Where are all the weight loss shows?

Seriously, where’d they go?  In rereading my blog from 2011 I am reminded how many weight loss shows I was watching and how many there have been to choose from since then… but right now?  There’s nothing on!  (If there is one you know of, please comment and let me know!)
Did it go out of style to lose weight and get healthier?  Did the country collectively give up and there isn’t the demand anymore? (Sad) Too much controversy over how it’s done? Who doesn’t like a good before and after?

Here are just a few I’ve watched over the course of the last 6 years (and still watch if they


This was probably my most favorite reality weight loss show

are still on the air):
The Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (now called just Extreme Weight Loss), Heavy, My 600-lb Life, Celebrity Fit Club, My Diet Is Better Than Yours, Big Medicine, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, X-Weighted, Dance Your Ass Off, Ruby, Skin Tight, Fit to Fat to Fit, Half Size Me, My Weight is Killing Me… and I think I’m forgetting a few.

I can get so much inspiration and motivation from such shows, and some of the success I did have on my last Project was because I was getting a workout while watching these shows.  It really makes me wish there was something on now that I could DVR and watch when baby gives me a moment.
But no, mostly our TV just stays on HGTV all day long to be background noise (baby sleeps better with noise).  I really wish I had something health related that was inspiring to watch these days.


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