Weigh-in Week 9

Now we’re getting somewhere!  I finally feel like I’m making consistent healthy choices and honestly, finally putting in the exercise needed for progress.  I have found such an inspirational community (via Facebook) and there is no going back!

Just one week ago I had less than 30 likes for my page, but as of today, I have 67 complete strangers following my journey.  I know it’s small potatoes compared to “Sunshine’s Journey to 199” who has 30,452 likes or even the moderate ones around 600 likes.  I honestly never expected to even get over 30 (the minimum necessary to see your page’s insights), so I’m humbled and honored anyone beyond that is joining my journey.  Who knows… maybe I could actually breach 100 someday!  But if it doesn’t, I’m good with who I have.happy scale
So anyway, the weigh-in for this week:
– 3.6 lbs

And I swear I felt every one of those pounds… I had a VERY SORE week.  I’m not sure why as I don’t feel like I was doing that much.  It was a lot for me, or at least a lot more consistent than EVER… strength training, getting my walks, daily playing with the kids involving running after and kicking balls and working up an additional unintentional sweat.  It just felt like I kept going and going all week… never getting to really rest.  In fact, there was not one day of rest.

So now is the true test… rest on my laurels (which is so ridiculous this little in!) or keep on keeping on and STOP having to lose the SAME weight over and over again!
I finally did it though – I broke through the lowest weight I had previously gotten to for this journey – 299.2 lbs.
Today I’m 297.6 lbs.
Here is to moving on.
I’ll be more excited to have my clothes feeling looser or getting back into some currently too-tight clothing than to have big scale numbers.   I need to fit back into my smaller wardrobe for summer!

There are so many other things I wanted to discuss, but I just don’t want to sit still to write it all down anymore! (and my toddler keeps interrupting me – she loves to hit keyboards right now)  Best just to check me out here https://www.facebook.com/personinprogress if you’re really curious.

I will add this last bit – today I started doing Turbo Jam again.  Turbo JamI really like the 20 minute workout and boy does that make me sweat.  I thought about cutting my miles goal in half as long as the days I don’t walk, I do Turbo Jam instead.  Just a way to switch it up and getting a different/bigger calorie burn.
Well today I managed strength training (I held my plank for 30 seconds today – just 10 days ago I barely held it for 3 seconds!), a walk AND Turbo Jam… not sure that will happen often because it was dependent on a cooperative toddler (I can do strength training and even the walking in front of her – T.J. has to be done while she naps).

Speaking of cutting miles… I don’t think I talked about it here.  Remember my Facebook Miles Challenge for February?  My goal was 35 miles.  Well, I completed 55 miles instead!  Killed it!!!!!!
I was going to make my goal 50 miles this month, but if I’m doing T. J. instead, I’ll be missing a huge chunk of miles, so that’s why I thought it’d be fair to cut the goal in half.
We’ll see how it goes.

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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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2 Responses to Weigh-in Week 9

  1. tlf says:

    Good for you – and here I am eating ice cream and pasta in the snow. Meh.
    And I know…HOW do these folks get so many freakin’ followers and likes?

  2. A few years later and I’m up to 1314 likes and have been for awhile. 🙂

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