So this is what 6 weeks postpartum looks like… for me

So I did it – I took measurements and pictures today as the newest “starting point” of my continuing journey.  If I could get it done when I am the only adult at home with an infant and a toddler, anyone can!  Pictures are a better comparison than the scale.

I’m so glad I did because as it turned out, I’d taken pictures almost exactly a year ago and had all my measurements as a comparison.sep-2015-vs-sep-2106-6-weeks-postpartum-19sep2016a
To my pleasant surprise, I look better and weigh less than I did a year ago.  I am 10.2 pounds less [even with my bigger breastfeeding boobs… yeah, you noticed 😉 ] and 4.75 inches smaller.
Things have once again settled post-baby, but in a good way.  My jawline is more pronounced and upper body appears more thinned out.  I’m looking forward to my body changes as the weight comes off.
This is especially exciting this time around because there are NO MORE BABIES in my future!  Other than breastfeeding, I HAVE MY BODY BACK NOW!  It’s all mine… no worries about what will happen the next time I’m pregnant because I am DONE.
I can’t tell you the level of freedom I feel knowing this.  Whatever improvements I make, they are mine to keep or lose… no outside factors… and I really revel in that realization.
It’s just an added level of joy to this start that I am already better off than I was a year ago when I have every excuse in the book not to be.  I’m proud of me and looking forward to my future.

This is Day 6 of logging my food and so far, today I’m doing the best on water consumption than I have in weeks!


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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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One Response to So this is what 6 weeks postpartum looks like… for me

  1. Hey! Happy to hear from you! You look great mama keep it up!

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