Not So Scary After All

So I faced the scale as I said I would.  It wasn’t so bad after all!  Yesterday I weighed in weighing exactly what I was a week prior… even though my choices over that week were pretty horrific along with being sick, having my “monthly friend” and getting crappy sleep.  Then this morning I was down 1.6 lbs!  Scale - new, happyAfter a day of having leftover fried chicken & fries for breakfast, a bunch of homemade mint chocolate chip cookies, cocoa (not the homemade kind and I even added the mini marshmallows) and then finally a sensible dinner of chicken, noodles and broccoli followed by a couple of handfuls of mint M&Ms.  So how the heck did I manage that?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I need to be put in a test tube and studied!!!
Maybe the 16-hour fasting is what is carrying me through.  I’ve been doing it long enough now to start getting some of the many benefits.

Whatever it is, I am grateful.  I am 275.6 lbs today.  In 2014 I was 275.2 and tomorrow’s weight was 276.6, so it looks like I COULD kick my 2014 butt!!!  Even if I maintain today’s weigh-in, I will have beat the old me by 1 pound!  Woo-hoo!
I will still be off 4-5 lbs from my mini goal weight of 270 lbs for the family picture, but with no scale while traveling, I’ll never know (the picture isn’t being taken until the 29th).  I was going to go off of the last weight I got prior to leaving, but that’s tomorrow and there’s no way I’m dropping 5 lbs overnight!

I am proud I did achieve what I did… and did better than me 2 years ago.  Both of us had struggles and difficulties, though very different ones!  Two years ago me would call you a liar if you said that 2 years later I’d be planning and hosting a neighborhood party all while dealing with a 4 month old!  Cray cray!

Tomorrow will be the last morning I weigh myself until the New Year.  We aren’t leaving until Thursday, but that’ll be at the butt crack of dawn… earlier actually… and I probably would have only gotten 2-3 hours of sleep at best.  With the rush to get up and out, I probably wouldn’t even remember to weigh-in.

We don’t return from our LONG journey (12-hour car trip to the first destination, 5 hours to the next and then back again) until late New Year’s Eve.
New Year’s day weigh-in will probably be scary!

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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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