Weigh-in Week 8 – My week of NSVs!

It’s weigh-ins like these I see why a lot of women on weight loss ventures stay away from strength training/lifting and focus 100% on cardio…  when so much focus is on pounds lost, it’s hard to deal with a small loss or no loss at all and swallow the “maybe I gained muscle” pill.  But gaining muscle is a GOOD THING!  Hell, it HELPS burn more calories even if you’re sitting on your duff.
But when normally you could have lost a couple pounds and instead manage a .4 loss (like me this morning), I’m not going to lie – it stings a little.
Yet on the flip side, I’m so happy with my NSVs this week (non-scale victories).

This time I don’t feel like it’s a hopeful excuse to say “I think I must have gained muscle” because based on the strength training exercises I started daily, it could definitely be true!

Also, I ultimately really don’t mind what the scale said this morning because my week was full of NSVs and I was prepared for a small loss anyway.Non Scale Victories

All of these Facebook pages I follow about getting fit & healthy are SO INSPIRING!  I feel so lucky to have tapped into this community I honestly didn’t know existed until I made my own page (I thought I was being uncool because I assumed people would just go to Twitter and I don’t really tweet).  I’m up to 14 likes now and I don’t know 13 of them! 🙂  Thirteen complete strangers were nice enough to like my journey and follow me. (NSV #1)
And for all the pages I’ve liked, now on a daily basis I’m bombarded with success pictures, helpful hints, healthy meal ideas, inspirational pictures & quotes and bouts of “you can do it” and “never give up”.   I can’t tell you how much that helps.

I also see what fitness and a healthy lifestyle looks like for others.  True, at first it made me feel like a lump, barely doing much on a daily basis, but I turned that around to make me inspired – that although what I was doing felt like enough for me right now, it didn’t mean I couldn’t add in a couple more items to get to a healthier state quicker.  Why prolong my ultimate goal when I have the ability & time to do more now?

Enter squats and elbow planks.
I’ve been doing those 4 days straight now.  (NSV #2 & #3)
My very first plank didn’t last more than 3 seconds and I COULD NOT BREATHE at the same time as holding it.
Today?  I held it for a strong 6 seconds and could breathe at the beginning, but as each second went by, it got harder and harder to breathe and I finally fell.
But in 4 days I doubled my beginning standard! (NSV #4)
You honestly wouldn’t think doing just ONE plank a day could amount to much, but it really does!!!

And thanks to those planks, the other morning I woke up and actually felt my core as I lifted up out of bed first thing in the morning and didn’t use my arms to get up. (NSV #5)  I hadn’t felt that in SO LONG.  That is how I know things are changing within me… all for the good!

Just about every day the weather is decent, I go outside to play with my kids in the afternoon. This usually involves kicking around a soccer or kickball, going up and down the hill in my backyard and maybe even some trampoline bouncing.
My daughter also loves to be pushed around in her little plastic car (the kind with the tall handle in the back for adults to push).
A little over a month ago (at the very beginning of my journey and especially before that), when I’d start pushing her in the grass (which is quieter than on the cement patio, but takes a lot more effort), I think I started to feel tried and perspire almost immediately.  After 1 lap of our yard (which includes going up the hill) I felt DONE.

Now?  I start with a spring in my step and pushing her feels like no big deal. (NSV #6)  In fact usually she wants out of the car seat before I’m ready to quit going in circles! (NSV #7)  I feel so much healthier from within.

As for my FB miles challenge, I was given the goal of 35 miles for this month and I achieved that back on 2/20!  As of now, I’m at 44.7 miles done (NSV #8) and planning for even more!

Back at the beginning of the month, I thought I’d try to regrow romaine lettuce by simply placing the base I’d normally throw out in some water and replacing the water daily.
I had my first harvest! (NSV #9)

My re-grown romaine lettuce after 16 days

My re-grown romaine lettuce after 16 days

Based on the ones I dated (the first/oldest I unfortunately hadn’t dated), I estimate it takes 16-21 days before the leaves are ready for harvest and don’t start wilting.
This is a BIG thing for me.  For one, I have a brown thumb and usually kill everything (I’ve even managed to kill a cactus and a jade plant – the kind my mom used to say “you can’t kill”) and secondly, this is only the second time in my life I’ve attempted to grow something I could actually eat (the first was basil and that failed for how infrequently we apparently eat basil and of course, it died).
I’m just so excited it worked and now I save each stump of romaine and regrow it.  Yes, it was a small harvest, but the more I have going at once, eventually I’ll have enough for a small personal salad from one harvest.

So as you can see, I had a very full week of Non-Scale Victories and all of those feel better than the fleeting excitement over a few more pounds lost.

Here’s to more NSVs!  The pounds will follow.


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One Response to Weigh-in Week 8 – My week of NSVs!

  1. YAY for the NSVs! Keep it up, you’re doing great!

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