All About the Numbers

It’s official, I’ve been logging my food & exercise in Sparkpeople for 2 weeks straight!  In that time frame, I’ve gone down 7 lbs.  I was also 30 minutes away from earning the 500-fitness minute trophy!  I took care of that with my walk tonight.  I’ve been LOVING my nightly walks… I actually crave them.  Tired?  Feet hurt?  Leg aches?  Too bad – I WANT to walk!  In fact I got a double dose tonight – I went out on my own for 45 minutes only to return to my husband complaining that when the baby woke up, the ONLY thing that would make her happy was to be pushed in her stroller!  So, you guessed it, I went right back out again… and additional 17 minutes.  I haven’t walked 62 minutes in I don’t know how long!

And just to include this information (for future me re-reading this, as I’m sure I will) I wanted to document my current calorie range. Right now, it’s 1760-2110 calories which is what Sparkpeople assigned after putting in that I wanted to be down to 270 lbs by the end of the year (it does the math for you when you set a goal).
This works perfect as per my TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) math (formulas I got from Tom Venuto’s ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’) my TDEE for light activity is 1757 with a 1000 calories deduction (meaning it creates a 1000 calorie deficit each day) and for moderate exercise it is 2107 (also includes a 1000 calorie deficit).  Even if I ate 2607 calories, that is still a 500 calories deduction with moderate activity.
A 1000 deficit each day = 7000 calories saved which should equate to a 2 lb loss each week.  Obviously the numbers don’t work out as perfectly like that as you should consider other factors like water weight because of sodium intake or not drinking enough water… those can definitely mess with the outcome.  I would also think higher quality food would be more beneficial than meeting calorie goals with crap.

And where have I come from?  When I first started re-reading my blogs, my eyes bugged out when I saw that I was eating within a 1600-1800 calorie range.  Why?  Because at the time I was EASILY consuming 2800 – 3400 calories per day!!!  Eek.  That gap between where I was and where I should be to make progress was rather daunting.  So how did I end up here… fitting in my calories 2100 or below with ease?

Well, first thing I did was cancel dessert.  It had become a bad habit and we actually had choices of different desserts available.  My son would ask for a dessert EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.  That’s how regular it became.  Not good.
So I announced we weren’t going to be having desserts anymore… they will go back to being a once in a while/special occasion item.
Second, the house was unfortunately stocked with things like bagels & cream cheese, potato chips, chocolate, cookies and general crap.   So I just started to let these items run out and not restock them.
Because I’d cut out dessert, I got used to once again not eating anything after dinner (previously I was eating up until as late as 10 pm!)
When I thought about restarting intermittent fasting (fast 16 hours, eat during 8), I really didn’t think I was in a good place to do so and how late I was eating was one of those reasons.  Since I’d naturally started not eating past dinner, that hurdle suddenly didn’t exist.
Skipping dessert alone was an easier step than trying to skip dessert/snack and breakfast all at the same time.
I would suggest anyone interested in ‘The 16 Hour Diet’ take one step at a time like I did… it made it way easier.
So now that I skip after dinner snacking and breakfast, THAT is how it is I can stay in that way lower calorie range these days.  I honestly don’t think I’d be able to if I were eating for more hours during a day.

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been logging my food for two weeks… feels shorter.  It is way less of an effort than it used to feel.  I’m not as deprived as I once was in former times of logging my calories.  This time I can still eat foods like pizza, brownies, cereal, chicken wings, corned beef hash, ice cream and a few other foods you don’t associate with trying to lose weight and still can have success.  I take pleasure and pride logging my calories knowing what I ate and still manage to be in the right range.

Other numbers that have brought me pleasure lately? My credit score went up another 15credit-score-climbing-up points in the last month (I’d brought it up 30 points prior to that in the last few months). Two out of the 3 credit reporting agencies have me so close to being over 700.  It will truly be an exciting (and proud) day when ALL the agencies have me over 700.  Next goal after that, all reporting 750 or more.
And my total credit card debt is down by $500 (I check this monthly).  This was especially pleasing because we had a tight month and I did have to use one of my credit cards.
This journey/blog is sure more about other things than weight loss and I’d glad to report when my financial situation improves.

It feels good to be in control… for multiple aspects of my life.

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