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I had taken “before” photos when I was 6 weeks postpartum.  I had gained back some of the weight I’d lost due to breastfeeding hunger, but was determined to STOP gaining as I didn’t want a repeat from my 2nd baby when I gained 60 lbs *after* her birth.  And although I didn’t have the sleep deprivation issues holding me back this time, the breastfeeding hunger was a real struggle to get through.

I noticed that the less I produced, the more control I had over what I ate.  This fact as well as me hating pumping (baby has horrible latch and can’t breastfeed directly), my baby being VERY gassy every time I fed her breast milk (regardless of my diet changes), and her down right refusing to drink my milk (turning her head side to side, screaming, but then being offered formula instead and drinking it down like crazy), pumps became few and few until I just decided to give it up all together just over a week ago.
This is a first for me.  I’ve usually breastfed or breastfed & pumped for the first year like I did for my other 2 kiddos.  This baby?  She just wants nothing to do with my milk!  We’ve had issues right from the start.  She is a MUCH happier baby with better digestion/less spit-ups when she drinks just formula (and it’s regular dairy formula, so I know it’s not a dairy intolerance).  So I gave… for her sake and for mine.   At least she got some breast milk for immunity purposes for the first few months.
I don’t think it’s any coincidence I’ve had my best weight loss so far just after stopping the pumping.

So it’s been an additional 8 weeks since I took those “before” photos, but I just checked my spreadsheet and as it turns out, I weighed EXACTLY what I weighed this morning!  It took me 8 weeks to get back to where I thought I’d be “starting” from.  But because I lacked control with the eating, was getting no regular exercise, and the first period I got postpartum was a doozy, I went up 9 lbs (and back down) between then and now.
I’m glad I’ve gotten back to where I was when I wanted to start making progress, so that now I can actually MAKE PROGRESS!
I won’t truly see “new” numbers until I’m down another 7 lbs as that’s how much I’d already gained from my lowest weight postpartum.  Basically, that number is my mini goal for the family picture is just about that weight (1 lb less).   I will be VERY proud to get back down to there.

Although my weight was exactly the same as my first “before” pictures, I decided to take new ones to mark the start of this Project.  Might as well be as current as possible.  Plus I think I actually look healthier and just a tad smaller in the comparison as I know I’ve put back on some muscle since then (now that I’ve been cleared to lift things & started walking the hills in my neighborhood – hello glutes!)

I’m very much looking forward to the day I can take another photo and see some more progress.  Maybe at Christmas?  Stay tuned.


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