Gilmore Girls – LOVE the show, but this plot discrepancy still bothers me

I, like most GG fans, am totally excited about the new episodes being filmed right now for a 4 part Netflix series. I am also re-watching the entire series. I know most fans have forgiveness for the many little discrepancies and plot oopies that are bound to happen over the course of seven seasons, but there’s one that still bothers me.
Let’s forgive all the boom mics you can spot in the first few seasons and that Kirk’s name wasn’t Kirk when he was attempting to install a DSL line in Lorelai’s house in Season 1 in 2000 (and yet claimed to know her back in 1997 later in Season 6) and jump right to my big issue in Season 6’s episode “Just like Gwen and Gavin”.
I admit, it didn’t bother me at first and I didn’t really take notice the very first time watching this episode, but in the many times since, it just bothers me more and more.

Let’s refresh your memory… Luke & Lorelai are awoken at 3:12 AM by the church bells and people calling out “town meeting”. They arrive at Miss Patty’s to figure out why such an early meeting was being called. It was Taylor on a computer screen letting everyone know he was snowed in and couldn’t make it back to run the winter carnival.
He clearly states that he is at his sister’s house in Maine.
Let’s not forget, Stars Hollow is supposed to be in Connecticut.
I think the writers/producers forgot this point as yes, this show was actually filmed in California at the WB studio and from there, Maine is 3 hours ahead in time, so 3:12 AM there would be 6:12 AM in Maine and it would make total sense that Taylor is awake, dressed and the fact that is nephew is also wide awake and throwing ping pong balls at his head.
It’s actually only 3:12 AM in Maine as it is in the same time zone as Connecticut, so what the heck??? Young children do tend to wake up early, but COME ON… 3:12 AM? I don’t think so.
I really think the writers momentarily lost their minds.
Oh, and Taylor makes it back for the winter carnival to spy on how things are going, telling Lorelai he caught a plane. A PLANE??? Who doesn’t just DRIVE the distance from CT to ME and back? I know I have many times… after all, I lived in CT in about 15 mins proximity to where the fictitious Stars Hollow was supposed to be.
Unless you are a Huntzberger, you drive that distance!
OK, rant over… time to get back to my GG binge.

Ok wait… one more… this show is all about coffee, coffee, coffee, but did you notice that both Lorelai and Rory aren’t consistent in how they take their coffee? Most of the time it’s black, then you notice them using cream in some episodes, milk in others and finally in Season 6 (I’m pretty sure not before then) Lorelai actually adds SUGAR to her coffee while talking to Sookie at the Dragonfly Inn!
I know I’m not the biggest coffee fan, but don’t most coffee drinkers stick to having it just one way? I know I do when I actually drink the stuff.

Anyone else have a discrepancy bothering them? But you adore the show anyway, right? (I’m not talking to you, haters!)

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