Filling in a 2-year Gap

As I re-read my own blog, I really felt the 2-year gap and thought (even just for myself) I should fill it in for the next time I re-read my blog.

My last real post was Sep 14, 2014 before I started blogging again this year (I’m pre-dating this for the same day this year even though it’s 11/6/16 today).

So, where’d I disappear to back in 2014?  My Facebook fitpage!  I was 45 days in to my “exercise EVERY day” challenge with myself and posting every day, multiple times a day on my fb page.  I got so wrapped up in posting & reading others’ fitpages daily that I apparently never got around to writing out a blog.
I managed my first 100 consecutive days of exercise on Nov 7, 2014 and had lost 27.8 lbs in that time.  My weigh in was 279.2 (two years later, that’s just about where I am now!)
October 9, 2014 (our 15th anniversary), I started ‘The 16 Hour Diet’ by Ashley Barnes (one of the people I’d met via our fitpages and she sent me her book for free).  Let me tell you, I became ENLIGHTENED by the health benefits of intermittent fasting!!!
As I read the book, it was so HARD for me to let go of the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” mentality that had been BEATEN into my head for years… DECADES.  It is actually HEALTHY to take a 16-hour break between the last time you ate until you eat again.  I opted for earlier dinners (getting done by 6-6:30pm) so that my fast was over around 10-10:30am and I could have breakfast.  Hey – “break” & “fast”… get it?  (really, this occurred to me back then, but never before that moment!)

This diet plan idea came at the most perfect timing of my life.  I’d recently trained myself out of the late-night snacking and stopping eating after dinner.  I also was focusing more on exercise & part of her program is to work out in a fasted state in the morning.  There were some other factors too, but now I can’t recall them.  It just FIT for me at the time.
I did notice it helped improve my fasting sugars (one of the healthy benefits of intermittent fasting).

I joined a DietBet on Nov 10th.  Big regrets there.  I had money on the line and the pressure KILLED ME.  Apparently DietBets are NOT a good idea for me.  Through sheer force of will, I got down to 269.2 lbs by Dec 8th when the DietBet was over, but missed earning my money back (and my share of the pot of the other losers) by just 3 lbs.
No more DietBets for me… ever… not my thing, wrong kind of motivation for me.

I rebounded after that was over and after coming back from my annual holiday visit to the in-laws in NJ, I was back up to 279.0 lbs again on Dec 30th.

Turns out that 269.2 lbs was the lowest weight I ever got down to that year and the year that followed.

On January 27, 2015 we put in an offer on a house.  Not any house, a NEW house.  A built just for us, house!  We never thought this would be possible, but alas, it was.
And so began my months of cleaning, organizing, giving away/selling items, packing and painting (touch up painting, so we’d get our deposit back).  I even stopped posting on my fb page as much and didn’t keep up with the fitpages I followed either.
The house took less than 5 months to complete from our offer day.  We closed June 17, 2015.
During that time, my weight stayed in the mid 280’s.  I was just too distracted every day to concentrate on making better food choices (even though I was getting some decent exercise from the cleaning/packing, but rarely any intentional exercise).  I retracted from the world and was on a single focus:  moving (and saving up the $$$ to do so!)

We moved, we settled and before I knew it, I was pregnant.  This was not an accident.  We’d been trying since the moment we moved in (now that we had enough bedrooms for another kiddo).  My conception weight was 290 lbs.

Back in September 2015, I’d seen my OBGYN and had blood taken for labs.  My A1C was 6.1 and that scared the hell out of me.  The cut off for being diagnosed with type II diabetes is 6.3 and higher.  I was the closest to that I’d EVER been to the official diagnosis (that was the first time my A1C was higher than 6).

Come early November, I quit sugar.  Nothing with white sugar, white flour or any pasta.  This actually didn’t do much for my weight, but my sugars did get better.
Upon getting pregnant and showing up for my first prenatal appointment, they took labs again and my A1C was down to 5.8!
I was SO HAPPY to see that.  I’d quit sugar for the better part of 2 months and managed that change.
But then the holidays did me in and I was eating cookies again… plus I knew I was pregnant at the time (at only 7 weeks along, I got to tell most of my in-laws the good news at Christmas).

And then the next 7 months flew by and on the morning of my C-section (8/8/16) I was 312 lbs.  Thank goodness I was pregnant as I NEVER wanted to EVER see over 300 on the scale again (and I haven’t since August 2014, other than when pregnant).

From there, the after surgery, postpartum version of myself just dropped weight like crazy.  In 2 weeks, I was down 40 lbs!!!   The lowest postpartum weight was that morning… 271.6 lbs.
I think it went to my head (and I thought by breastfeeding I’d burn those extra 500 calories and keep losing), but honestly, I forgot about breastfeeding hunger.

Breastfeeding hunger is like no other and it is all consuming.  The more milk you produce, the greater the hunger.  I very quickly started packing the pounds back on (to my dismay).

Back up to 278.4 lbs at my 6-week postpartum weigh-in, I’d officially hit my limit.  No way, no how was I going to just start packing on 50+ pounds like I did with my first daughter – especially since I was nowhere near as sleep deprived with this new baby).  I was determined NOT to do that.
So since that time, I’d been seriously struggling.  Got back all the way to 285.  I’ve seen 285 three times since then (all other numbers lower), including all the way to November 3rd.

Now it’s 11/6/16 and this morning I was 279.8 and SO HAPPY to see the 270’s again!  Just after 3 days of really making an effort (not half-assing it), I’ve lost 5.2 lbs.

I find it interesting I’m on the same path (very close to same exact weight) as I was this time in 2014.  Except this time I’m not as into my fitpages anymore.  I post on my own page, but don’t have time to peruse the MANY fitpages I follow.  I barely have time to keep up with my personal newsfeed and my ‘August Moms over 30’ closed group I’m a part of, and blogging.  Facebook games (or any games) got the boot years ago.
But I’m ok not having that excitement of earning a few new likes on my fb page every day and getting a high from it.  Back then I would keep a log of my total likes and I loved watching it go up as my pounds went down.
Back on Sep 14, 2014 I had 422 likes.  Today (and for the last year plus), I have 1314 likes.

But I don’t care about that anymore.  Barely anyone sees my posts on fb (thanks stupid algorithms for those of us not PAYING to be seen) and even less read this blog.  I’m ok with that.  Clearly, this is all FOR ME.  My journey, my memories, my project, my progress.

So there we go… a quick 2 years when I write it out like that… clearly a lot missing (family trips, anniversaries, another cancer diagnosis for my mom on top of a blood disease, my old blue wagon finally dying and we got the van we needed for having 3 kids, examples of how awesome our new neighborhood is and that we was no regrets for picking it, the painting & projects we’ve done to our new house already, the joys of living next to a construction zone, record breaking flooding near our area, my sister moving into a brand new home of her own late July 2016, my credit score going up, a tropical storm, a hurricane, giving up our rental house in CT deed in lieu…) but since this blog is mostly weight focused, I thought I’d concentrate on that.


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