My P.O.P. Day

So I didn’t intend on being 6 Week Body Makeover on plan, but as my day of eating concluded, I realized that’s what I did yesterday.  Works for me!  If I do it accidentally, all the better (because it can be on the strict side which in time can promote a binge if I’m *trying* to be POP – perfect on plan).
I had over 100 oz of water plus 2 mugs of tea and 2 big glass of instant decaf lemon tea.
I haven’t drunk that much since I don’t know when!
I have to say it felt really good to eat smaller meals all day and make the better choices.  I wasn’t hungry after eating any of my meals all day, even though they were smaller than I’d normally eat.  I was pleasantly surprised by this as I thought I’d feel hungrier.

There were times I could have sat on the couch, but I got up and picked up some toys, did the dishes, etc.  And then the weather was a nice crisp temp (63 degrees), so off we went for a family walk in the evening.
I iced by bad foot afterwards.
It’s really tight ALL THE TIME.  I’m wondering if it went beyond plantar fasciitis.  I’m wondering if I did permanent damage.  At this point if I try to take a larger step (like for outside walking), I limp a little bit because it feels like a tendon is super tight in my heel and it pulls the larger the step.
I don’t notice it during the day at home because I apparently take smaller steps inside the house.

I started logging my food in Sparkpeople again (mostly after the fact) so I could know if I landed in the correct range.
After just one day of staying in my new calorie range (1500-1800, I had 1648), the scale was down 2.6 lbs!  I FINALLY I got lower than 283 lbs… I’ve been stuck (or more than) that weight since late September!

We were in a bad food rut that took me over a month to get out of.  We were having dessert every night, ice cream 3X a week, full sugar soda & chips.
I’m happy to report we put an end to dessert (my son was asking EVERY night because we started having one nightly in the late stages of my pregnancy & the summer, but before that, dessert was more of a special occasional occurrence), no one has had a soda in days (even though there is some left in our garage fridge), and I got us back down to Ben & Jerry’s only once a week… it’s actually been over a week right now.

Two months ago, these changes would have felt impossible, but I took steps a little at a time.  First I stopped buying chips so they wouldn’t come into the house.  Then I stopped drinking soda myself and noticed that my hubby did to and once the kids didn’t see us drinking it, they didn’t ask for it anymore (amazing how that happens, right?).  The ice cream was harder as I had to tell my hubby we HAVE to go back to once a week, but as it turned out, he overspent at the grocery store and we were really short on money, so there was no extra trip for more ice cream to be had.  Not having the money just made it easier, but I was going to stick to my guns.

And you know what?  The more you stay away from this crap, the more you no longer even want it! I love how that happens.  Those first 3 days are the hardest, but once you get by that, it gets so much easier.

So finally I’m in a really good place to start my mini personal challenge… to lose 15 lbs before the family photo that will be taken just after Christmas.  11.2 lbs to go, 7 weeks, 5 days left.

So far today (after getting 7 hours of blissful sleep & the baby is still sleeping… bless her!) I’ve drank my first 20 oz of water, some tea and had an omelet with green pepper, spinach, basil, Italian cheeses, mushrooms & onions and one slice of Ezekiel toast.


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