A Blessing in Disguise

There will not be the “Week # Weigh-in” post as usual this week.  Why you ask?  Well, I solved a mystery instead.
After 15 days of some frustration because my scale had shown the SAME WEIGHT every day (even different times of day), I finally figured out what was going on.  I was starting to doubt my efforts, or worse, wonder if there was something actually physically wrong with me that was causing my lack of weight loss.  It didn’t even dawn on me that my scale was broken!
We had a minor flooding mishap recently and I think that put my scale over the edge.  This morning I moved it out of the affected area (it didn’t get wet, but there was more humidity involved) and put it on a harder/more stable surface.

blink, blink, blink, blink… ahh, I dunno what your weight is… sorry!

It zeroed out and I stepped on, only to watch it blink random numbers at me with a weight variance of sometimes 20 pounds!  It was like watching the scale on The Biggest Loser!  Worse yet, I’d wait and wait, trying to hold still as humanly possible and even hold my breath and it STILL would not land on a number – it just timed out & shut off!

On the plus side, all numbers it was blinking were less than the cussed number I’ve been looking at for weeks.

But there was a blessing in disguise with this mishap.
Sometimes when I notice that I’ve dropped weight early in the week, I unfortunately have this tendency to “relax” for a couple days… reward myself with laziness and sometimes food because I’ve already lost a couple pounds, so I’ll “coast” for the rest of the week.  Ugh… so not good and defeating my own work, I realize, but I’m sorry, that’s where my head goes.
So what happens when I see no change on the scale?  I’m frustrated, but motivated.  I keep going.  I push on.
Having my scale be “stuck” for 15 days meant I did not stop for 15 days (more actually).  Every day I got in cardio & strength training and I ate well.  I have NEVER been this consistent with exercise before in my life!
This experience made me trust the process and keep trucking on.  I kept thinking “if I keep this up, there’s no way the scale won’t change eventually” and I went on.
I now know what I am capable of and that rain, shine, kids, no kids, I can get it done.

Would I have been able to do this new habit if my scale had been working properly these past few weeks?  I really don’t know.
What’s more amusing (and dumb luck I guess) is that I discovered this mishap on day 21 of starting my daily strength training/cardio.  That’s the magical number for starting a new habit folks!!!
I’m so happy I didn’t figure this out earlier because I’m not sure it would have had the same outcome.

On the flipside, I was getting a bit frustrated (though SO PROUD it didn’t stop me) because the scale didn’t budge.  It’s not like I’m in that range of only needing to get off that last 20-30 lbs to goal weight and you feel lucky just to budge a pound in a week.  No… I started over 300 lbs.  Girls like me should be dropping weight like crazy in the beginning… that’s just how it’s supposed to be when you start off so big.
Seeing the scale move is just about the ONLY payoff you get when you start this big.  It takes 20 or more pounds gone before I actually change a clothing size to have that be a payoff and all other changes are very subtle so far.
The scale is all we get for that first chunk of weight loss before it becomes noticeable to us and others (which doesn’t really happen until at least 40 lbs are gone… that seems to be the magic number for me – for even bigger people, it may take even more).  And I had that taken from me for probably (I’m guessing) 10 pounds worth.
This certainly made it interesting!  [And made me notice & pay attention more to the NSVs (non-scale victories), which to my surprise, there were more of than I thought!]

Meanwhile, I’m SUPER EXCITED to get my NEW scale coming on Saturday!  I’m so curious what the hell I actually weigh!  (Of course no one gets excited for a scale unless they are in the process of having the numbers going the right way, I realize.)
It ended up being the same brand, but I’m really partial to round scales as opposed to square or rectangle and I liked the reviews it had.
It has a small stepping surface which makes for less opportunity for leaning or feet spaced apart to change the number (yeah, I’ve played that game before) and several people said you could step on it several times in a row and still get the same number… consistency, yay.  These are two things I am looking for in a scale.

So there is the story of this week’s weigh in… there isn’t one!  Saturday can’t get here soon enough!


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