Week 3 Check-In

It’s been three weeks since the start of The 365/50 Project.  To be honest, I haven’t done as well as I would have liked.  I’m not going to sugar-coat it because if I did, I’d eat it!!! The draw of the holiday season is strong… hot chocolate, candy canes, cookies, chocolates.  I’m not usually a big sweet tooth, but it seems like I’ve become one, or at least become one this time of year.  One of my favorites is peppermint bark.  I’ve only had 2 small pieces of that so far.  I’ve been heavy on the hot cocoa lately.  Mostly it’s homemade, which is certainly better than the packaged kind, but still costing me on some calories (with all the rice milk I add to it) and sugar I don’t need.  I’ve wanted to make cookies at least 3 times… but managed to talk or distract my way out of making them.

Every night while I’m taking my walk I say things like “tomorrow is the day”, as in the day I stay at the lower end of my calorie range and not give in to sweets.  And then tomorrow comes and I’m having a couple chocolates or a candy cane (sometimes melted in my coffee or tea… I LOVE peppermint) or a big cup of Ovaltine.  Tonight I made hot cocoas for the whole family as we watched ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.

My hubby had bought Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate packets.  I couldn’t not try those!!!  I even told him NOT to buy them over the phone while he was at the grocery store saying how I was OK making my own.  Later he said it was “for him”, but dude, I saw it while unpacking the bags and it’s in the house!

Turns out it was dark chocolate and not sweet enough for me, so I didn’t even like it!  Yay.
So some added calories and sugar thanks to various sweets has progress slowing down.

In order to be on track for the Project, I need to be 275.2 lbs today.  I was 275.6 lbs (down 2.4 lbs since Project start).  Not too shabby, but I can’t keep dragging my feet and needing days or weeks to recover from unhealthy eating or too many days of just not eating within my calorie range, or I will get too far behind.

So I’m very close to being on track for the project, but for my other couple mini goals, not so much.
For one, 2014 me is kicking my ass right now (weighing in at 273.2 lbs today back then), but for the last weigh-in I’ll have prior to going on vacation I just need to beat 274.4 lbs, just 1.2 lbs from now and I have 2 weeks and 2 days to achieve that.
However, for my mini challenge for the family photo, I wanted to be 270 lbs by that time.  I would really need to buckle down and have more successful days in a given week to achieve that.

I know my biggest issue right now is staying in my calorie range.  If I stuck to 2100 or less, I’d be making better progress, but over this past week I had a couple days over 3000 calories and a few 2500-2800… definitely not enough deficit going on there, even with my walks.

I walked every night this past week except one… it was raining pretty hard.  It rained 4 out of 7 nights! I said ‘screw you Mother Nature’ and walked twice with an umbrella alone and a third time with a hat on with the baby covered in her stroller when it was just a light drizzle… just because I wanted to walk and missing just ONE day felt like a lot more!  I used to love to walk in the rain and it didn’t bother me… no hat, no umbrella… my hair would actually look and feel great after getting unfiltered rain on it. But ever since I got glasses, no more. I HATE when my glasses get water drops on them!  Big pet peeve.  So hat, umbrella or staying inside it is.

Other than snacking on too many candy canes, going hot cocoa crazy and getting in my walks no matter what, my days have been filled with party prep.  I still can’t believe I’m hosting the neighborhood ornament exchange.
I’m a bit disappointed at the RVSPs so far… 9 definitely, 9 maybe, 4 can’t attend (I sent out 137 invites).   That’s problematic when if all your “maybe”s decide to come, it literally DOUBLES your party attendees.   That makes it harder to plan for how many extra chairs I’ll need people to bring and the number of plates, napkins, cups, etc.
The one thing I don’t have to worry about is the food as each person brings one dish, so there will be plenty to eat.  I haven’t decided what I’ll prepare… other than my party punch (another sweet hit I took for a ‘test run’ for flavor).  I’m going with a mix of cranberry juice, Sprite, frozen lemonade concentrate and orange sherbet with floating orange slices and sliced maraschino cherries that I’ve frozen together (in a flower pattern) in juice so as they melt, it won’t dilute the punch.  It should be tasty and pretty.
I even bought a punch bowl and ladle.  Heck, if this does become an annual thing, I should be prepared (not too much of an investment… both plastic).
One good thing about taking this on as a new annual tradition?  It means my downstairs will get *deep* cleaned at least once a year! LOL

Today I spent time scrubbing some of the wood baseboards in the family room because I needed to swap where the tree was with the baby changing table (which I will hide come the party) and man, did that open up my family room!  It’s looking nice around here… very festive.
I might go overkill on the decorating, but that’s how I grew up and that’s what I associate with coziness, warmness and the specialness of the holiday season.  And seeing some of these other ladies’ homes I’ve attended on Bunco nights, they are downright boring!  And I’m talking about an off-season comparison… my home on a regular basis with no holiday to decorate for is way more decorated than any other home I’ve seen… 5 other homes so far.
One of the ladies moved in a few months prior to us and her house still looks like she just got there… no color paint on the walls, only 1 piece of sculpture on one wall, no other art, no frames or photographs or any pops of color… not even pillows on the couch.  I guess you’d call that minimalist, but it didn’t look intentional, it just looked like she hadn’t gotten to decorating!
That is definitely not me.
This will mark the first time my home has been “judged” by strangers… I’m very curious the comments I might get.  I’m very proud of my home, but at the same time, I’m sure some will think it’s too busy… ah well.

I am proud of my home even on its own.  It is a lesser chosen floor plan and no one attending has one like it (I know because the two other homes who do haven’t RSVP’d) and people from the older part of the neighborhood had a different builder, so they’ve probably never been in a home like ours.  I just love all the arches and the high ceilings.

Ours has been the most spacious home in the downstairs area compared to those we’ve been in, even when the other homes might technically be larger.
I will certainly have an easier time accommodating 20+ woman compared to the former host with her smaller family room and closed off kitchen.  Now, if only 20+ woman would actually come!
It would still be fun and even more intimate with just 9 of us, but just not the same.  The actual ornament exchanging would be far quicker and not as amusing as it can get with people “stealing” ornaments.  It was a hoot last year and why I didn’t want the tradition to die with the woman who used to do it moving away.

Now on to a completely different subject… hair loss (well, not terribly different as I want to look nice for my party and my hair would be a big part of that).  That glorious time when my body was full of pregnancy hormones which by the middle of my second trimester kept my hair fuller and practically stopped all hair loss is O.V.E.R.  It lasted 3 months postpartum with my second child and only 2 months this time around (probably because I wasn’t breastfeeding as much).

I was having serious hair issues after my second child.  It probably didn’t help that I also turned 36.  My hair started to thin out in the front middle… a VERY noticeable area.  I even keep “bangs” (I use that term loosely as I do not style them, they are curly and really just shorter pieces of hair… they don’t hang down like bangs) so the hair isn’t long and being weighted down which would add to the issue.

Pictures outside in the sun became an absolute no-no.  If it had to happen (like when we were building our home and we wanted a picture of us in front of it), I would use my husband’s head to create a shadow for me to hide my head in.  Otherwise, hello embarrassing!
As my hair thickened and the thinning area filled in during this past pregnancy, I enjoyed every moment of it.  I can’t tell you how awesome it was to only lose 1 hair in the shower instead of a huge clump big enough to make a small wig! (not an exaggeration)
So the instant, I mean INSTANT I noticed more hair was coming out (meaning those lovely hormones were exiting my body for good this time), I started taking Biotin every day to fight against it.
I take 10,000 mcg a day which is the maximum recommended.  And still, a month into being hormone-free and taking the Biotin daily, I noticed the thinning spot has returned in the last few days.  It seemed particularly noticeable today.
I’m so desperate, I just ordered Rogaine for woman off Amazon!!!  And I really hope it comes in a brown box so the mailman doesn’t know I’m balding!  And tonight, prior to my shower, I experimented with ways to hide the growing thin spot as I’ve got that all-important family picture coming up at the end of the month.  If you could see my thinning/balding spot in that picture, I’d be so horrified (it will be framed and hanging up in my mother-in-law’s home for the foreseeable future).  It’s aging me more than how I feel and I HATE that!
So short of having that spray I know exists to “fill in” thin spots that you see in infomercials (can’t remember what it’s called), I tried mascara, an eye liner pencil and brown eye shadow (my hair is dark brown) to darken my scalp to hide it among what hair I have left.  Guess what worked best?  Brown eye shadow.  This will be my temporary way to “hide” (or at least make less obvious) my thinning spot.  I’m worried it’ll clog pores and perhaps make the problem worse, so this will not be something I do often.
The Rogaine treatment is daily and should be here in 2 days (thanks Prime shipping!), but results can take 12 weeks… so eye shadow covering it is until the results kick in!  I can’t believe I’ve had to resort to Rogaine!  My goodness times have changed!

Cleaning, eating/drinking sweets, walking, wrapping presents, making lists, party prepping, stressing about hair loss and dealing with an almost 4-month-old experiencing the “4 month sleep regression” which included the worst night I’ve had with her since the first 2 weeks… yep, that about sums up my week.  At least I now feel over my Gilmore Girls obsession.

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