Goals & Challenges

I have multiple mini goals/challenges in progress and coming up, so I decided to write them all out to keep track.  What started with one main challenge seems to have grown… at least in my head… as I re-read my former blogs.

Goal 1: This is the one that basically started all the rest:  the 100 Day Challenge.  It was started by a fellow August momma in a closed fb group.  You can choose whatever healthy habit you want to improve on for the next 100 days. I picked drinking more water and getting out for more walks.  I’m 29 days in.  When I saw the “100” it’s what reminded me about my original 365/100 Project… what started me re-reading it and making the forthcoming goals.

Goal 2: (the big one) To restart The 365/50 Project and attempt to achieve better results november-15-2016-calendar-clipartthan I achieved in 2011 (40 lbs lost).  Aiming to lose all 50 lbs in 1 year starting November 15th.

Goal 3:  To lose the pounds needed to just be just 10 lbs off from where I left off The 365/50 Project in 2011 (=278.4 lbs).  If I don’t make it, it doesn’t change anything – the Project restarts on November 15th regardless.  It’s not a biggie, I just like easy numbers. 😉

Goal 4:  To lose 15 lbs before family picture is taken in late December.  At the time I made this goal, I was 285 lbs, so I want to be down to 270 lbs by then.  This picture is EPIC.  It is my mother-in-law’s idea (the woman who has hidden from the camera for the last 18 years I’ve known her, but now has bolstered confidence due to her massive weight loss after gastric bypass surgery).  It will include my in-laws, our whole family as well as my husband’s brother’s family.  This has NEVER happened.  This means this picture will be blown up and framed for all to see for years to come.  I do not want regrets about myself in this picture and I promise that if I really put in the effort to lose some weight beforehand, I won’t have any.  If I’m exactly as I am now (or bigger), I WILL regret it every damn time I see that picture in the future!

The next couple goals came up after re-reading my own blog about my previous weight loss journeys.
Fall 2013 was a tough time in my past.  I was not yet recovered from prolonged sleep deprivation from a baby that just didn’t sleep well (trust me, it was way worse than what is typical), failed miserably at any progress and proceeded to have the fattest, most unhealthy holiday season I EVER HAD in my life.  I had to order size 5X shirts and size 28 pants for the first time in my life and it was a low, low moment.  I hit my ultimate high weight of 327 lbs.
So because of this history:

Goal 5:  I want to succeed this fall/holiday season for the 2013 me… to honor her and to redeem her.  To do everything she just couldn’t achieve.  Yes, I have a baby again, but THANK GOODNESS this one sleeps decently!  So, I want to prove that even with a baby, I can achieve my goals… that it is the habits of the baby that made the most difference (I NEED MY SLEEP!)… to look back and say “it wasn’t just you” and prove it.

2014 me was on fire.  Finally recuperated from my sleep deprivation and full of excitement over my fit page (finally getting followers) & inspiration from reading fellow fit pages, I was doing awesomely in late summer/early fall… until I joined a DietBet.
Everything went downhill from there and I’ve now learned the lesson that when money is on the line, I crumble under the pressure.  Obviously that sort of competition is just not a good choice for my personality.  Now I know.

Goal 6:  To compete with 2014 me.  Although my progress faltered a bit, I was still very successful that year and would love to see what I can achieve without the monetary cloud over my head.  What brought on this challenge was that I happened to read my blog from then and saw that I am basically the SAME WEIGHT right now (off by less than a pound).  So here I am at the same weight with different circumstances and I’d love to see what THIS me can do compared to the former me.

Goal 7:  To lower my BMI by one class.  When I reach 278 lbs, I will be changing my class from “Morbidly Obese” to “Obese Class 2” (yay – no more “morbid” – I HATE that word!!!).
And hopefully by the end of my new 365/50 Project, I will be down to “Obese Class 1” (under 245 lbs maximum).
From there it would take an additional 18 lbs down to get to the “Overweight” class (209 lbs maximum).  It may seem surprising, but this is my long-term class goal for my BMI.  For “Normal”, I would need to be 174 lbs or less.  The lowest I have ever achieved was 185 lbs and nearer to that weight, I know I will be more inclined to sculpt my muscles and there is just no way I can see myself getting down to that weight and being able to maintain it, plus I looked & felt rather fabulous at 185 at my height.  Although I’d love to be considered “Normal”, I know how crappy the BMI scale is, especially because it pays no attention to muscle mass, so “Overweight” is OK with me.
Right now, given my history, my temperament, my height and my age, I would now be OK with ending up around 209 lbs.  2003-2014 me would SCREAM at this.  Not get to ONEderland and be OK with it?  Well, chicky, times have changed.  I’m not the spring chicken I once was.  I’m more realistic now.  Will I still strive to see 199 again?  Probably.  But I’m not going to hate myself for sticking around 209 (hell, I’d be good with 220 lbs, but unfortunately that still labels me “obese”)… it beats 300 lbs any day.  And if I build and sculpt my muscles as planned, I will LOOK like I’m under 200 lbs with 20 lbs being muscle.  Being fit is more important than the scale.
I could potentially look better at 209 lbs sculpted than I did at 185 lbs flabby (I did not focus much on muscle building back then… mostly cardio).

So it appears I’m in some serious competition… with myself.  2011 me, 2013 me and 2014 me… all completely different experiences.
Can’t wait to see how the 2016/17 me does.


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