they had an appointment this year.

Well he had gone up 15 lbs and only .75 inches in height.  Yikes.  15 pounds would be bad even for an entire YEAR, especially since we were aiming to have him maintain since his BMI is already too high and he’s in the 98th percentile for weight.  But 15 lbs in 6 months? Extra yikes.
I explained to the doctor that we just got back from being on a car trip that was in total 43 hours long, so it might be some extra bloat from the travel food.  Hell, I haven’t even recovered from that either… still up 5 pounds.
He actually agreed that might have something to do with it (whew).

So I’ve made a couple changes since then for my son (and the rest of us by extension).
Water – more friendly reminding to drink up since he just doesn’t drink enough.  It’s not like he’s having soda or juice (other than the 2 juice boxes in his lunch) instead… just nothing.
Xbox gaming time – besides getting little exercise while playing, he’s now damaged his vision (20/50) because he does this thing when he’s playing – he stands SUPER close to the TV.  And he complains he sees “spots” (i.e. pixels) afterwards.  Too many hours and too close to the screen and now his distance vision has been compromised.  The same thing happened to me in my early twenties at my job where I had to sit very close to a huge IBM computer screen that had a black background, orange text and no other choices and it couldn’t be moved back any further.  When I first started working there I could read the clock on the wall about 20 feet away.  Two years later, after working there 40 hours per week, I could no longer read that clock.  Thanks Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island claims department!
Now I need to find an eye doctor here (I hadn’t bothered yet as I’m the only one with glasses, but I’d recently gotten new glasses and only get new ones about every 7 years since it’s damned expensive).

So now he’s limited to 3 nights a week during the school week to play Xbox (or any screen).  Trust me I’d rather have it be 3 nights off and only 2 on, but I didn’t want to completely freak him out.  Baby steps.  A benefit to this is that he’ll hang out with us more when he can’t play.  We just started playing “Pig Out” and Cardinal Mexican Train dominoes again… and talking… I love when we have our talks just him and me.  Today he wanted me to define a “wet dream” (he’d just scene the video about male puberty at school today… oy the joys of parenting).

School lunch – we’ve always packed his and he’s had the same damn thing since Kindergarten and he’s in the 5th grade now (peanut butter sandwich on thin wheat bread, 3 fig newtons, gummy vitamins, two 100% juice boxes, .5 cup cheese crackers and carrots sticks).  He was able to maintain his weight for almost 2 years a couple years ago and in those days I gave him carrot sticks every day.  Well, baby number two came and took all my energy and Daddy ended up making the lunches and carrot sticks were replaced with apple sauce.  I know it’s not just the apple sauce, but he’s been gaining more since then and yet he plays more outside with friends than he ever used to.
So we’re ditching the apple sauce (which was the kind with added sugar anyway) and going back to carrot sticks… or I should say carrot stick.  He requested just a big ol’ carrot to eat.  Ok with me… less work.
Desserts – they are over and after we’re done with what we have, no more bagels in the house either (why the hell did I start that trend? Oh yeah, I was pregnant)… or Pop Tarts (I’d already stopped buying those, but Hubby bought some during our vacation).
I also offered that in lieu of the cashew bars that he likes to snack on at home, grab a carrot stick, banana or apple instead.

All of these healthier changes has me a bit more re-inspired to keep on keeping on for my own struggle.  I’ve been having a hard time getting going since coming back from vacation.  Mainly, I’m just exhausted and my almost 5-month-old still isn’t sleeping as well as she used to and I’m up 1-3 times a night and the longest stretch of sleep she gives me is usually 4 hours, 6 if I’m lucky.

But finally I took my first walk of the year yesterday and again tonight.  We’re about to get rain tomorrow and then possibly SNOW on Saturday!
I’m SO excited about this.  I would LOVE to get a photo of our new home with snow on it as this has never happened yet.  Plus, it’d be awesome to sled in this neighborhood.  Countless good places for it.  We haven’t had sled-able snow in 3 years.  We’re due.
Plus sledding and trudging around in the snow is one of my favorite exercises in the winter – the equivalent of swimming in the summer.

I’m mainly having issues with drinking enough water and getting my food choices back under control.  I have a freezer full of yummy (and mostly evil) leftovers, compliments of my MIL.  I spent the last couple days eating pork (cooked in some mystery liquid and it’s fantastic) and homemade BBQ pulled beef (omg fantastic).  Not to mention the famous Christmas cookies.  Why am I the ONLY one eating these cookies?  Seriously, no one else is.  Ugh.
And there are bagels in the house… they are like chips to me… if they are there, I eat them.

I need to get a grip on the food!

At least I’ve been good about getting to the 16-hour fasting mark every day, so there’s that at least.

I’m telling ya, I’m no good without decent sleep.  Good food choices are the first thing to leave my brain when it doesn’t function at 100% (or hell, 75%)… (of only that 10% most people only use anyway).
Here’s to better sleep, more water, better food choices, walking and snow.


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