Revisiting The 365/50 Project – Becoming my own Competition

For the few followers I have, I’m not sure they even know that this is my second blog and it was “The 365/100 Project” which was my first that got me into this whole blog thing.
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I started it back on November 15, 2010 and my goal was to lose 100 lbs in 1 year.  About ¾ of the way through (or sooner) I realized how lofty that goal was (at least for me and my moderation method), so I changed it to 50 lbs.  My final loss was 40.2 lbs.

What makes me proud?  It’s been 6 years and I’ve had 2 babies and right now I’m less than 15 lbs from where I finished that project.
I spend so much time feeling like a failure, but realizing that really made me feel good about myself as most people pack on ALL the weight they lost, plus more (I’ve done that before too).
I started rereading my Project from the start for the last few days.
I’ve been finding this truly amusing.  It’s fun to go back and read what I was doing and what I was into back then and I am now truly appreciative of all the details (seemed mundane at the time) I provided because I’d forgotten all about certain aspects of my life back then.

But man, I’d forgotten what a SLOW start I had!  It took me over 60 days to just get going and have some real weight loss!  But I kept at it (go me!)

So I got thinking… what if I tried to do the same project again, 6 years later?

November 15th isn’t that far away, so I can easily start on the same day and I could have a daily blog comparison of what I was doing 6 years previously (because for about 97% of the Project I blogged every single day).
How about I become my own competition?
Turns out I thrive on competition and for some reason, I forget that.  But I’ve never competed against myself quite like this!  Why not?
I won’t start a new blog, just utilize this one as I purposely named it something that works for whatever I start in my life.
I’d love to be able to have a more successful year and kick my own ass, even amongst the craziness of what my life is now.
I have 3 kids now, two of which are under 4 and at home with me all day and one of them is only 2 months old.  There are days I don’t have time for a shower.  But I’m too big to be happy with myself and 40 is creeping up on me and I need changes in my life to be healthier and happier and to keep up with my kids and be around for them later.

I doubt I’ll be able to blog daily like I did, or if so, they’ll be super short entries.  Hell, it’s been taking me 3 days, start to finish, just to do one blog these days! (This one has taking me 2 days)

Here are some notable differences from 6 years ago…
– So much free time back then.  I had no job, no babies, only a self-sufficient 5 year old and all the time in the world.  Why the heck did I waste it all watching TV?!?!  Ugh.  I would kill for that much me time on a daily basis… and sleep.

– Hated doing dishes?  Nowadays I don’t mind doing dishes, so much so that I actually take happiness and pride from cleaning up the kitchen. Maybe it helps that I’m once again in a home that we own and that I can see the kitchen from where I sit on the couch (wasn’t true in our former rental home).  There are times I have maybe 2 minutes between putting baby down and needing to pick her back up and what am I doing?  Cleaning up the kitchen.  Seriously.  Me 6 years ago reading that would be like ‘NO WAY!!!’… both because I don’t mind doing dishes, but probably more so because I have a third baby!

– Hated doing bills? I actually enjoy doing the bills and staying on top of everything financial now.  I like to be in the know and aware of exactly where we stand. There is comfort and progress being in so much control.  I’ve increased our credit score pretty dramatically in the last 6 months.

– Oh the Facebook games I used to play!  Café World, Hotel City, Farmville & Farmtown… hell, some of those don’t even exist anymore and even if they did, I don’t have time for that crap!

– Total crap food at the in-laws when we visit?  No more!  Don’t get me wrong, bacon is still a staple in that household, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be & they got a fridge with a filter so the water is much more bearable than it used to be.  A big change was that my MIL had gastric bypass surgery, so she’s a lot smaller now, actually drinks water and makes a lot of her food from scratch now (tomato sauce, soups, etc. all low sodium).
And I drank rum??? I don’t even remember the last time I drank (that might have been it at Christmas 2010!) if you exclude the very occasional peach schnapps in some tea (literally the only thing with alcohol in my house).  My hubby is allergic and I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding for basically the last year, so it’s easy not to drink.

My life is just so much different these days.
My baby-less hands free time is usually taken up by eating or prepping food, washing out baby bottles, pumping (since baby decided direct breastfeeding wasn’t for her), going to the bathroom, tending to my 3 year old’s needs, dishes, laundry, general clean up and fun stuff like that (eye roll).  There is very little “me time” these days, but I don’t expect there to be.
I think I can fit in more exercise easy enough into my usual daily tasks as even a 20 minute Turbo Jam session is out of the question as I can’t just hop in the shower whenever I want, so instead I have to utilize stuff I’m doing anyway like standing while rocking the baby, getting down & up off the floor, using my 13 lb infant as resistance on those days she doesn’t want to be put down (chest press or squats), getting in a few squats or lunges here & there and taking family walks at night.

Actually getting to type out a blog will be the hardest part.  Right now I am sitting and have a gassy baby sleeping on my left arm & belly, my left hand patting her bum while rocking in the La-z-boy and typing one handed on my laptop sitting on top of a tv table!  Hey – whatever works!

Currently my only me time is at night after baby Mavis finally goes down for the night and I put her in her crib.  Unfortunately, that isn’t until 11:30pm sometimes and then I need to pump again and attempt to get to bed.  However long I take before getting to sleep is sleep time I’m missing out on, so it’s enjoyable to have quiet me time, but I pay for it the next day if I stay up too late.   I’m afraid this will end up being the only time I can type out my blog, plus it’s at the end of the day so I can sum up how everything went.
Not sure how that’ll work, but I’m still game to take this project on again!

I have 3 weeks and 4 days before it starts and I’d love to get to just 10 lbs difference from where I left off and where I am now for weight.  As of this morning that means I need to lose 4.8 lbs before then.  That’s doable if I can continue to make the better choices & up my exercise.

I’m very excited to compete against myself!


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