Another Crock-pot Fail

I’m always on the search to find a crock-pot recipe my family actually likes.  I love the idea of prepping food early and shoving it in a pot to cook all day, leaving my work limited come dinner time except to serve it.  It’s great in theory, but never pans out as far as getting the approval of my picky family eaters.
A couple of nights ago I tried this chicken thigh recipe – slow cooker garlic parmesan chicken & potatoes.  Sounds great, right? Nope. Disappointing.
If you’re going to bother have skin on chicken, it needs to be crispy.  Even though you fry this first and it does get crispy, once it’s in a slow cooker for hours, the crisp is lost.  Sad, soggy skin.
The spices were good and the chicken moist, but those are my only compliments.
The potatoes were in a bunch of liquid at the bottom which just made them really mushy.  My family gave it the thumbs down, so there’s yet another crock-pot fail I won’t be doing again.
And so I will continue my quest to find a crock-pot recipe we all like.

I had a really good day today.  Baby slept well, so I got a chance to get some decent sleep (read: that means 5 hours for me… pathetic, but true).  Food choices have been great.  I even had quinoa again (I don’t think I’ve had it since I blogged about eating it back in 2010!)

Tonight I went for a walk BY MYSELF for the first time in a year and a half.  I knew I had never walked without my family in my new neighborhood (moved here June 2015) and prior to that I spent the majority of spring of 2015 organizing, cleaning and packing for our move, so I don’t think I had/made time for walks, but I might have snuck one in early 2015.  Too long ago!

Tomorrow is my son’s 11th birthday.  I have grand plans of baking his cake and decorating it all before he returns home from school at 2:40 pm.  This could be tough as I’ll need a cooperative baby.  Sometimes I barely sneak in pumping (literally the only thing I REALLY can’t do holding a baby, but cooking is a close second), so we’ll see how it goes.
There is also plans of ordering pizza.  He is having his best friend John-Dylan over for a sleepover and we ALWAYS have pizza for dinner when he’s here.
This is a far improvement to ordering pizza spur of the moment because I’m in a mood or just feeling lazy.  This is PLANNED.  And I’m going to enjoy it… no guilt.  I may even have a slice of the cake I’m baking.
After reading my former Project and SO MANY posts of feeling guilty and burdened by “bad” behavior, it’s really becoming clear to me how much I need to drop this way of thinking and that I feel more able of doing so.  It’s terrible to be/feel like that!  And I think dwelling on it leads to more bad days.   Hell, I just read me beating myself up for just having a glass of Ovaltine after dinner!  So what?!  I JUST had that after dinner tonight and it didn’t faze me AT ALL… I’m cool with it as my other food choices all day were awesome and I got in a TON of water and managed exercise.  It will not be my undoing!  It’s called BalanceMy Diet is a Bank Account.  Thank you Bethenny Frankel.

I’m so glad I decided to read my original project again… it’s been eye opening.  I can just FEEL that I’m more ready to be capable of a Naturally Thin mindset.
And honestly, I would have never really realized how much I’ve actually changed if not for my frequent blogs and insight into my daily life back then… you forget so many details… another reason I wanted to revive my Project this year.


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