Good Little Lion

My big girl Kolby (will be 4 in 22 days) was SO GOOD for trick-or-treating last night.  The excitement had been building since we decorated the house for Halloween on October 1st.  She remembered trick-or-treating from last year.  As a parent, I remember a 2-year-old in a cute giraffe costume having a hard time walking, needing assistance at every door, every stairs step, breaking down wanting candy and having to give her some continually so that she’d keep walking until we got home (too heavy & awkward to carry!)  There were tears and whining.
This time around,halloween-2016-kolby-close-up-copy as a lion, she didn’t even trip once or have any costume malfunctions!  This is big because just about every family walk we take she falls once, plus she was wearing shoes she’d never worn before (which usually means tripping a few times).  But nope, she was steady as they come… not even a trip.
She went up to each door with exuberance.
“I a lion!” she’d say mostly, sometimes “trick-or-treat” and then a LOUD “THANK YOU!” as she was leaving.  She’s spot me and say “Mommy I got candy!” practically every time.  I kept having to change my responses… “Awesome!”, “Yay!”, “Good job!”, “OK!”.
She was so capable of following direction (and just knowing what to do) that I felt secure staying on the sidewalk by the road while she went up to each house with her brother.  I didn’t have to ever go get her/drag her away/direct her what to say, etc.  halloween-2016-kolby-lion-copyThis was a glorious improvement from last year and I’m so impressed because after all, she’s still only 3 years old and very much has a mind of her own.

She had the same smile on her face and excitement the whole way through and did not once ask to eat any of her candy while we were walking (meanwhile her 11-year-old brother was always checking out candy he’d recently acquired and was sampling as he went).
With zero prompting from me, she seemed to go out of her way to stay on sidewalks and pathways and not walk on peoples’ grass!  How sweet is that?
She was just the perfect picture of sweetness, politeness and cuteness. I am so proud of her.  I have a feeling Halloween will be one of her most favorite holidays.


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