The Weight Loss “Honeymoon” is Over

I’ve noticed a pattern in reviewing my weight loss history and that is that there is a “honeymoon” period of weight loss.  The timing may vary, but for me, those first couple days you are strong, you feel good and the scale loves you.  Day 4 or 5?  Not so much.  The excitement waivers, the scale doesn’t move (or went up a little) and the spark is gone.
I’m on day 6 and definitely felt the honeymoon was over on day 4 which is crazy because I had a good weigh-in that morning and was excited by that, but horror of horrors, it might have triggered me to have a lax day.  Each time I ate something that perhaps wasn’t the best choice (but not the end of the world), I think it made my mood worse.
The next day I went up by .2 of a pound, which is NOTHING, yet I think it did work its way into my day and put me in a mood (crazy, right?  I even tried to tell myself NOT to do that!!! I realized after the fact that I was tired which could have led to the mood).  My food choices were still good, but not as stellar.
Day 6? Up AGAIN!  Ugh.  I’m in no place to give up or throw my hands up and have an increased calorie day, I know this.  Where will that get me?  Even higher.  Not good – I’ve got goals people!!! And um… this is the freaking beginning.

I’ve still been watching my calories and have even gotten in some intention exercise besides walking:  squats, push-ups, chest press (with 13+ lb baby), and a couple of other strength exercises that I don’t know the names for.  I’ve been feeling my core and glutes a lot more lately.

So I’m hunkering down and planning to have another “Day 1” today – as in eating closer to how I did on the first day.  Plus, although the scale isn’t playing nice, I’m enjoying some NSVs (non-scale victories):
– I can walk (sometimes run) upstairs and not feel that wave of ‘I can’t take another step’ 2 stairs from the top
– I can go faster down the stairs as I feel much stronger in my legs and more secure
– I have more stamina while walking.  There is this hill and the first time I walked it, I could barely keep up a conversation with my son, but last night I found the words and breath came easier.
– I can more easily get up from a seated position without using my arms to lift me up (even holding baby)
– Getting down & up from the floor isn’t as big of a struggle

So slowly but surely, I am getting stronger.  I do love this feeling.  Regardless of my weight, I like FEELING healthier and that is always achieved by how strong and capable I feel.  I want the days of grunting just to get off the couch to be all in my past.

So many days in my former journeys I had to ‘fake it until I make it’ which meant I was doing everything right and felt stronger and healthier, but it just wasn’t reflected on the scale. That’s just how it works apparently, no matter how big you are.    Hell, I once went 3 weeks with no change and it turned out my scale was broken!  If I could go that long without positive scale feedback and still put in all the effort, I can handle a couple darn days!
Yes, this makes it feel harder and a less enjoyable, but it’s worth it to just keep on keeping on.

Today I was back to having my egg whites & homemade oatmeal with strawberries & blueberries for breakfast, and for my lunch I had a couple slices of roast turkey, some vine tomato, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, baby spinach, shredded Italian cheese blend with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, heated until melted… it was fabulous.  I’m off to go drink down some more water.


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