A Perfect Day

Some days are full of perfect moments, but rarely do I feel like I’ve had a perfect day.  Yesterday was an exception.  It was a nice, crisp temperature and we could actually open the windows.  Hubby started off productive and we accomplished everything we had on our to-do list.
I had all my meals and snacks planned, so that required little thought.  I drank lots of water.
Somewhere in-between putting away the Halloween decorations (properly – I’d just thrown them into the garage the day after Halloween), general house clean-up, watching a few “us” shows, I dug out our advent calendar cabinet.
It’s a neat cupboard with little tiny drawers inside for each day of December leading up to Christmas for us to put goodies in for the kiddos to open each day.
The art on the front of one of the two doors (a family of 3 snowmen) was appropriate when we got it as a gift many Christmas’ ago as we were only a family of 3 for 7 years.
Well, when my first daughter came into our lives, I felt I had to change the picture to include her.
I spent time matching paint colors and the same look/technique the original artist used so her addition would look seamless.updated-advent-calendar-door-comparison-no-name-06nov2016
I was so proud when I finished.  I actually packed it up and brought it with us all the way to NJ so I could show my mother-in-law in person (she’s the one who gifted it to us in the first place).

When I’d added her, I honestly thought we were done having kids.  Little did I know that 3 years later, I’d be painting on another additional little snowgirl.advent-calendar-family-of-5-06nov2016

I was surprised I could get it done, start to finish with no interruptions (hubby was feeding the baby and letting her nap on him).  I love when I can work on a creative endeavor without interruption (so rare these days).
I’m not going to pack it up and bring it to NJ this time, but I did share my accomplishment on Facebook.

In addition to this creative project, I also enjoyed a moment that finally got me in the fall mood.  I’ve been in denial what date is actually is these days.  Honestly in my brain, October is still “next month” and I just can’t believe it’s November already.  Time has been whizzing by.  My hubby set me up with his iPad hooked into our fancy speaker system in the kitchen (that came standard in our new house) and went to a Sirius holiday music station and started playing it (because I was complaining I wanted my CD player hooked up in the kitchen – the kind that fit under a cabinet – so I could play my Christmas music CDs – I’m old school).  Even though at first I had the thought “it’s just too early for that”, instead I embraced it and realized *this* would help me realize what time of year it actually is, and maybe even make the holiday season feel longer.  So I really enjoyed listening to holiday music in my kitchen while making homemade turkey soup.  It suddenly felt really fall-like to me at just that exact moment.

The day felt long (in a good way) yesterday… probably thanks to the extra hour we got via the “fall back” time change.  4:30pm felt like 5:30pm except I had an extra hour before having to make dinner.

While I was preparing dinner, my son occupied his baby sister on her mat on the floor.  He loves giving her tummy time.  He’s such a good older brother.  With practically an 11-year gap between my first and last born, I know they will have limited memories of each other, especially my daughter as it will take another 3-4 years before she’ll have memories of her time with her only brother and he’ll be deep into the teen years by then.  So it makes me happy they were having a moment together.

We all ate at the table together (well, as much as my 3-year-old stays at the table… it’s short lived these days) and what happened afterwards is one of those moments in addition to the whole day that made it perfect.
My whole entire family was in the kitchen.  My oldest daughter was standing on a chair leaning on the island, playing with a CD player I’d liberated from the garage as she wanted to play an Elmo CD she’d found in her desk drawer in her room earlier.  Hubby was helping make sandwiches for my son’s lunches for the upcoming week, the baby was sitting in her Bumbo watching us all work, I was doing the dishes and pots & pans and my son was putting away the clean dishes.
We were all there together.  This has never happened before.  It’s usually just me, all by myself doing clean-up/prep.  It was so nice to have help and I smiled as I put the dishes in the dishwasher.  It was one of those nice “togetherness” moments like you see in a TV movie or something.

When we were all done, we all went for a family walk.  A perfect end to the day.  Made even more perfect by my family going back to the house while I got to keep walking alone (well, pushing the stroller as baby was taking a nap).  I love walks by myself, so it was the best of both worlds.

So the weather, the productiveness, the good food choices, the completed creative project, the help, the walk… all of it just added up to what was as close to a perfect day as I could hope for.

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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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