An Easy Fix & Lots of Veggies

I swear it is some magical solution that when I rant/complain/express my frustrations (out loud to myself or blog/post) about whatever I’m having a personal issue with, it just fixes itself within hours.
I had a hard day yesterday I just couldn’t figure out my issue and was worried it would continue on today too.  But I wrote out a blog about it, sent it out into the universe and voila, not a problem anymore… today has been going great.   I REALLY need to remember to just express my issues sooner so I can get past them sooner!

Today I am ahead of where my water consumption usually is and I’ve consumed more veggies in just 2 meals that I do in a few days!  Seriously, my veggie intake has been embarrassingly low since I got pregnant and in my postpartum life.
My appetite for certain foods while pregnant usually goes the opposite of how I was eating prior to getting pregnant.  I was not eating anything with white sugar or flour in it and eating lots of veggies prior, so during my pregnancy I wanted NOTHING to do with veggies and desired simple sweets/carbs.

Afterwards I wanted to get my normal food cravings back and I did, but quickly learned my baby did NOT appreciate certain foods via my breastmilk and she LET ME KNOW (problems with her liking the taste/refusing to eat as well as her becoming extremely gassy and she’d cry for hours).

I can’t eat the following items right now:  broccoli, onions, asparagus, any type of bean (or any other type of veggie that leads to being gassy), salsa, beef or turkey jerky, bacon, sausage or too much cheese.
So at first I felt so stifled as I still couldn’t eat what I wanted and resorted to the bland, not-so-good choices that I knew would provide milk she liked (lots of breads/carbs – bagels, English muffins, subs, French toast, potato chips, pancakes).
It was like the more crappy mild carbs I ate, the happier the baby with my milk.  Humph.

It took me awhile to realize I could “get away” with healthier options without her suffering through hating on my breastmilk or its side effects.  But because I went back to basically what I ate during my pregnancy while not pregnant, it was then hard to get back to the healthier choices (even though that’s exactly what I wanted the minute I popped her out!)
So many dinners with just a protein and carb… no veggie.

But today?
Today I made an omelet with tomatoes, green peppers, baby spinach, fresh basil, & mushrooms in it.  Lunch was a salad with baby spinach, romaine & ice burg lettuce, radicchio, tomatoes, carrots, black olives (and turkey breast).
Seriously, the most veggies in just 2 meals in a LONG time.
It was all fabulous.  Even my 3-year-old came back for seconds and thirds of my omelet (after saying “yucky!” while watching me make it).  Damn right girl, it is actually YUMMY!

Other than that, I just feel so much better today.  Got up earlier than usual, pumped, picked up toys, vacuumed the downstairs, did some dishes (cleaning up because the pest control guy was coming), and made my healthy breakfast, all before the baby woke up.
I got to enjoy my breakfast while my awesomely chill baby just hung out on the changing table (she’s only 2 months and can’t roll over yet, plus it has sides… she just loves looking out the window it’s right next to) and then fed her and set her up on her floor play mat… just in perfect timing for the pest control guy to show up.


It’s now past midnight… again.  Baby girl didn’t get to sleep until 11pm… rocking on me… and kept fighting it, so I continued to rock her until I knew she was COMPLETELY out before trying to transfer her to her crib.  That wasn’t until 11:49 pm.  Ugh.
Then I have to come back downstairs and pump one last time for the day.
I’m so exhausted now.  I did end up having coffee today (first time in a long time) and I think it helped me through seeming I gave up 2 hours of sleep in the morning to shower, clean up and pump before baby woke up.  I’m definitely not doing that tomorrow… er… today!
Lack of sleep only leads to bad things for this mommy.  2012-2014 were my years of truly understanding why proper sleep is the most important thing in my life & the horrible side effects when you don’t get enough (when I suffered prolonged sleep deprivation with my 2nd baby… who didn’t actually sleep through the night – consistently – until she was 3.5 years old!!!).
Almost done pumping now… good night dear void.


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