Filling in the Blanks

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to blog daily, then I found myself wanting to and being able to.  My Project restarts and BAM, daily blogging goes by the wayside.  What’s up with that?  Well I’ll tell you.
It actually took me a little bit to realize, but I think the difference was that I was finally done re-reading my own former blogs.  Apparently reading my previous journeys inspired me to write again… I got “the bug” again like I had then.
I finished just a few days prior to my Project restart, so the excitement over that starting line kept me blogging.  I even re-read ‘The 16 Hour Diet’ so I could refresh myself on the benefits.  Then it was day 1 and I got quiet.
I was just sticking to the program, logging my foods, drinking my water, taking my walks.  I didn’t really feel I had anything to report (except my feet bothering me).  Then I had some tough days, wanted to share them, but didn’t find the time or didn’t feel like writing, and then my first week on the new Project was over, so the need to check in finally inspired me.

Apparently my own writings inspired me to write.  Interesting.  I think there is something perhaps egotistical about that.  Reading someone else’s blog does not provide the same inspiration.  Hmm.

I’m actually bummed about this because I was really enjoying blogging daily again, but that drive to do so just went out the window.

I’ll look at it this way… it’s better that I lost the drive to blog rather than the drive to eat better, drink water and exercise!

So at this point, I have no idea how frequent my blogs will be.  Maybe I will check in just weekly.  Maybe I’ll get the bug again and start doing it daily.  No promises as I have no idea!

Here’s where I’ll make myself very clear.  My indifference to blogging definitely does not impact my goals to keep on with my Project (and all of those other mini goals I blogged about previously).  I got goals baby, and I intend to meet them!

Enough about that.

In the 5 days since I last blogged, I’ve been in Gilmore Girl obsession – re-watching the entire series in build-up to the release of new episodes on Netflix this past Friday (that would be an entirely different post talking about my thoughts on those 4 episodes).

My eldest daughter turned 4 years old (Wednesday).  I did not partake in the cupcakes (not my thing).  I knew Thanksgiving was the next day, so I kept on point with my food/calories.
Thursday – we had Thanksgiving at my sister’s house.  I was successful with fasting for a longer amount of time that day (19 hours – 20 is the max) and only had egg whites prior to the turkey day feast.
What astonishes me is that when I went to log my calories, even with my window of eating opportunity being only 5 hours and only having 3 egg whites prior to “dinner”, my calories were CRAZY HIGH!!!

Appetizers of carrot sticks (4), black olives (3), hard cheese (2 pieces), melon (2 pieces) and pineapple (.5 cup chunks) and dinner that consisted of turkey meat, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and some rolls.  Dessert was 75% of *half* slices of pumpkin pie (with whipped cream), eggnog cheese cake, apple pie (with vanilla ice cream) and chocolate cream pie (I couldn’t choose just one, so decided to sample all).

I really thought I could be safe within my calorie range seeming the eggs only cost me 51 calories, leaving me 2059 calories for my Thanksgiving meal.  Well damn, it was much more!  Realizing I had to guesstimate some calories because my sister made most everything from scratch, I still came up with 3157 total calories for my day!  Yikes.   That’s an extra 315 calories over my maintenance calories (my calorie range already includes a 1000 deficit, so maintenance amount is much higher).
If I didn’t manage a walk that day, it would have been more of an overage.  But I can definitely work with only a 315-calorie overage, especially when I aim for and frequently accomplish a 1000 calorie deficit each day.  Doing this really helps even out with the days I don’t achieve such a deficit.
I think the goal of a 7000-calorie deficit weekly (2 lbs) will help ensure I at least lose 1 lb per week, knowing not all days are going to be perfect.  To succeed on my 365/50 Project, I need to lose .96 lbs per week on average.  So if one week I lose 2, the next 1 and the next nothing or gain 1 lb, it’ll all average out.

Friday – we had our own family Thanksgiving (I didn’t realize my sister was going to give me most of her turkey leftovers!)  I like to make broth afterwards and homemade turkey soup, so I’d bought my own turkey to roast.  This time dinner was a bit less… just turkey meat, mashed potatoes, stuffing & gravy with apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  No appetizers, no rolls, less dessert.  This was 1493 calories… much improved from 3106!!!
My total calories for Friday were a little out of my desired range, but still under my maintenance amount (2733).
For Saturday I finally stayed within my deficit calorie range.  By this morning, the scale had gone up from Wednesday’s weigh-in by 3.4 lbs.  Since I did not go above my range by 11,900 calories, it’s safe to say that is mostly water weight from all the unusual sodium levels.

Today I’m a little over my desired calorie range (2422), but my sodium is WAY higher than usual – blame beef jerky!  And honestly I feel short on water today too, so that’s not going to bode well for the scale tomorrow.  Good thing official weigh-ins are Tuesdays now!

Every single night I’ve gotten in a walk except tonight (on my feet all day with Christmas decorating and a trip to Lowe’s for some new outdoor decorations – a blow up snowman, light up presents, 3 long strands of lights for the 3 trees in the backyard, an over-sized bulb “fence” and large ornaments to hang from our crape myrtles in the backyard… plus needed extension cords and more timers).
So my feet were sore already and well, my whole dang body is sore almost all the time (doesn’t help that yesterday I accidentally got my foot caught in my daughter’s new Barbie limo bus – that she uses for her My Little Pony figurines – and took a big tumble, landing on my left knee and really agitating the plantar fasciitis in my right foot which was trying to take the weight since my left foot was the one caught in the plastic bus I was trying not to crush).

On Thanksgiving I earned my 21 day streak trophy sparkpeople-trophy-21-day-streak-24nov2016-simplefrom Sparkpeople for logging in and today I hit a 3 week streak of getting in at least 120 fitness minutes each week!  I’m proud of my silly trophies.

In general I feel good about what I’m doing and how I’m going it… that’s really refreshing.

Now it’s time to get through the holidays… it’s a harder time of year, for sure… but not impossible to get through with a weight loss.  I’ve done it before.  2014 me did it.  In fact, checking in with my former me, I’m 3 days out from Thanksgiving and the EXACT weight I was 2 years ago 3 days after Thanksgiving.  I’m finding this amusing.  And inspiring.  After all, I’m supposed to be kicking my own butt, right?  Better get to it!


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