Progress & Trophies

Today I finally made it back down to the weight I first saw exactly one week ago.  Period bloat and other water retention from more-than-usual sodium intake threw me off for a few days.
And I know it may seem childish and silly, but today I received a notification from Sparkpeople that I had earned some trophies and it really made me feel proud.  sparkpeople-trophies-13nov2016
These are earned by having streaks of healthy behavior – logging in every day, completed fitness minutes, etc.   It used to be that you’d have to remember to ‘spin the wheel’ to earn points every day to have it count that you “logged in”.  There were countless days I’d log my food and exercise and forget to spin that darn wheel, so POOF, streak over.  I never thought that was fair as I was there logging *something*.
Turns out others must have felt the same way because NOW all you have to do is log in (which is forces you to do every 12+ hours now) and it gives you the credit! Yay!  I know this because I hadn’t spun the wheel once during those first 7 days.   I know it feels a bit juvenile to receive such awards… like a gold star on a book report – but dang it, a smile came across my face the minute I saw the notification.
So now I’m excited to see how long I can keep the streak up.  Even if I eventually stop logging my food, I still like to log my exercise… always have.

Tomorrow is the last day before I begin The 365/50 Project.  As of this morning I’m just 1.4 lbs away from being exactly 10 lbs more than where I left off on my original Project 5 years ago.  That’s not too shabby seeming I’ve had 2 babies since then!

Feeling really good about myself that I managed to have half a medium pizza and a brownie for dessert tonight and still stay in my calorie range, I was so glad that I’d restarted intermittent fasting.  Why?  Because when you shrink your eating time to 8 hours of your day (fast the other 16), it makes it way easier to stay in a calorie range!
I basically take out 3-4 hours that would have normally had eating involved in it and that saves me 300-400 calories automatically by skipping it.

I also felt compelled to re-read ‘The 16 Hour Diet’ by Ashley Barnes so I could remind myself of the other health benefits of intermittent fasting.
I’d remembered increased Insulin Sensitivity (which is the opposite of Insulin Resistance – which I have and can lead to diabetes), but forgot about all the other chemical mumbo-jumbo which basically equate to:
The depletion of glycogen levels (burn more stored fat, even from “stubborn” areas), detoxification & cell regeneration (slows the aging process), hormone regulation (increasing the sensitivity to leptin which tells the body when it’s full & increased growth hormone which improves endurance during exercise, lowers time it takes for muscles to repair and increases growth of muscles after working out), and will naturally have you craving less sugar over time.

Geez, burning more stored fat was good enough, but all those other benefits?  This rocks!   If you want all the specifics and technical terms, buy the book!

I also managed a 50-minute walk after dinner (my personal best since the new baby).
Everything I’m doing right now just feels very sustainable.  Yes, I have some moments of “ooh, I want to eat that” (that being something that would set me back 600-1200 calories), but they are fleeting compared to where I’ve come from.  Plus, fasting for 16 hours helps naturally reset your body’s systems in a way that have you not desiring as much sugar and instead, wanting to eat foods that provide more nutrients.  It really works for you while you do it (another thing I love about it).  I learned that it can take 2-4 weeks to have these benefits kick in… I’d forgotten about that, but I’m feeling pretty damn good already as far as I’m concerned!


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  1. Way to go! And no, I don’t think it seems juvenile to be excited about the trophies, I would be too!

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