Project, Party & Bugs… Oh My!

I haven’t quite recovered from my Thanksgiving weight gain (and other high sodium foods that came after).  I’m exactly where I started 2 weeks ago, but I’m not concerned. As long as I keep on keeping on, it’ll come back off and I’ll move forward.
I started today off with a good attitude.  Sure, I don’t like seeing that I’m the same as my project start weight, but compared to the day before, I was down 2.4 lbs.  Perspective is everything.

Food choices good, I’ve been drinking my water, logged my food on Sparkpeople… but dinner came and my mood plummeted.  It was like all my energy just drained like my batteries ran low.
Ever since then, it feels hard to smile, my legs feel like they weigh 1000 lbs, my feet hurt and also feel like they have weights on them and all I can think about is baking some mint chocolate chip cookies and eating them all.
What the heck?  Where’d that come from?
I dunno, but my alternative was taking a couple handfuls of the Andes Candies bits I had on hand.  At first it worked (this was back at 6:45pm), but since we put the big kids to bed at 8pm, I’ve seriously considered making those cookies… a few times.
That will only lead to me being way over my calorie range, raising my blood sugars too high and will definitely effect tomorrow’s weigh-in.
Unable to take my nightly walk because it’s raining out (not helping my mood), I entertain my 3 month old, try to relax on the couch, watch a show (Little People, Big World) and then I think ‘I should blog’ since this is the 2 week check in and maybe sharing my feelings will help me get through without turning to food.

Prior to tonight, my mood has been good.  So good, I think I went a little insane and offered to host the annual ornament exchange for my neighborhood!  The woman who normally does it is moving.  I didn’t want the tradition to die and others didn’t either, so I offered my home.  My home that is always in a state of mess thanks to my 3 kids.

This could be 20 plus woman (or more as more have moved into the neighborhood since last year) – I don’t have enough chairs (people will have to bring some) and I’ll need to move out the changing table, baby swing, diaper trash bin, my eldest daughter’s doll house and other toys in order to have more space for seating in the family room as we all have to be in a large circle during the ornament exchange… it’ll be a feat to be ready for this party!
What was I thinking?  Plus, I’m a total introvert and have never hosted a damn thing in my life!
And then there’s the nitty gritty cleaning… dusting and wiping of all surfaces.  These women will be in every part of the downstairs of my home for about 3 hours.  Things like how the DVDs are arranged in the entertainment center (and the fact that the glass doors are covered in little fingerprints) or the dust and cat hair “tumbleweeds” behind the cat perch get ignored on a daily basis and even visitors who just walk through to the family room would never notice.  But some of these women will be in that room, sitting on that couch, looking at the entertainment center, eating their brunch with lots of time to notice every bit of my stuff.
Basically, my house (at least downstairs) will be the cleanest it’s ever been since we moved in!
I’ll have to do things like get on my hands and knees and wipe (scrub) down the wood trim.  I’ve already cleaned up and reorganized the pantry so I’ll be able to fit in the baby bottle carousel drying rack & quick dry mat to make as much counter top space as possible for all the dishes my guests will be bringing.
I’m also hiding some of the clutter on the fridge.  I’m one of those people with a ton of magnets on the fridge… and paperwork too (like my son’s homework calendar & business card appointment reminders).  I’ll leave up the seasonal magnets (snowmen and penguins with various attire to change out – hats, mittens, scarfs, etc.) for the kids to enjoy, but hide a few others.
The potatoes and onions currently on the counter will also be hidden in the pantry.
I already made invitations and hubby offered to make copies at work, otherwise we would have used up all of our own ink (I need at least 130 invites – at least they are 2 per page which I used the paper cutter on tonight to separate).  My son offered to go around the neighborhood to deliver the invites.  I’m waiting for a dry day for that.

I also have painting to finish (started painting the arches in the dining room/living room, but never finished).
I need to put up little clear Command Adhesive hooks over the arches to support the rope light we have up so it can be a finished look instead of dangling as it has been for months (we’re all about accent lighting… these aren’t holiday lights).
My desk in the dining room (which we use as an extension to the living room – there’s no dining table) will have to be cleaned up… paid bills brought upstairs for filing in the office.  All private financial stuff better hidden.
The area rug in the family room is embarrassingly dirty (it’s getting matted in the traffic areas) and there is no way it can stay that way.  Time to bring out the carpet shampooer.
The TV tables need a serious scrub down.
And this is really hard to admit because it grosses me out to no end, but we have roaches.  Not normal cockroaches.  Nope, German cockroaches.  Apparently these are an infesting roach that you can only get if someone/something brings them into your house.  They came inside of the stainless steel fridge we bought from a discount warehouse.  Now that severe discount is feeling not worth it!!!
We’ve had our pest control people put out some bait while they were here for our quarterly service, but told us there’d be an extra charge if they had to come out separately for it.
Whatever they did sure had these fuckers on the run.  They were really trying to escape the kitchen for the next week after.  I didn’t like that because it could mean they find new homes outside of the kitchen… at least they were *only* in the kitchen until then.
I’ve been spraying Raid behind the fridge, oven and under the dishwasher (the 3 main areas they love) and killing everyone I see.
These are certainly different than normal cockroaches.  For one, they are not “crunchy” when you try to kill them… they are smushy.  This is a good thing as it makes them easy to kill.  But these fuckers are not afraid.  They will come out at any time of day.  Oh, you preparing dinner? Let me snack on that!  Ugh.
Yes, they run when they see you coming, but they never stay hidden.  Regular cockroaches would never appear during daylight or when the lights were on (from our previous experience at our rental house).

So my biggest fear is that with all these yummy food dishes these ladies are bringing, someone will spot one of these ballsy roaches and think we’re dirty people.  I’d be horrified.  It’s not our fault they were living in the fridge we purchased!  Stupid roaches.  I’m so sick of them.
So we just bought some more Raid and I will pull out the fridge and oven every day if I have to and spray to get rid of these nasty bugs.

So, clearly I have LOTS to get done and take care of!!!  I have 16 days to get it all done.  Wish me luck.

It’s now hours later since when I started this blog (baby distractions)… I never did make cookies, nor did I eat anything else.  I made it through.


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