My Vacation Recap

It would just take too long (and be too long) to form everything into actual paragraphs, so instead, I give you bullets from the last week plus of my life while traveling.
– Drove 12 hours to NJ
– Drove 9 hours to Maine with a stop in NH to see friends
– Drove 10 hours back to NJ (took longer due to 2 baby blowouts and my 4 year old throwing up an entire bag of chips thanks to her car sickness)
– And finally another 12 hours back home on New Year’s Eve (I was so tired, for the first time in my adult life I neither stayed up until midnight, nor bothered recording the ball drop to watch it later)

– I left my 16 Hour Diet book with my mom… she was fascinated by the concept (more than happy to share!)
– Read Lauren Graham’s ‘Talking As Fast As I Can’… was entertaining, fun to learn some behind the scenes stuff (from filming the Gilmore Girls reboot), but a letdown at the same time… needed MORE filming tidbits!  Now to read ‘Someday, Someday, Maybe’ (this may take a while for me to achieve – I’m not a big reader and it’s fiction)

– Managed more days of reaching 16 hours of fasting than I thought I would (yay!)
– Not 5 minutes after the big family photo shoot


Don’t trust scissors in my daughter’s capable hands!

I was working so hard to lose weight for, my 4-year-old daughter found a pair of scissors and chopped some of her hair in the back

– Got my hubby’s family sick with the cold we had (whoops)
– My baby had her first Christmas I think I totally blanked and never took a picture

– Foods consumed (the non-travel ones):
A Puerto Rican feast compliments of my Aunt-in-law including pork, rice and chicken and a few other things I have no idea what the names were
Meat Cannelloni and Manicotti (fabulous… homemade by my MIL including the red sauce)
Beef Wellington (yum!)
Chicken thighs with skin, toasted everything bread (didn’t know this existed!) & crudités
Frikadellen, German Potato Salad, beans with bacon
Beef Rouladen (mustard, finely chopped onions and relish spread on thin beef, rolled (held together with a toothpick) and boiled, served with gravy and potato dumplings
All meals above were served with a salad (except the chicken thighs).
Peach Melba for dessert (well, my MIL’s version… chocolate sauce instead of raspberry)

– The realization that now that my body is getting used to a 16 hour break between eating and only having 8 hours in the day to consume my calories, for the days I eat early (only after 13 hours of fasting or less), I become an endless pit.  This happened yesterday… ate breakfast at only 8:30 am, then ate again at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm, 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm then tried to stop, but ate again at 9 pm and didn’t finish until 10:30 pm!  Not good.  Better to stick to the 16 hours!

– I was 275 lbs when I left for vacation.  This morning I was 280.2 lbs.  This was less than I expected given the salty drive-thru crap I ate during the day before (not to mention all the foods listed above on the non-travel days), the lack of water, plus some turkey jerky I ate after 9 pm… sodium, sodium, sodium… so 5.2 lbs doesn’t seem bad at all.  Can’t wait to see how fast I can take that back off.

– The neighbor to our left finally moved in, so we finally know all our neighbors and they offered to watch out for our home while were gone (and did… our blow up snowmen got unplugged during a crazy windy day so they wouldn’t blow away or get damaged).  I love our neighbors… all of them are awesome and my neighborhood is the best.

– Time has gone by so fast for the last half of the year, I’m in a bit of denial that Christmas and New Year’s have already passed… it doesn’t feel like it.  On the flip side, I’m glad it’s January… the month of no excuses or distractions (no holidays, birthdays or travel) to get my act together and get back to the business of making a dent in the 50 pounds I plan to lose this year.

OK… I feel like I’m forgetting a ton and maybe I’ll just add it in later, but right now it’s after 11 pm and my hubby is entertaining the baby (she’s been kind of fussy since our return… less independent play, more needing to be held) and he wants to get to bed soon.  So I guess this post is done.


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