Week One Recap

Three days in to The 365/50 Project, fabulous.  The rest of the week? Not so much.  Things seemed to go downhill since Thursday when my foot hurt so much I had to skip my nightly walk for the first time in 12 days.  But I promise you, there is good news at the end of this recap.
So my non-plantar fasciitis afflicted foot (at least at the moment, it’s been bad years past) decided to get this weird pain (bruise-like) on the top of my foot and the bone underneath felt out of place like it needed to snap.  I felt the pain come on during my Wednesday walk, but it was bearable.  Thursday? Oh heck no.  I could barely walk across the room.
Friday morning it was better again.  Not completely, but way less pain.  But I stepped on the scale to see a small gain that morning.  I tried not to let it bother me and I explained it away seeming we’d had Lean Pockets for dinner the night before and that’s more sodium than my body is used to, so a small water weight gain made complete sense.
Well, explain that to my weight loss project brain.  It didn’t listen.  Bad thoughts crept in.  I proceeded to have a moody day and my choices (other than sticking to fasting hours) started ok, but became terrible.
How terrible?  We’re talking Popeye’s Chicken, Ben & Jerry’s and eggnog… OVER 4,000 calories!!!!!!!!!!  Oy.  I can’t recall the last time I went over that many calories.  This is what happens when I don’t balance my day for Ben & Jerry’s because that alone is 1200 calories and the Popeye’s Chicken was NOT planned at all… bad spontaneous decision.
At least I could take a walk that evening… much needed.
So Saturday I tried to get back on track, still stunned by the sheer number of calories I ate the previous day.  Sunday horrifying involved Taco Bell.  Are you kidding me?  We get Taco Bell maybe ONCE a year and this was the weekend I choose to indulge while trying to get back in control?  Yeah, I did that.

But you know what happened?  After just ONE day of high calories, my body was already craving it!  I felt hungrier than I have in a while and my usual foods weren’t cutting it.  It was all I could do to keep my calories under 2300.  The next day 2500, and yesterday 2300.  But as the days progress, it’s getting a little easier to work down my calories and still feel satisfied.
I just can’t believe it takes ONCE…. ONE day of high calories to essentially reset my body’s calorie wants, but DAYS and DAYS to shrink down its wants.  Not fair.  I know, I know, life isn’t fair.  Well, neither is my own body.
So with takeout leftovers gone, eggnog drank (by the way my hubby bought that – I was going to wait until it was at least December!), chocolate consumed (or divvied out to the advent calendar), I don’t think there is anything terrible to eat left in the house.
I hope that I can have better control today and get back to my success of last week.

Since the foot pain, I’ve managed walking every other day.  This has been beneficial for my pain including less overall soreness that I was feeling when I walked every single day.  I really WANT to walk every day, but the pain doesn’t feel worth it.

My calorie range was set up to be banking a deficit of 7000 calories each week (to lose 2 pounds), but obviously that deficit was seriously cut into as that high calorie day had an overage of over 2200 calories!  That, plus several days of higher than usual sodium, I was just hoping to get back down to my starting project weight for today.

But miracle of miracles, I had a loss!!!  277.6 lbs this morning.  That’s a loss of .4Scale - new, happy lbs.
And the first time I’ve seen under 278 in 10 weeks!  It was really a total surprise, but surely a pleasant one.  This also means I’ll probably be in a good mood because it went down (I really need to break that mood connection to the scale).  This connection is highly unfortunate for the days I don’t like what I see.  Note to self: quit doing this.

This week has built-in hurdles with two Thanksgivings and a birthday, so I really should be on my game for the rest of the week to make up for it.  I was thinking about going up to an 18 – 20 hour fast on Thanksgiving Day, then I’d more easily stay in my calorie range.  We’ll see.

Project week number 1 and a nice little reminder that I am not immune to very bad days and that falling back into ‘diet mentality’ or having the scale effect my day isn’t as in the past as I thought.  It was a kick in the pants to remind me that any sort of boasting in a post always comes around to bite me in the ass.  I guess I had it coming after saying how much I loved my walks and was finding it easy to stay in my calorie range.  Humph.  I just wanted to share my happiness… how can I do that without swiftly having the opposite be true?  I’ll let you know when I figure it out.


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