It’s Now or Next Year

I know me… if I don’t write now, I wouldn’t get to it until next year.  So here I am.  Last Tuesday marked 4 weeks into my Project.  The day before that weigh-in, I simultaneously was getting sick (making my blood sugar higher than usual), got my period and got what ended up being several nights of shitty sleep due to my 4-month-old going through a sleep regression.  So not surprisingly, my weigh-in was not great.
In the midst of all that, I was in final prep mode for my neighborhood ornament exchange party which was a big deal for me as I’m a homebody introvert who has never hosted a damn thing in her life and had 2 weeks to prepare… mentally, emotionally and actual prep & cleaning.
After the weigh-in flop, all focus went to the party.  I found myself not watching the clock as much for making sure I hit 16 hours for fasting.  Also, with being sick I was taking various cold medicines, some late at night, some early morning that I’m sure technically broke my fast anyway.
I was LOADING up on them trying to be as healthy as possible for my party.  NO WAY was I going to cancel!!!  True, if it were going to be at someone else’s home, I would have cancelled, apologizing that I got sick and didn’t want to come and infect anyone.  But since it was at my house, I felt like I couldn’t do that.  Plus, I honestly didn’t want to cancel… I wanted to see it through.
I ended up being very nasal, but managed not to sneeze once and I think I only coughed 3 times in 3 hours, all into my elbow sleeve and only blew my nose once in the privacy of the bathroom.
I heard several others sniffling during the party, so I didn’t feel so bad!  It’s just that time of the year I guess.  The timing just sucked balls because I only get a bad cold maybe once every 3 years and NOW I get sick???  Damn timing.  It’s my son’s fault.  He’s the one who came home from school with this cold and even at 11 years old, isn’t exactly a champion hand washer.  Thanks to baby, my immune system was weakened by poor sleep, so I got sick.
Just today I can finally breathe through my nose again… just in time for us to get into the car for 12 hours to make our way to the in-laws and then an additional 5-hour trip to visit my mom.
We only have a few days before taking off and I’ll spend it making lists, doing laundry and packing along with getting as healthy as possible.

I don’t know where my weight will be… probably not good.  I haven’t weighed myself in 4 days.  That was before the party, the cookies, the eggnog, the punch, the Popeye’s fried chicken, the Whopper & fries, the lack of drinking water and skipping walks most every night (because I was busy doing other things, too tired and/or it was raining – damn this December has been CRAZY rainy!  It’s raining as I type this!).
I’m scared of the scale at this point, but I will face it tomorrow morning… I have to.  I have to know where the hell I’m at.  Certainly, 2014 me kicked my butt… no doubt.  And that means I blew my goal to lose 15 lbs before the professional photograph with my in-laws as well.  Even if I worked miracles for the next 3 days before we leave, just one day of travel food and not drinking as much water (because I don’t want to be requesting pee stops every 5 minutes) and then being at the mercy of whatever my mother-in-law wants to feed us, will most likely undo any good I’ve done.  I wouldn’t know anyway because I won’t have a scale with me.

On the positive note, my party was a success.  I was a little bothered by several no-shows making a party of 18 suddenly only 11.  Sad attendance.  That was less than half of last year’s party attendees.  Not sure if I should take that personally (all the previous 5 years were given by the same beloved host and she just moved away).  But it was nice and intimate… usually just one conversation going on at one time, fitting nicely around two tables, plenty of chairs and the whole group fit into a nice circle in the family room for the ornament exchange.
I really made out.  I got several hostess gifts including a Santa hat with my name embroidered into it.  So awesome.  gwens-host-swag-17dec2016I had my original ornament stolen (all part of the ornament exchange game) and for the first time ever, I stole someone’s ornament (something I thought I’d never do) and ended up keeping that one (a cute snowman and his hat & scarf look like they were made out of small stones).

Everyone was full of compliments about my home, the decorations, the kitchen and especially my large kitchen island.  It was all awesome to hear.  My efforts leading up to that day felt very worth it.  I did find out I was over-prepared when it came to drinks.
I offered quite an arrangement… on one counter I had Diet Coke (we don’t drink it, but I always see that being popular at parties, so I got some), Sprite (for the un-cola crowd), orange juice (it was brunch, after all), Eggnog (‘tis the season) and sweet tea (because we’re in the South ya’ll!).  On another counter, my homemade party punch in my new huge punch bowl.
Guess what everyone drank?  The punch.  I honestly thought the opposite would happen!
So when I noticed everyone not drinking the bottled drinks, I opened the eggnog and poured myself a couple sips, then the orange juice as well.  I didn’t want people to be afraid to be the first to “open” one.
Well that didn’t work.  Still nada.  But there was barely any leftover punch.
I offered coffee & tea as well.  Three cups of coffee were had, no tea.
Next time I guess I’ll probably just offer OJ, coffee and my punch… keep it simple and cheaper!

Once I got sick and felt like crap with no energy and my party was over, so was all my motivation to log my food, watch my calories or make my own food (hence a Whopper and fried chicken being listed earlier).  I wasn’t drinking enough water either.  I’ve eaten way too many cookies (leftover from the party) and chocolate and juice/punch/eggnog/tea.
We also celebrated our Christmas early since today was the last non-weekday left before we go on vacation and it would otherwise literally be next year if we waited until after we came back, so I was in total holiday ‘I don’t care about calories today, go ahead and indulge’ mode.  My blood sugars are probably atrocious!

Yikes… just terrible behavior for my body!  I know I need to get back in control, but not going to lie… having all those non-water choices for drinks and leftover cookies are just too much to ignore!  And nothing will last for the time we’re gone on our trip if we don’t finish it beforehand.  At least I have hubby taking two big tins of cookies to work.  Those will disappear.  But that still leaves 4 small tins of what I call “fail cookies”… the ones that ended up misshaped, broken or cooked a little too long… not fit to be gifts or for parties or sharing with co-workers, but still good enough for us.
This is when I long for the New Year.  I just love it because there are no major holidays or celebrations for over a month, leaving no excuses to have junk in the house and no travel plans to mess me up.
I’m going to need it to be the trick that works because now I’m officially behind on my Project and need to play catch up.
I won’t know until January third’s weigh-in (7 weeks into my Project!!!) exactly how much that’ll be.

I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to write and post while traveling as we have plans almost every single day and I also won’t have a scale with me for weigh-ins, so just in case… Happy New Year.


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