“Me Time” & Fasting Again

My son is at school and my awesome hubby (who has the day off) has taken both girls to go pick up our grocery order which means I got to eat my breakfast in peace and now I get a chance to blog!  ME TIME!!! Woot woot!
Every night since Sunday I’ve taken a walk while pushing the baby in the stroller.  It’s almost like I’m compelled to walk these days… like I really want to… not the former “we should take a walk” kind of attitude.  Even when I’m already tired, been on my feet all afternoon and my heel is aching (an unfortunate daily occurrence with my plantar fasciitis acting up), I still get out and take that walk.
I even figured out a path that equals 30 minutes and maybe someday when my foot is better and baby is in the right mood, I can up it by little increments to get up to 45 minutes.  Mostly, it’s my foot saying “hell no” to that currently.
Last night I made a deal with hubby that if I took the baby for the walk, that he would take over and watch her afterwards so I could get the time to properly ice my foot and then stretch it in the boot.
I think it’s because I haven’t been able to treat my foot properly that it has been worse than normal.  I just usually get back from my walk, the baby wakes up and I don’t get a chance to stay seated, and hubby is usually playing Xbox in the other room.
I’m happy I said something because with the ice and stretch, for ONCE in at least the last month, when I got back up to walk, my foot felt great!  It only lasted about 5 minutes (because I interrupted my stretch time to go upstairs to put the big kids to sleep) but it did feel great which proves to me that with proper treatment, I can get through this.

Today marks the third day I’ve gone back to intermittent fasting the-16-hour-diet-book-cover(‘The 16 Hour Diet’ by Ashley Barnes).  The first day (11/9) I fasted accidentally… it just happened to be over 16 hours since I last ate before I got to finally having my breakfast.  Sometimes I’m just not hungry and the baby distracts me.
So since I’d done it (I’d been thinking about starting it up again, but thought I wasn’t in the right head space to do so), I decided to keep it going.
The next day was harder (of course, since it was intentional… oh head trip) but not too bad.  I went 16.5 hours.  Today, 17.25 hours (easy because hubby was home and let me sleep in, so I was waking up at the 16-hour mark).
My fasting blood sugar was the lowest it’s been (102) since I started remembering to check it a couple weeks ago (this is one of the great healthy side effects of intermittent fasting).  Before that it has been 108 or more (all under 120).
Having less hours in the day to fit in my calories also makes it easier to stick to my calorie range.
Although still in a good range, I’ve been having saltier than usual stuff the last couple of days (and some chocolate chip cookies I made with crushed Andes candies added in – oh yum!), so the scale hasn’t liked me lately, but this morning I finally rebounded a little and found out my monthly is back again for the second time postpartum.  At least I know I’m regular again.  Time to utilize the Standard Days method (because we hate condoms and I refuse all intrusive forms of birth control) until hubby gets his vasectomy.

Besides walking, I’ve been getting in some strength training almost daily… squats, push-ups, some Turbo Jam moves, leg lifts, yoga stretches… some of which I did standing next to my baby Mavis lying on her floor mat.  She was getting fussy and so walked nearer her to talk to her and just started doing some exercises… just totally random, off-the-top-of-my-head exercises and she found it amusing.  Suddenly I could see me being able to do a Turbo Jam workout in front of her and get through the whole routine.
The only problem with that is not having the ability to take a shower directly afterwards because I sweat like a pig.  It would suck to stay post-workout sweaty all day.  Her naps are shorter these days (20-30 mins) and she takes them while she’s slowly nursing a bottle.  Not a good set up for me to sneak in a shower.  She eventually takes a couple 45-60 minute naps, but I never know which I’m going to get, so making plans is rather out of the question.  Maybe later if she establishes a more predictable schedule.

So for now, little bits of strength training (hey, anything is better than nothing!).  I certainly FEEL the difference (increased strength and stamina) and today, soreness!  I really put in some effort on the uphill portions of my walk last night and I’m feeling my glutes and the backs of my legs in general today.  It’s a good feeling.

Well, I was hoping to finish this blog as I did my peaceful breakfast, but alas it took me too long and hubby came home and it was time to tend to baby & putting groceries away.  Here it is, hours later before I had a chance to wrap my thoughts up and now I can’t remember what else I wanted to include!  Ah well, I’ll just put it in another blog later.


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