Birthday Cake & Blood Sugar Woes

Today was my son’s 11th birthday (technically yesterday as it went past midnight as I was writing this).  I gave up some precious sleep to get up and start making his cake (while the baby was on her second run of sleep for the night) so that it would be finished before he got home from school at 2:40 pm.  I wanted it done and hidden so I could surprise him later.
I even put off making my breakfast to make these cakes (2 chocolate layers, 2 vanilla layers… my son’s request every year).
I was so focused on the damn cakes I even forgot to pump! Whoops.  My milk supply is pretty pathetic these days, so even my breasts did not remind me to pump.
Any who… I actually had the best success with cake making so far (mind you I rarely bake and I really only make a cake once a year… for my son… as my daughter loves cupcakes – store bought – and my hubby loves Carvel ice cream cakes).  Turns out by me trying to fit all four 9 inch pans on 1 rack in my oven (so they’d bake evenly), a few overlapped at the handles of the pans and the cakes formed lopsided.  Doh.
So I ended up with what I affectionately called the leaning tower of cake.  I even used a knife in attempt to cut them to be flatter… apparently a fail!

At the point I had to take the cakes out of the oven to cool, my breakfast of another yummy omelet and a piece of Ezekiel bread was just getting ready to eat and then I hear the baby over the monitor and she’s escalating quickly.  Literally all 3 things happened in the same minute.  Crap.
Unfortunately I had to let her cry for just a bit to make sure the cakes nor my omelet burned.  Plus, I can’t butter toast with only one hand, so had to get that done as well.
I RAN upstairs after that to relieve her.  Can I count that as extra exercise?

So healthy breakfast was had, baby changed and fed and I’m drinking my water.  I set up the baby in her bouncy seat with a helium balloon above her to keep her entertained (and boy did it ever – she stayed in that chair, happy and awake for over TWO HOURS… she’s only 11 weeks old!) and off I went to check the cakes to see if they were cool enough to decorate.
I underestimated the amount of frosting I needed to cover so much cake (again… I always do this), so the layers were a bit sparse, but I got the whole thing covered.

Then the lettering.  My nemesis.  I even buy the handy dandy “easy to use” spray cans for doing the decorative frosting.  But one minute it spits out fast and the next minute hardly any frosting comes out.  So my handwriting for “Happy B-day” (because “Birthday” NEVER fits) looked like I was drunk… and like my eyes were closed.gavins-11th-birthday-cake

I decided covering everything on top with confetti sprinkles was definitely in order to hide my horrible writing.
But through all this… STILL my best cake so far (pathetic, right?)

Because I did cut off some of the cakes to make them flatter, I had these scrap pieces of cake just laying around.  It was a couple of hours since breakfast at that point, so yeah, I sampled it.  I also licked the knife I used to spread the icing too.  Within 20 minutes, I had the sweats… the sugar sweats.  Ugh.  It felt horrible.  My pre-diabetic status reared its ugly head.  I hadn’t had sugar sweats since my 2nd trimester of pregnancy (I am always a gestational diabetic).
NOT a good feeling.
I drank down some water like it was my business and checked my sugar.  142.  Not bad… it’s been worse.  I usually don’t get the sweats until it gets to 160-180 or higher, but apparently my tolerance is lower when not pregnant.
With me up and about and drinking my water, within the hour my sugar was 98.  Cool.  I can always handle lowering my blood sugar pretty easily when I’m awake.  It’s my fasting sugars that are not so great.
Off track for a bit, but speaking of fasting sugars… I got told by my OBGYN doctors that a normal fasting sugar should NOT be over 95.  Without medication, my fasting blood sugars are 100-120.
My hubby just got back all of his blood tests from his recent trip to the doctor and his fasting was 121!  I saw that and said “ought oh” but he told me that they told him anything under 125 was fine.  WHAT???
Why is it that some doctors are more lax than others and seem to go by completely different ranges?

That’s like talking to my sister about our A1C levels.  According to her doctor, any A1C over 6.0 means a diagnosis of diabetes!  When most doctors (and any Google search you do) says the acceptable number is up to 6.3 (at risk/pre-diabetic, but not diagnosed as a diabetic yet).
Thank goodness my doctors also go by the 6.3 cut off because I’ve been as high as 6.1.  When I found out my number got that high, I dropped all sugar in my diet and didn’t eat anything with white flour either and in less than 2 months I lowered my A1C to 5.8.  I will always keep fighting to avoid that official diagnosis!!!
At least my hubby is safe when it comes to that… his A1C is 5.5.  Bastard.  (I mean that lovingly) He’s lucky he has some really good genetics on his side.  Yes, his mother’s family runs big, but other than joint pain/arthritis from all the extra weight, they don’t seem to have any other health problems commonly associated with obesity.  The man is 425 lbs and basically gets a clean bill of health… all except weight/BMI.

Back to my cake making… I actually finished just prior to noon!  I was so happy I got it done, and in plenty of time.
I spent the next couple hours cleaning up a bit seeming my sister was stopping by to drop off a gift for my son and one of his friends was coming over for a sleepover.
We went all out for our son’s 10th birthday party, inviting many friends and going to a fun park with rides and games… it was EXPENSIVE.
We flat out told him we couldn’t do *that* much this year and that he could have ONE friend this time around.  Well after he came home, neighborhood friends came over (the ones not invited as the one friend he did invite is his best friend from our former neighborhood).  They were playing and having fun and it wasn’t too late yet, so I didn’t mind.

I ordered pizza (for just us and the one friend) and was worried about it coming and having the neighborhood friends think they can join in too.  It’s happened before when a friend happened to be there when our dinner arrived and he sat right down and helped himself!  LOL
But fortunately they left as the pizza arrived.  Great.  One of them forgot their Halloween mask they had brought, so my son ran out the door to return it to him.  He took longer than I thought he would.
When he returned, he had a different neighborhood friend with him and tells me he invited him and the two friends that had just left to come back for his “party” for some cake.
Party?  Excuse me?  When did a simple night of pizza and cake for our family and 1 friend become a “party”?  Ah well… invite is out there.
So we ate the pizza and then the friends joined us for Gavin to open his presents and then all 8 of us had cake.  Good thing I made a 4-layer cake with plenty to go around!
I guess I better be ready next year for more friends!  I didn’t mind having them over, I just wasn’t prepared for it.  I’m getting better at going with the flow these days… at least it feels like it to me.

I certainly went with the flow for the pizza and cake eating. Seriously NO GUILT or regret at all.  And probably because I preempted my pizza and cake eating with a serving of pistachios (neat trick you can do for your body to make it like a splurge never happened), I did NOT feel any side effects for having way more cake/icing than what gave me the sugar sweats earlier (empty stomach verses having a protein first makes a huge difference).

I just went with it all as it was all planned and I just honestly feel distanced from the former worry and guilt I would have had over my splurge tonight… planned or not.  It’s really freeing.  This one moment, one meal, one dessert during one day will not mean the downfall or end to my quest for better health.  And I feel like not having to “get over” this moment means tomorrow will be a better day… no bummed out feelings to follow me to another day.
And here it is, past 1 am again and I’m still up… now *that* will follow me to the next… er… same day.

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