My Domestic Goddess Moment & Longing for Fall

It’s days like these I wish it were cooler outside. I can’t wait for fall. It has just been a lovely Sunday… a good mix of productiveness & chill time with some exercise mixed in. I love the peaceful time when my hubby is off in his Xbox game world (‘Destiny’ currently), my son & his friend are upstairs playing and my daughter is chilling out on the couch watching an educational baby show. I am happy in the kitchen actually thoroughly enjoying my act of domesticity. If you knew me and how much I actually dislike cooking, this would come as a surprise to you.
Yet the act of peeling potatoes for homemade mashed potatoes and dicing up the English cucumber for an oil free cucumber salad for dinner, having just finished pre-packing my son’s lunch for tomorrow for school, just makes me happy. There is just something so peaceful about it and I feel all responsible, adult and pleased with myself for making healthier choices for my family. I know this sets me back a few decades, but sometimes I like my role of ‘being in the kitchen’. If I had family members walking through & in my way or kids screaming/yelling/demanding things of me, I wouldn’t be having this feeling. But when everyone is doing their own thing and it’s just me in the kitchen, I like it.
Basically, it’s days like this I feel like I finally have my shit together.
Things are good. We are happy. We are healthy. We all got some all-important “me” time today.

If it were only chilly enough outside to warrant a fire in the fireplace to make this cozy, domestic, family feeling a complete picture. But alas I am in the south and the AC is still on.
It’s deceiving when it’s been grey and cold looking outside all day (an occurrence that makes our AC unit that much more efficient without the powerful southern sun penetrating its cooling efforts) and it feels colder inside and yet, just step outside (or in the garage) and you’re reminded it’s still damn hot out there.
Fall 2013
I love fall… I look forward to it all year. A time of pumpkin flavored everything (not really my thing, I only like pumpkins for decoration, roasting seeds I harvest myself & for carving jack-o-lanterns), foliage, and the combination of red, orange & yellow decorations which make me think of harvest time, needing long-sleeved shirts again and inhaling the brisk air outside. Along with cooler weather comes more frequent family walks after dinner and evenings of bouncing on the trampoline until you lose your breath and then falling on your back and laying there looking at the stars, pointing out constellations to the kids while you catch your breath.

Fall makes me think of home and makes me long even harder to have a home of my own again.
Last May we were SO CLOSE be becoming homeowners again. But it all fell through and we’re on a waiting period until next spring. I can’t wait to be able to actually decorate the way I want to – paint walls, put nails in the walls – make a home out of a house and make it truly MINE.

I long to be living in a home I own and for it to be unpacked, organized and clean, a fire in the fireplace, my decorations proudly up and I go outside in long-sleeves, yoga pants and cozy socks, sit down and put my feet up on our outdoor furniture and sip tea from which you can see the steam rising while my kids play in the backyard while the sun is setting and a home cooked meal is cooking in the kitchen for dinner, creating a warm, welcoming smell & atmosphere when we finally venture inside just as hubby comes home for work just in time for family dinner.
Yeah… I want that.


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