The 365/50 Project Begins! (again)

On this day 6 years ago, I embarked on The 365/100 Project.  It was my first blog and I published almost every single day for that whole year.  My goal was to lose 100 lbs in 1 year.  I was inspired by a movie inspired by a book inspired by a blog… just like this one (talk about full circle).

After many ups, downs and some serious self-reflection, I realized about half way through that trying to lose 50 lbs in a year was a more realistic goal for me.  I still failed to achieve that.  By November 15, 2011 I’d lost 40.2 lbs.  I was damn proud I achieved that because of how much else I learned about myself in that time.  It was way more than calories in, calories out.
Now, 6 years later, I would like to redeem myself… outdo myself.  I’d like to lose all 50 lbs… or more.
I will complete this on my own… no trainer, no partner, no gym, no big exercise equipment, no pills, no shakes, no surgery, no premeasured containers… just me armed with my walking shoes, some free weights, exercise ball, bands and a few select exercise videos.

I have 2 more kids now to complicate things (one being only 3 months old now) who are with me all day long, but years of experience and wisdom (about myself) make me feel more ready to take on this Project again… probably 95% readier than I felt 6 years ago when I was far more miserable and desperate (probably because I felt stuck over 300 lbs and crossing under it was such a mental and physical hurdle that I no longer have to deal with this time).

Here I am, 5 years after ending the Project, just 9.6 lbs more than where I left off.  Not too shabby considering I went through 2 pregnancies in that time.  I surpassed my mini goal to be 10 lbs from that former weight (was 8 lbs more than this goal just 6 days ago and off by 1 lb yesterday, so that means I dropped another 1.4 lbs last night!).  Hopefully I will continue this overachieving for the whole project.

I’m 39, 5’10” and weighing in today at 278.0 lbs.  My goal at the end of this Project is to be 228 lbs.  That is a weight I have not been down to since 2004.  Wow… 2004… 12 long years ago.  Ever have something not ‘hit you’ until you write it out?  That just happened to me.

The closest I’ve gotten to that weight was about 254 lbs which I saw in 2006 (lost weight for a cruise, gained it all back) and 2012 (just at the beginning of my 2nd pregnancy & just for a blip afterwards before the side effects of prolonged sleep deprivation set in).  258 lbs would have been my completed goal last time because my starting weight was higher.  This whole time I was planning on restarting the Project, I honestly hadn’t done the math until writing this blog as to where I’d be at the end of this one.  I just never considered it or was thinking back to the old project number goals. I’m not going to lie, it freaked me out (because it seems so “low” to me… probably because of how many years it’s been since I was that weight).  It shouldn’t change anything, but I’m just being honest.

I am coming from a place of preparedness and hope.  Literally the complete opposite of me 6 years ago.
I am armed with the knowledge of intermittent fasting that I knew nothing about back then.  I am more mature now and not as afraid of the hard work… in many aspects of my life, not just the work required to lose weight.
So, here’s to a new beginning.

About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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2 Responses to The 365/50 Project Begins! (again)

  1. You definitely seem to be armed with everything you need to succeed. I don’t like wishing someone luck, because what something like this boils down to is knowledge, determination and you seem to have both. I’ll be cheering you on all the way from up North ;).

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