I FIGURED IT OUT!  I’ve been having MAJOR SCALE ISSUES lately!  I recently discovered my old scale was majorly confused and wrong in so many ways.  I now have my new scale and my old scale to compare and I’m solving the mysteries!
Based on my last post, I thought my new scale was going to show me a much lower weight because I thought my old one was giving a ballooned weight (because I trusted my start weight number & knew I’d lost more than what my old scale said & then when I moved my scale to a more solid surface, it was showing me much lower weights that made more sense, so I thought a new scale would agree and reflect the lower weights, just without all the crazy up & down blinking weight my old scale was doing).

Well I got on the NEW scale this morning and my eyes just about popped out of my head!  It put me at a weight 13.4 pounds HEAVIER!  Oh lord no!  It just didn’t make ANY SENSE for all the effort I’ve put in for the last couple months!  Not without me having some major medical reason for the inability to lose weight and I did NOT want to “go there”.

At first I was like “WTF?” of course, but the scientific side of me wanted to nail this bitch down.
Most people would just say “just add 13.4 lbs to your starting weight and there you go” – NO!  Then how do you explain my son’s weigh-in being practically identical?  If the scale was off 13.4 lbs for me, then his weight would have been off by as much if that were true.

So then I started thinking maybe the variance increases the more weight that is involved.  Enter my hubby!  He’s the one thing I knew would weigh more than me that would fit on the scale, so his variance should be even greater to prove my thesis.
This is the variance we each had today using the two scales:
My son = .4
Me = 13.4
My hubby = 16.8

So with our new accurate weights, we DID THE MATH and it came out that for every pound, the old scale was off by .042 for each of us – the math matched!
So that means my original start weight of 306.0 was actually 318.8.
NO WONDER I’D GONE INTO A BIGGER SIZE I’D NEVER WORN BEFORE!  I chalked it up to my weight “settling” in different places after I had my second child, but knowing I just weighed more makes WAY MORE SENSE.Scale - new, happy

Omg I feel so relieved we figured this out.  And because we used actual math and it all made sense, I feel confident in my assumption of a higher start weight.  It makes a lot of other factors make more sense too.
So now I have to go adjust where I log in my weights.
It also means as of this morning, I’m down 20 lbs!  It feels like that much, so that is one more thing that makes sense to me!  It sure beats being down only 7.2 lbs. 😉

Ahh… I feel like I can breathe again.  On one hand it sucks my weight was/is that much higher, on the other hand, I know what I’m doing for it is actually working and I’m making the positive changes I need to.  ONWARD AND DOWNWARD! 😉


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  1. Love the title of your blog! Good luck on your fitness efforts!

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